US Condemns Coup in Honduras, Rejects Interim President


"The only president the United States recognizes is President Manuel Zelaya."

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the coup in Honduras in the following statement:

The action taken against Honduran President Mel Zelaya violates the precepts of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and thus should be condemned by all. We call on all parties in Honduras to respect the constitutional order and the rule of law, to reaffirm their democratic vocation, and to commit themselves to resolve political disputes peacefully and through dialogue. Honduras must embrace the very principles of democracy we reaffirmed at the OAS meeting it hosted less than one month ago.

US Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens said in a press conference from the US Embassy today, "The only president the United States recognizes is President Manuel Zelaya."

Lloren's statement is particularly significant because it means that the US refuses to recognize the man Congress has sworn in as Honduras' interim president, Roberto Micheletti.  Micheletti was the President of Congress before being sworn in as interim President.

US President Barack Obama has expressed his "deep concern" over the crisis in Honduras.



More from Llorens on Coup

It seems as though so far there is no official statement from Llorens, just soundbites the press that atended the press conference reported.

The anti-Zelaya El Heraldo reports on Llorens' statements:

In reference to the Supreme Court of Justice's decision, which determined that Zelaya's initiative to hold an opinion poll is illegal, Lorens [sic] said, "That's fine, but that is not an excuse for what has happened.  A president that has been elected by everyone is the president of everyone, whether they agree with him or not."

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