Live Blog: President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras

By Al Giordano

The first to break the news in English was the Honduran Campesino blog:

Honduran president Manuel Zelaya is in Tegucigalpa…

The United Nations is protecting Mel…

TeleSur confirms the report, as does Reuters:

"I am here in Tegucigalpa. I am here for the restoration of democracy, to call for dialogue." he told Honduras' Canal 36 television network.

As occurred during the first hours of the June 28 coup d'etat, the Internet signals of Channel 36 and Radio Globo are blocked, as is cell phone service in the capital (I've yet to confirm that there is any Internet or cell phone access in Tegucigalpa at all right now - it all appears to be jammed - but we do have reporter Belén Fernández reporting right this moment from that city and the information blockade will be broken soon enough.) We can take that extreme of censorship as additional confirmation that the President has indeed returned and the illegitimate coup regime is panicking.

Developing... We'll update here as we're able to report and confirm more...

Update: 12:08 p.m. Tegucigalpa (2:08 p.m. ET): TeleSur confirms that the President is in Tegucigalpa but adds that it cannot confirm reports that he is in the United Nations building there. It anticipates a press conference from Zelaya this afternoon...

12:24 p.m. Tegucigalpa (2:24 p.m. ET): One of our correspondents just got an email message from Tegucigalpa which reports that not all cell phone service is blocked.

12:28 p.m.: Via TeleSur: The Spaniard news agency EFE reports that the President is in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

12:29 p.m.: The US State Department confirms that Zelaya is in Honduras (via AP).

12:39 p.m.: The web page of the coup regime's "president" leads with a loud denial: "Micheletti denies the presence of 'Mel' in the country." Meanwhile AFP reports that the Brazilian government has confirmed Zelaya's presence in its Embassy in Tegucigalpa, according to TeleSur.

12:47 p.m.: TeleSur is showing images of uniformed National Police members, with billy clubs, shields, helmets and guns, surrounding the zone near the Brazilian Embassy, apparently to close access to the area, blocking anti-coup demonstrators from entering or leaving. The network is also broadcasting live images, from Channel 36, of two helicopters circling over the Embassy.

12:51 p.m.: TeleSur reporter Adriana Sívori is now inside the Brazilian Embassy and confirms President Zelaya's physical presence there.

1:57 p.m.: We now have phone contact with Narco News correspondent Belén Fernández, who in Tegucigalpa this morning walked into the Radio Globo headquarters just as the news broke that Zelaya had returned. She's going to have one hell of a story for us later today.

2:04 p.m.: Connecting the dots... The return of Zelaya has all the markings of a very well coordinated operation by the Honduran civil resistance and the member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS). The choice of Brazil's embassy - the Latin American country with the largest Air Force - pretty much guarantees that the coup regime can't possibly think it can violate the sovereignty of that space. That the US State Department confirmed, this morning, that Zelaya is in Honduras while the coup regime denied it strongly suggests it had advance knowledge that this would happen today (if not active participation).

This is a textbook example of what we've referred to before as "dilemma actions." It puts the coup regime on the horns of a dilemma, in which it has no good options. It can leave Zelaya to put together his government again from the Brazilian embassy with the active support of so many sectors of Honduran civil society, or it can try to arrest the President, provoking a nonviolent insurrection from the people of the kind that has toppled many a regime throughout history. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and, soon, day by day, the coup regime is losing its grip. At some point it will have to choose either to unleash a terrible violent wave of state terrorism upon the country's own people - which will provoke all out insurrection in response (guaranteed by Article 3 of the Honduran Constitution) - or Micheletti and his Simian Council can start packing their bags and seeking asylum someplace like Panama. Meanwhile, the people are coming down from the hills to meet their elected president. This, kind readers, is immediate history.

2:24 p.m.: Some other consequences of today's breaking development: President Zelaya today erases any of the talk or speculation that he did not have the courage to put himself at risk in this struggle, which will also have an emboldening effect on every single individual among the hundreds of thousands in the civil resistance. The effect is causing all to think: If he's willing to risk all, then so am I.

