The Movement for Peace in Mexico shows us the way to being a country

By Paco Gómez

The Loudest Yell, a collective of over 250 artists, has thanked the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) for “showing the way to being a country”. The actor Daniel Giménez Cacho read an announcement by the artist collective at the one year anniversary of MPJD.

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“Beyond death, beyond failed government strategies, beyond complicity between the criminals and our authorities, beyond impunity…your struggle shows us the way.” Gimenez Cacho’s words echoed at the Plaza de las Armas in Cuernavaca (Morelos), where the victims of the War on Drugs and hundreds of citizens who empathize with the Movement gathred for protest, art and testimonies. The Loudest Yell used the opportunity to thank the Movement for “the most profound summons after the Zapatista Movement in Chiapas (in 1994)”.

For the artists of the collective, Gimenez Cacho explained, “walking with the MPJD is learning to fight and realizing that acknowledging other people’s pain is the first step.”

“You are moral leaders in this country” said the popular actor. “The collective’s endorsement of the MPJD reminds us that the struggle to change the deep roots of violence will be very long and this will be its biggest challenge for the movement.”


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