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Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 32 years. She is publisher of Censored News, focusing on Indigenous Peoples, human rights and the US border. Censored News was created after Norrell was censored, then terminated, by Indian Country Today after serving as a longtime staff reporter. Now censored by the mainstream media, she previously was a staff reporter at numerous American Indian newspapers and a stringer for AP, USA Today and others. She lived on the Navajo Nation for 18 years, and then traveled with the Zapatistas. She covered the climate summits in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Cancun, Mexico, in 2010.

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May 23 2011 - 9:10pm
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Dec 25 2010 - 10:58am
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Jul 22 2010 - 10:45am
Popcorn and beans, depleted uranium and Raytheon
Jul 6 2010 - 5:52am
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Dec 5 2009 - 12:18pm

Indigenous Elders: No time left to defend the Earth


Indigenous Elders 'Mankind has gone too far'

By Brenda Norrell

Indigenous Elders and Medicine People said there is no time left to defend the Earth, while Amnesty International said Canada is to blame for a police attack on Mi'kmaq defending their land from from fracking.

Mi'kmaq Warriors denied all rights in jail, one beaten in handcuffs


Mi'kmaq Warriors denied all rights in jail, one beaten, for defending land from fracking


By Brenda Norrell


Hopi and Dine' to Peabody Coal: 'Halt theft of burial places'

Hopi and Dine' tell Peabody Coal that the era of misery and exploitation ends now


By Brenda Norrell

Military assault on Mi'kmaq: 29 Messages of love and support

Military assault on Mi'kmaq: 29 Messages of love and support

Support pours in for Mi'kmaq at fracking blockade after police attack


Support pours in after First Nations defending land are attacked with snipers, police dogs and tear gas


Dine' Medicine People: Respect Horse Nation without outside intervention


Dine' Medicine People: Honoring Great Horse Nation shouldn't depend on outside influences


Dine' Warrior Leonard Benally passes to Spirit World


Big Mountain resister spent his life fighting Peabody Coal and relocation from Black Mesa

By Brenda Norrell

Peltier Tribunal Findings: Justice in Indian Country

International Peoples Tribunal on Leonard Peltier: Findings detail remedies for justice

Peltier Tribunal on Indigenous Rights live from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Live from the Leonard Peltier on Indigenous Human Rights
By Brenda Norrell

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Leonard Peltier Tribunal on the Abuse of Indigenous Rights concluded late Friday and isued prelimary findings.

Peltier Tribunal on Indigenous Rights begins today Oct. 2, 2013

Peltier Tribunal live  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on Oneida land in Wisconsin
By Brenda Norrell

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