This move also makes a laughing stock out of Micheletti and his security forces. Remember our reports about how airfields throughout the country were blocked by buses and other vehicles, so paranoid was the regime about Zelaya's potential return? That Zelaya slipped through the security net demonstrates that the coup regime does not have the control it claims to have. Micheletti - the usurper dictator - has also helped elevate his status as a national buffoon with his early claims today that Zelaya hadn't really returned. He accused the media that reported his return of lying and of "media terrorism." Well, now the same pro-coup newspapers that reported his tantrum have this photo, taken today, of President Zelaya and his cabinet members inside the Brazilian Embassy:

There you have it. Countdown to complete mental breakdown by Micheletti and his dwindling core of supporters (and, yes, that includes a grouplet of US expats that have been blogging constant disinformation from Honduras - their self-delusion and dishonesty to all is now crashing on the rocks of reality, too).

2:56 p.m.: Ivan Marovic - who as a young man played a major role in strategizing the civil resistance that toppled the Serbian dictator Milosevic, and who spent a few days in Honduras this summer at the invitation of the civil resistance - and I just had a chat online about our observations of what is happening and how it changes everything in Honduras.

With his permission, I'll share with you an excerpt:

me: So, let's put ourselves in Micheletti's shoes. What options does he have at this point?

Ivan: It's a tough one. He can arrest Zelaya, but Zelaya said he's here to call for dialogue. That would be bad. Micheletti can enter a dialogue, but then he's screwed.

me: Well, I don't think he can send troops into the Brazilian Embassy, which is sovereign territory. Brazil has the biggest air force in Latin America. Brazil is the coordinating nation of the UN security forces in Haiti...

Ivan: This is important, because with Zelaya in the country, the momentum has shifted. Stalling doesn't work anymore.

me: It's a textbook "dilemma action."

Ivan: Yes.

me: The regime can either leave him there to reassemble his government with broad popular support, or it can unleash a wave of violence and terror, which would provoke all out insurrection. Now that Zelaya has demonstrated he is willing to risk his own freedom and safety, that becomes contagious to hundreds of thousands that will decide to do the same.

Ivan: Yes, this has a big symbolic value. That's why no regime is afraid of the government in exile. But in the country, that's a different thing.

It's a game changer, folks.

3:05 p.m.: Here's transcript from today's US State Department briefing in Washington DC with spokesman Ian Kelly and reporters:

QUESTION: Do we know if President Zelaya has come home? And what does it signal?

MR. KELLY: Well, you know, literally, as I was about to come down, I saw the news report and I was able to talk to my colleagues in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. It does seem to be true that he has returned to Honduras. And the Embassy is still seeking details about what he hopes to achieve and what his next steps are.

I think that at this point, really, all I can say is reiterate our almost daily call on both sides to exercise restraint and refrain from any kind of action that would have any possible outcome in violence, refrain from activities that would – could provoke violence.

QUESTION: How did he come in, and where is he? What --

MR. KELLY: Don’t know.

QUESTION: When did it happen?

MR. KELLY: Like I say, the Embassy is trying to find out these details. But I do know that we have confirmed that he’s in Honduras. Where exactly he is, I don’t know. And we’re just trying to find out more details.

QUESTION: Last time we tuned in, he was under threat of arrest if he came home. Is that still what’s in play right now?

MR. KELLY: I’d have to refer you to the de facto regime in Tegucigalpa. Of course, we believe that he’s the democratic – democratically elected and constitutional leader of Honduras.

I'll ask you, kind readers, the same question I asked Ivan Marovic, above: If you are coup "president" Roberto Micheletti, what is your next move? It's hard to predict, because he's not always a rational player on the field.

3:37 p.m.: The coup regime makes its first move, declaring a military curfew in effect from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. What's not clear is whether it will be obeyed by the crowds converging around the Embassy, and what the regime's next move will be if the public disregards its curfew.

4:21 p.m.: The military curfew began 21 minutes ago, but a multitude of citizens continue to congregate in front of the Brazilian embassy, making and listening to speeches against the coup regime. In other words: What if they called a curfew and nobody stayed home?

4:31 p.m.: Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim says that he doubts very much that the Honduran coup regime would commit "a flagrant violation of International Law" by invading his country's embassy in Tegucigalpa.

