Ron Paul for President

 I've been watching the Republican debates and I know what the Democrats have to offer.

While I don't agree with all his stances, Ron Paul is the only candidate I can even come close to endorsing.

On the big issues, he and I agree: First, we need to withdraw our troops from around the world and bring them home.

We need to prosecute those who have defrauded our government and the populace, drastically reduce government spending and learn to live within our means.

We need to audit the Fed and take action against them for criminal acts.

It's glaringly obvious to me that the rest of the candidates, one and all, are imperialists, potential puppets of the big banks, and therefore will doom this nation.

Ron Paul can't win and he won't.

But he has my one and only vote in the primary.

I won't be voting in the final election.

No more lesser of evil bullshit.

Evil is evil and there ain't no lesser.



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- Al Giordano, Publisher, Narco News

Think you made a typo

Think you made a typo there... Ron Paul CAN win and he WILL. The mainstream media has been saying over and over and over he is unelectable since day one. Has their pathetic "repeat it till they believe it" jedi mind trick actually worked on you??? :O

I don't understand

why someone from the Democrats isn't opposing Obama in the primary.

If I could, I'd nominate Alan Grayson.

But, I can't.


at least write him in, I know I will if he doesn't get the republican ticket, he might even try a third party ticket

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