House of Death informant won't be deported to Mexico

Board of Immigration Appeals agrees that Mexican government agents or the "cartel" would likely torture and murder him


The House of Death informant, Guillermo Ramirez Peyro, has won a huge victory in the U.S. Court system.

After some five years of battling in the immigration courts, twice being granted protection under the Convention Against Torture, and twice having that lower court ruling overruled by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) — and twice having that BIA decision reversed and remanded by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals — the BIA has finally ruled in Ramirez Peyro's favor.

From the BIA ruling, just released:

The DHS [Department of Homeland Security] has filed a Motion to Remand [back to the Immigration Court], seeking further fact-finding tailored to the Eighth Circuit's decision. We agree with the respondent that the [most recent Eighth Circuit's] decision forecloses such a remand, as it instructs the Board to apply the appropriate standard to the highlighted fact-findings. In light of the Eighth Circuit's affirmance of the Immigration Judge's fact-findings, we discern no error in the grant of torture protection. The respondent [Ramirez Peyro] has shown that he more likely than not would be tortured upon return to Mexico, either directly by government agents or indirectly by government agents turning him over to the cartel. [Emphasis added.]

Ramirez Peyro is currently confined in a federal prison facilty in northern New York. Although the BIA ruled in his favor on the major issue, preventing his deportation to Mexico, the Board did remand the case to the lower immigration court "for the purpose of allowing the DHS the opportunity to complete or update identity, law enforcement, or security investigations or examinations, and further proceedings, if necessary, and for the entry of an order. ..."

As a result, for the foreseeable future, Ramirez Peyro will remain confined in an isolation cell in the Buffalo Federal Detention Center.

In 2003 and early 2004, Ramirez Peyro got caught up in the darkest side of the drug war as part of an ICE assignment to infiltrate a cell of the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes (VCF) narco-trafficking organization in Juaerz, Mexico. As part of that effort, Ramirez Peyro wound up overseeing multiple murders at a house in Juarez — a house where authorities later dug up the decomposed bodies of 12 homicide victims.

Ramirez Peyro (along Mexican police) participated directly in at least three of those murders while working for ICE — and with ICE officials being made aware of their informant’s participation, according to public records as well as Ramirez Peyro’s own statements. However, high-level officials at ICE and the Justice Department approved the continued use of the informant Ramirez Peyro.

As a result, Ramirez Peyro has become a bit of a thorn in the side of the brass at ICE, as well as the Department of Justice — since the House of Death murders took place under the watch of former U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton in Texas and his minion assistant U.S. attorneys, some of whom still work for DOJ.

The murders played out during the course of an ICE-led investigation into a VCF cell that was headed by now-jailed Heriberto Santillan Tabares — who cut a plea deal with Sutton’s office that resulted in murder charges against him disappearing.

Ramirez Peyor's attorney during this court battle, Jodi Goodwin, describes the BIA's recent decision as a "super-huge victory that has been five long years in the making."

"At this point," she adds, "Lalo is protected from being removed to Mexico where he will be tortured and killed. The next step in Lalo's [Ramirez Peyro's nickname] legal plight will be to attempt to force the government to finally release him from solitary confinement he has endured for five long years."

Stay tuned.....


The BIA's decision can be found at this link.


We still have some sense of justice after all

Congratulations to my fellow co-publisher Bill Conroy whose pen never stops writing.  I am sure that Bill has numerous positive outcome experiences but by far the House of Death is an exemplary piece of outstanding investigative journalism.

As the U.S. Congressional elections come closer, we will witness a few bones thrown to our Hispanic community by the U.S. President Barack Obama.

I am sure Guillermo Ramirez Peyro and his family wherever they decide to settle, Ramiro Peyro will stay away from any criminal activity.  In my 30 years in law enforcements, unfortunately I experience the pain and suffering when one of my confidential sources of information got killed.  After all, this is what we all know that sometimes there will be times when doing your job as a federal criminal investigator, can get you killed.  Thus, you always must be alert, but with moderation.  Having had some close calls, I am happy to be alive and still be able to help the underdog and the man who is on the arena severely emotional beaten.

To Mr,  Guillermo Ramirez Peyro and his family, WELCOME TO THE UNTED STATES and enjoy your lives.

Rev. Dr. Miguel Angel Contreras, PhD, ThD

Yuma, Arizona



What about thousands being tortured and killed every day...

Common sense would tell us that Ramirez would not be the first nor the last person to be tortured and killed in Mexico in connection to the 'war on drugs', either at the hands of the government, cartels, or both working together... so, that's good one guy is going to get fair justice up here, but then why does the US continue funding the Mexican drug war, knowing full well that our money is supporting torture, brutality, and death? This is basically an admission that the system is broken down there, but that fact is contradicted by our ongoing support of it, and turning a blind eye to the suffering of Mexicans, because we don't care who gets killed down there... now with more and more gringos dying, suddenly they're starting to question it...  so let's hope that keeps going if that's what it takes for them to get a taste of reality and stop aiding and abetting the insanity, for Christ's sake...

I found a blog where they talk about the case

Bill, I'm not sure if you have seen this or talked about it so please forgive if it's been covered or you are already aware...

I'm cutting and pasting what I found at a blog called -- they make no mention of NarcoNews coverage (only Dallas Observer), which is interesting:

------------------------start of quote

February 11, 2010

Posted by Alexandra Natapoff

NPR series on "House of Death" informant

NPR is running a three-part series on the federal informant connected to the so-called House of Death murders that occurred six years ago in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: The Case of a Confidential Informant Gone Wrong. For additional coverage of this story, see this 2007 Dallas Observer feature entitled House of Death. The informant, who was known as "Lalo" to his handlers, was working for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) even as he participated in drug-cartel-ordered executions. Top ICE officials deny knowledge of the murders and claim that "rogue agents" failed to follow guidelines, while Lalo's handler, Agent Raul Bencomo, says his supervisors knew about the killings. According to NPR, ICE withheld information about Lalo's role in the murders from the DEA and from Mexican officials. Former DEA Special Agent Phil Jordan describes the Lalo case as a disaster in which every rule was broken.
Even if the man was John Gotti in his prime, you do not allow an informant to run the investigation; you do not let the informant commit felonies, to commit murder. In my mind, he was given a license to kill.
Jordan testified in the now-defunct civil suit against ICE brought by relatives of the slain House of Death victims, two of whom were U.S. residents.

Lalo has been in federal custody for five years. Now that the case against Lalo's target is over, ICE is trying to deport him back to Mexico.

-------------------end of quote

A fortunate orphan


The slights are many in this business, so ya have to have a thick skin, and a good eye for metaphor.

"Victory has a thousand fathers; defeat is an orphan." — John F. Kennedy

So I say welcome aboard to all those fathers, as long as they paid their fair share of the cost of what it took to raise up this orphan.

NarcoNews is credited with dubbing it 'House of Death'

I went to the Dallas Observer link and on page one it says: ``The story of what happened at the House of Death, dubbed as such by the online publication _Narco_News_, has been told in bits and pieces since _The_Dallas_Morning_News_ first broke it three years ago, but the complete story has never been told, at least not by the mainstream press'' comment: That passage in itself seems to imply that it needs to be in the mainstream press to be considered having been covered. To me, that shows the dominance of the mainstream press in shaping the collective subconscious--so when they choose to cover Tiger Woods, they're really screwing society and dumbing down the masses, as it were...So when NPR began the three part series, this blogger finally felt confident that the story was real...or so it would appear... The world seems doomed if this attitude continues...

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