4:56 p.m.: The regime is trying everything. Cell phone service is being screwed with again for the past hour. Channel 36 has gone off the air. Radio Globo's Internet site is down. Here is an alternate link to Radio Globo's live stream. Keep storming the gates of the information blockade.

5:06 p.m.: Radio Globo reports that a caravan of more than 2,000 vehicles filled with coup opponents is en route from the state of El Paraiso to the national capital. Also reports massive traffic jams in Tegucigalpa now, an hour after curfew took effect.

5:21 p.m.: Coup "president" Micheletti just spoke on a "cadena nacional" (in which all TV, radio and cable stations are required to broadcast his message). He confirmed that Zelaya is in the country, insisted that the June 28 coup was "legal," said Zelaya will have to face charges against him, insisted that the country is in complete calm (if so, then why the military curfew?), attacked the government of Brazil for protecting Zelaya in its Embassy, and told everyone that the National Police and the National Army are behind him. He ended with shouts of "Viva Honduras" to a small group of coup functionaries. He sounds frightened, but is digging in his heels.

Upon the termination of his broadcast, a woman on Radio Globo mocked him mercilessly, saying "no one owes obedience to an order by a de facto regime," and noted that the curfew was called just ten minutes before it took effect, leaving millions of Hondurans to have to get home from work but without enough time to do it. "Nobody is obeying the order," she said. "Nor should they."

5:30 p.m.: I'll be live on Flashpoints radio (available at the KPFA website), hosted by Dennis Bernstein, at the top of the hour (8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT) to talk about the situation in Honduras. There will also be a report from Tim Russo - professor at the upcoming Narco News School of Authentic Journalism - who was in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa today when President Zelaya appeared from the balcony to greet the crowd, and took audiotape of the moment.

5:42 p.m.: Leaders of the Liberal Party bloc that turned against the coup have now signed a public letter calling on party members "in all the popular barrios" of Tegucigalpa and throughout the country to converge on the Brazilian Embassy to protect President Zelaya. Radio Globo just read the letter live on the air.

5:50 p.m.: The coup regime has just cut electricity to entire neighborhoods surrounding the Brazilian Embassy and Channel 36 TV. How long do you think it will take the people to install a generator in each place? The same will happen when the regime cuts the water, the next likely step coming from that form of logic. And the people will usher in water trucks to refill the tanks. Hell, they'll bring it cup by cup if they have to! This is a losing gambit by the Micheletti regime because it does not have control of the street.

6:52 p.m.: As predicted in the previous update, the regime's attempt to cut electricity to the Brazilian Embassy is already an epic fail. Tim Russo just reported live on that Flashpoints radio show from inside the Embassy as the electric power went back on! A discussion about a half hour prior, on Radio Globo, included a call for generators and a pledge by the head of the electrical workers union to send technicians to set them up. A half hour later, there was light. An organized people can never be beat. That is the lesson of Honduras.

8:17 p.m.: The coup regime has just extended the military curfew until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening, which means nobody goes to work on Tuesday, not even during daylight hours, and all stores will be closed. (Schools were already out as the teachers unions called a national strike and for their members to come to the Brazilian embassy.) Meanwhile, the US State Department has recommended that US citizens avoid all non-essential travel to Honduras. It's as if there's a general strike without it even being called for!



Mel returns to Honduras

We did it Al...

Mel is back...

Thank you Al for your non stop support from Day 1 of coup...

We thank the NarcoNews crew for your support...

A Honduras for and by the Honduran people will rise from this Coup...

A historic moment for Honduras...

86 days of peaceful resistance...

Viva La Resistencia!


The Honduran Campesino People

Looks like you have that Honduran Campesino site link wrong. I think its, not this other blog you have posted which is pointing to the other site.

Follow the return of Pre Zelaya live on Globo radio

This historic moment can be followed live (in Spanish of course) via streaming audio from Radio Globo  at

Thanks, Jim

Link fixed.

Wallerstein was prescient

"Zelaya may yet be restored to legal office, but maybe only three months from now."



latest on Zelaya

quick english interpretation of telesur's broadcast of Sivori's interview with President Zelaya:>>>>>>> He urges his supporters to come out in support and additionally outlines future plans with regards to a possible political solution to the coup.


