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Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 32 years. She is publisher of Censored News, focusing on Indigenous Peoples, human rights and the US border. Censored News was created after Norrell was censored, then terminated, by Indian Country Today after serving as a longtime staff reporter. Now censored by the mainstream media, she previously was a staff reporter at numerous American Indian newspapers and a stringer for AP, USA Today and others. She lived on the Navajo Nation for 18 years, and then traveled with the Zapatistas. She covered the climate summits in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Cancun, Mexico, in 2010.

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Obama is silent -- Subcomandante Marcos, Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan are not

Update: English translation of Subcomandante Marcos' talk

Calling for the peoples embargo and a shout from around the world

By Brenda Norrell

SAN FRANCISCO -- While President-elect Obama remained silent on Israel's bombing and murder of children in Palestine, Subcomandante Marcos, Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan were not.

Obama's silence and Israel's ownership of General Dynamics

UPDATE: Why is Obama silent on Israeli genocide, especially the murder of children, in Palestine? Among Obama's top supporters is James Crown, on the board of General Dynamics. General Dynamics has a long history of buying and selling weapons, including selling to Elbit Systems, Israel's Apartheid contractor. The Israeli Apartheid manufacturer Elbit purchased a General Dynamics subsidiary and now operates in Fort Worth. Globally, Elbit produces unmanned aerial vehicles, which can spy and kill, operated by remote personnel using computers.

Party time: Hasta la vista Chertoff!

By Brenda Norrell

On the Texas border, it is party time.

The No Border Wall Coalition is celebrating, with this message, "Hasta la vista Chertoff!"

In a statement just released from Brownsville and El Paso, Texas border communities are announcing it is time to party down, with no fond memories.

"On January 10th communities along the Texas border will be throwing Retirement Parties to celebrate the end of Michael Chertoff’s tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Where are the children buried?

International tribunal vital for justice for residential school victims

By Brenda Norrell

Churches in Canada have not been held responsible for the rape, murder and disappearance of 50,000 to 100,000 Native American children in Canada's residential schools, said Kevin Annett, speaking on RedTown Blog Talk Radio today.
Canada has not made an attempt to provide real healing for Native people, or to prosecute the perpetrators, including those who murdered and buried children.
Annett said many of the Indian survivors of residential school abuse have taken their own lives.
"They are crushed and broken by this."
"Who will speak for the children who never came back?"
"What about all those children who died? Are we going to pretend it never happened?"
During the 90-minute program aired on RedTown, Annett said the churches pushed the Canadian government to keep these schools open, even after Canada wanted to close the schools. Now, the churches place themselves above the law, refusing to even identify where the children's graves are.

New York Times pimping for gold

By Brenda Norrell

The New York Times gutted its credibility with the advertisement for Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining, disguised as a news article today, "A Nevada town escapes the slump, thanks to gold."
This article reads like a paid commercial for Barrick and Newmont, considering there have been protests underway by the Western Shoshone since Thanksgiving, who are now in court to halt the gold mining on their sacred Mount Tenabo.
The Times article appears one day after I wrote that Barrick and Newmont are among the Worst Companies in the World, according to a Censored News readers' poll of primarily Indigenous readers.
The New York Times article reeks of either a duped reporter or one that has been paid off by Barrick or Newmont to write a spin article to counter the ongoing protests and media exposure.
Perhaps the Times reporter should visit Barrick and Newmont gold mines in Africa, New Guinea or South America, where Indigenous Peoples are being pushed off their lands, raped and killed because of these gold mining corporations and poisoned by cyanide leaching.

Native American journalists urge Bush war crimes tribunal

Native American radio journalists urge war crimes tribunal for Bush, immediate withdrawal from Iraq and protection of Native sacred places

By Brenda Norrell

LOS ANGELES -- On American Indian Airwaves, Native American radio hosts Kehaulani Kauanui, Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and James Brown, Elm Pomo Nation in California, called for a tribunal to hold President Bush responsible for war crimes, during a panel discussion by distinguished Indigenous journalists and scholars.
"I think we need to pursue trying George Bush and company for war crimes related to this illegal and unlawful occupation in Iraq," Kauanui said.
"We need to have a war crimes tribunal and bring all these people in," Brown added. Both Kauanui and Brown called on President elect Obama to initiate immediate withdrawal from Iraq upon entering office.

Worst Companies in the World: US, Monsanto, Peabody and Barrick

The United States was voted the Worst Company in the World, followed by Monsanto, Peabody Energy Corp. and Barrick Gold

Navajo and Hopi protest Peabody. Photo Mano Cockrum

By Brenda Norrell

Photo by Mano Cockrum

The United States was voted the "Worst Company in the World," in a reader poll conducted by the Censored News blog that ended today. Readers, primarily Indigenous Peoples, voted Monsanto as the second Worst Company in the World. Peabody Energy Corp., recently granted a life of mine permit to expand coal mining on Navajo and Hopi lands, was voted the third Worst Company in the World.

Lipan Apache to Obama: Stop Border Wall

By Brenda Norrell

EL CALABOZ, Texas -- Lipan Apache and Jumano Apache in Texas sent a strong message to President-elect Obama to halt the construction of the border wall. Eloisa Tamez and her daughter Margo Tamez described the ongoing militarization of the border and the attempts by Homeland Security to seize Lipan Apache lands for the border wall in Texas, during a telephone press conference today.

Eloisa Tamez said Homeland Security is attempting to build the wall north of the border, on Lipan Apache land, and deny them access to their lands south of the levee. Tamez asked Obama to restore the rights in the Constitution. "We have had enough lawlessness in Texas at our expense," she said.

Jose Matus, Yaqui and director of the Indigenous Alliance without Borders, and Michael Hill, San Carlos Apache, both in Arizona, spoke out in support of Indigenous Peoples who oppose the construction of the border wall and the ongoing human rights abuses at the US border, from California to Texas.

A Call for Whistleblowers: Cyclops in the Closet

By Brenda Norrell

Photo courtesy Code Pink

In Washington outside the White House, the Code Pink ladies were throwing shoes at a Bush effigy on Wednesday, while a lone woman, Judy Ackerman, 55, was getting arrested in El Paso for defending the Rio Bosque Wetlands from the destruction of the US Border Wall construction.
It was a day for eagles.
We can only hope that more eagles in the form of whistleblowers will step forward before another dirty coal mine, Desert Rock, becomes a reality on the Navajo Nation, and Peabody Coal is allowed to expand its genocidal tentacles into the heartland of Black Mesa.

El Paso woman arrested defending Wetlands from border wall construction

By Brenda Norrell

Photo by Bill Addington

EL PASO -- Wetlands defender Judith Ackerman, among the border residents against the border wall, was arrested Wednesday at about 2 p.m., by officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety (The Texas Rangers) at the construction site inside the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park.

"This is life. The river is life. But not the wall; the wall is death," said the 55-year-old Ackerman.

"Ackerman was attempting to stop heavy machinery and equipment from entering into the park which is the only remaining spot of real wildlife in El Paso' border," said Carlos Marentes, writing on behalf of the border wall protesters.

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