Lanny Davis Fails To Secure Funds For Coup Regime In Honduras

Aid Program Through US Government's Millennium Challenge Corporation Won't Be Renewed

Narco News reported last week on the game plan ex-Clinton official and Washington DC consultant Lanny Davis had hatched to lobby on behalf of the coup regime in Honduras. Now it appears that one of his major goals on that front—to renew a multimillion dollar aid package with the US government-financed  Millennium Challenge Corporation—has failed. 
According to a recent article in the Washington Post, the aid agreement, totaling $215 million, will not be renewed. While the US Embassy in Honduras released a statement announcing the decision, a reason was not given as to why the funds were canceled. The move is a blow to Davis and the Honduras government, as securing the Millennium financing was one of clear objectives of the elaborate lobbying plan (PDF) disclosed last week. 
Contrary to the Washington Post's claim in the article that Millennium funds were suspended during the 2009 coup, Narco News found that the  Millennium Challenge Corporation continued to give $6.5 million to the coup regime after democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown, despite the fact that other US agencies had cut off aid. 
At that time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a close associate of Davis, had hands-on control in managing the corporation.


Good news, Erin.

Any speculation as to why it was not extended?

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