Give Lula credit. He may be the most moderate member of Latin America's progressive bloc, but he wasn't wimpy in defending Zelaya's position. This is a big improvement from Brazil's role in providing forces to the UN "peacekeeping" effort in Haiti, which seemed more like a war on the supporters of a similarly-overthrown president.


HAH! Great news!

Glad to hear it. Glad to hear it's Brazil, not Venezuela (while I'm a Chavez supporter, it's good to have a more moderate (and still very powerful) nation backing him.) This is two great news things for me today; who knows what the third will be?

Heh. Slipped him in quiet-like. Heh.

Good to see..

This is definitely exciting. It's nice to see us backing a democratically-elected president as opposed to the military officers who engineered the coup against him. That's change I can believe in! Hopefully the chimps realize the game is up and slink off to whatever country is generous enough to take them in rather than crank up the casualty count. The end result being the same, I'd prefer less bloodshed. Thanks for staying on top of this Al.

This is live blogging to

This is live blogging to believe in!

Ah, the irony

Only this morning, the WSJ blasted the State Department and the President for their meddling in Honduras. They didn't know the half, apparently.

"Hillary's Honduras Obsession" has a Dewey Beats Truman aspect to it:

Let's hope things stay peaceable...

Great News! Haha they're denying he's in the country

Thank you Al!

The deposed president of Honduras,Manuel Zelaya, returned to his country on Monday, declaring that he had come to negotiate an end to the political crisis there. But the de facto government that ousted him denied he was in the country.


The right-wing blogs have come to the same conclusion about U.S. knowledge and/or involvement and are now going nuts on Clinton and Obama.

For purely entertainment purposes:

Useful clear summary

A good complement to Al's invaluable liveblog is an excellent, timely summary of today's events so far from Laura Carlsen, something very suitable to forward to friends who may not have followed this very closely.

Her previous post is also an excellent overview of the two-faced U.S. policy up to this week.

The Honduran military just

The Honduran military just declared a 4pm curfew according to Radio Globo.

I believe...

History is happening before our eyes!

Micheletti and the Simian Council has gone already too far with this show! This truly is a dilemma action, as Ivan and Al explain. I don't think his gonna back down!

I believe that defying this curfew could be very important. It may be a moral victory! I remember June 28th curfew @ 9pm. Some of us, spontaneously decided to stay in front of the presidential palace, and that day the Popular Resistance Front came into existence informally. We defied the curfew, and although the golpistas tried to wipe us out at June 29th dawn they could not do it. We won a battle that day!

We've turn the full 360 degrees we are back at the begining scenario, but something changed, our social, collective concience changed! And also, the president is Alive and in Tegucigalpa!


San José agreements

Thank you for keeping us informed.
I hope this won't end in bloodshed, it seems indeed the illegitimate government lives somehow outside the reality. You never know what someone like Mr. Micheletti is capable of.
The other fear I have is that the possible victory might be stolen from the civilian society of Honduras: if president Zelaya sign the agreements of San José, it will prevent the resistance from obtaining what they fight for since last july: the discussion around a new constitution that would be less favourable to the elites.
Good luck to the hondurian people.
Jacques Du Pasquier


Globo's back up as of 6:09 pm CST

The people are being heard!

Now Is The Time For The Uprising!

Honduras is no doubt now in a virtual state of revolution. No doubt the barrios are igniting with the fever of rebellion.This coup will fall! The resistance probably won't even have to spend a single shell, this regime is so ridiculous it will crumble on its own.


And great job Al with these reports! This is THE best source for news on what's happening!

Demint's attempt at Waterloo for President Obama

Interesting article on how domestic politics is effecting the Obama Administration's actions surrounding this coup.

