News from Colombia: CCAJAR Discusses Government Spying, and VBS.TV Investigates Narcosubs

This week from CCAJAR, - Colectivo de Abogados “José Alvear Restrepo”, shows disturbing trends in illegal domestic spying by DAS the nation's intelligence agency.

It was recently learned that over the last years the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) [1] has been illegally intercepting communications (wiretapping), carrying out surveillance, and gathering information on persons and organizations this institution considers to be “enemies” of the government. For instance, its scrutinizing eye has been set upon the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, members of the opposition, trade unionists, and human rights defenders, among other unfortunate “chosen ones.”

Read more here:

English: Ongoing Nightmare at the DAS. (Concerning the illegal practices carried out by the government’s intelligence agency.)

Español: La “Pesadilla del DAS” Continua. (Sobre las prácticas ilegales realizadas por el organismo de inteligencia del gobierno.)

Also, VBS.TV travels to Colombia to investigate the use of Narcosubs in the Drug War.

Video: in Español with English subtitles: VBS.TV Investigates Narcosubs in Colombia.


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