The House of Death: Now Available on Video

The House of Death: Now Available on Video
Major Overseas TV Network Tackles a Story the U.S. Networks Fear to Cover

By the People and Power series
Al-Jazeera English
June 19, 2008

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Don't judge a book by it's cover

For those readers who happen across this link and still have doubts, but are not hopelessly stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to their views of the Middle East (in particular, the chapter on Al Jazeera) it's worth noting some relevant facts -- lest the TV network be judged a "terrorist" news organization due to an ignorance of history.

It is true Al Jazeera is funded by money from the Middle East, in particular from the Emir of Qatar -- where its world headquarters is based in the city of Doha.

But Fernando, the producer of the Al Jazeera TV segment on the House of Death, is from Peru and works in London, where a major bureau for Al Jazeera (English) is based. The network also has a broadcast center in Washington, D.C. It also employs a number of former BBC World Service employees and on-air people in its London center.

Al Jazeera also has arguably some of the most thorough coverage of Latin American issues of any major mainstream broadcast network outside of Latin America. When's the last time you saw an in-depth story on network TV in the states on Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela or Peru? You will find them on Al Jazeera.

All media has a slant, and you have to weigh that into your analysis, but Al Jazeera is far from being the "terrorist" news network that propagandists, often media competitors, seek to brand it.

In fact, it might be one of the few remaining windows into the Middle East where the U.S. still has a chance of rebuilding its image in that neck of the world, in my opinion. And in Europe, where it's English-language broadcasts are widely seen (and produced in large part) it does not suffer from the same irrational "terrorist" stigma that has been assigned to it by the knee-jerk propagandists in the United States — who benefit, often financially, from such fear mongering.

And as further proof for those who still doubt, but have not crossed into the oblivion where they believe everything they are spoon fed by opportunistic media cranks, take a look at what the U.S. State Department has to say about Qatar, where Al Jazeera is headquartered, and explain to yourself (if Al Jazeera is so evil) why that nation is still considered a close ally of the United States -- to the point where it hosts a campus of Texas A&M University, home of The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

From the State Department report:

U.S.-Qatari Relations
Bilateral relations are strong and expanding. The U.S. embassy was opened in March 1973. The first resident U.S. ambassador arrived in July 1974.
Ties between the U.S. and Qatar are excellent. Amir Hamad last visited Washington in 2004, and President Bush visited Qatar in 2003.
Qatar and the United States coordinate closely on regional diplomatic initiatives, cooperate to increase security in the Gulf, and enjoy extensive economic links, especially in the hydrocarbons sector.
Qatar sees the development of a world-class educational system as key to its continued success. As a result, hundreds of Qataris study in the United States.
Cornell University has established a degree-granting branch medical school campus in Doha, and other universities including Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon University, the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Design, the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and Northwestern also have branch campuses in Qatar's "Education City" complex.

All I ask is that before you believe what others tell you, or fall victim to group think, that you first apply your own critical reasoning skills to Al Jazeera's news coverage, which is not perfect, like most things in life, but far from being the seed of evil that many would have you believe.

Open the cover and look in side....

Thanks for this

I've already had to deal with reactions from those who think of Al-Jezeera a "terrorist" news organization. And worse, it didn't just come from any schlub... it hit closer to home. Talk about dark ages...

House of Death

The g's handling of this issue is entirely similar to how they view the murders of Mafia/OC related people, such as as long as they are only killing THEMSELVES and not 'innocents', it's all good, less criminals to have to spend money to prosecute, imprison, etc. All the WAR retoric is designed to create the idea that these are sub-human, lesser, undesireable people................Smells of nazi/fascism to me, or totaliarism at least, don't you think? I thought that this was supposed to be a FREE society and that even AL JEZEERA was allowed because we as a free people are free to look at it all and make our own judgement as to the truth. Al-Jezeera doesn't exactly fall in line with the US official line all the time, go figure why they would try to portray them as a terrorist organization. Good on you for linking this. Regards

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