Billions of dollars worth of Tamiflu medicine would have gone unused had there never been a ‘Swine-flu’ scare

An article from WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) lays out a pretty convincing argument as to why the whole swine-flu scare may have been initiated. It's quite simple. Here it is: There was a similar scare in October 2005 for some supposed avian flu. Well, a couple of governments [namely UK and US] bought billions of dollars of Tamiflu to fight that virus; but seemingly, they didn't use up any of the medicine.

Here's an excerpt: "This is extremely convenient for governments that would have very soon have to dispose of billions of dollars of Tamiflu stock, which they bought to counter avian flu, or H5N1.  The US government ordered 20 million doses, costing $2bn, in October, 2005, and around that time the UK government ordered 14.6 million doses.  Tamiflu's manufacturer, Roche, has confirmed that the shelf life of its anti-viral is three years"

Notice in the above quote that the shelf-life is three years. More than likely the orders were placed in 2005 and the medicine delivered in 2006 for the timeline to make sense. So what to do? Create a global scare and use up the medicine. Here is the link:

C'mon people... didn't you learn anything when Bush was president? The people at the top may vary, but their shinanigans remain the same... It appears also that Calderon has sold Mexico out--but what did we expect from an illegitimate president.


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