Teacher's Strike and Call for Manifestations at the Brazilian Em

Radio Globo 8:20 p.m.:  The national teacher's union has called a strike until the restoration of constitutional order and has convoked all of its members and others interested to join them at the Brazilian Embassy, "aqui les estamos esperando."

selfish gringo-centric question

My 20 year old son is on the island of Roatan, leaving via La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula (not traveling through Tegucigalpa). Any cause for action-taking concern? thx

Klieg lights keep the bloodshed away, Jacques

Micheletti's coup is trying hard to pretend it has the moral high ground, even as it seeks to silence the people with a curfew and cutting off power to what it thinks are the locuses of the resistance to the coup.  But so long as we are able to watch Telesur and listen to Globo, our eyes are on them -- and they don't dare try to do what they would really like to do, which is to use massive amounts of deadly force. 

And if they are stupid enough to try opening fire on a peaceful resistance, then not even Lanny Davis' paid shillery can wash away the blot of mass murder that will forever stain them.  Furthermore, that would invite certain and immediate direct action from Brazil, Venezuela, and perhaps even the US, which would topple the coup within days if not hours.

Underestimated Mel?

Perhaps I underestimated him.  This seems a very shrewd move that took some time to piece together.  He was thinking three steps ahead all along.  Smooth.

I hope the teachers and other remain strong in honor of Roger Abraham Vallejo Cerrado!

New Cadena Nacional

An a new CADENA NACIONAL at 8:00pm, the curfew has been extended until 6:00 pm tomorrow!!!!

Alternative Media

This report came to me via twitter, via Ten Percent blog, via the awesome reporting above. I'm certain that the Flashpoints coverage will also be very informative. Guess we need to recognize TeleSur and the Spaniard news agency EFE too.

Great Work!

KPFA radio link

Fantastic news re: Zelaya back in Honduras! Thank you for all the news, especially all the local sources -- invaluable.

FYI -- link to the KPFA Flashpoint show:

8:17 curfew extended

The coup regime is stalling for time. Don't underestimate your opponent you never know when they might surprise you.

We need the UN High Commissioner to dispatch an observer N.O.W.

Phoenix Woman is right that we must keep the world's eyes on the regime to prevent them from using raw force even more widely than they have.

Clinton, Arias statements

Al - what do you think of the Clinton and Arias statements? They seemed near-canned to me, especially the SoS - the requisite warning on violence clearly aimed at the regime (and perhaps the promise of help to a safe exile if they place nice) and de facto recognition of President Zelaya as being back.

And I'm not a big believer in coincidences - but c'mon, the Secretary and Arias just happen to be meeting in NY on the same day, with the President at the UN and the Clinton Global Initiative tomorrow (and Latin American development on the agenda). Maybe Zelaya is a master strategist to arrange such timing, but it all has a certain "no drama" matter-of-factness about it.


Lula is no moderate! Lula is playing his role in the grand scheme of the Foro de São Paulo! And the fact that Zelaya is in the embassy of Brazil and there's not one damn thing that the coup bastardos can do about it is WHY Lula is doing what he is doing with Brazil!

WE ARE WINNING! I've got to say I'm moved to tears to see Zelaya in Tegucigalpa tonight! To all those who fell in Honduras, to all those who were hospitalized, to all those who stood up in the face of fear and repression, to all those around the world who stood with the people of Honduras, OUR VICTORY BEGINS TODAY!



Gringos on facebook lamenting toque de queda en Roatan.

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Greg Watton it's amazing how that'll fill ya up!

Regina Alleman Frike Drink a glass for me please

Mitch Cummins well it was enough to make me misspell broccoli!

Miriam Ree Hanson ha ha mitch you inspired me to make a bacon-egg-lettuce-bakery bread sandwich with wasabi mustard....

Dorte Kjaersgaard Bockwoldt -- Mitch you are right, but you did what you could and is very much appreciated. Even good old Tyll asked for you phonenumber to talk to you. I wish I had that bottle of wine...

Bonnie Provan favourite pick me up meal :)

Mary Mason Monterroso better ration that bottle of wine because they just announced an all day curfew for tomorrow!!!

Elda Maldonado Congrats you did all your best and people will remember it. It's time to relax and hope for the best about an hour ago

Michele Renee Braun Save some for manana!

Mitch Cummins too late to save the wine for tomorrow - but I bet I can sneak down and buy some more

Mitch Cummins Dorte - please tell Tyll that I'd talk to him any time - 9801-7828

Wendy McLaughlin Sounds like fun...........

35 minutes ago

Sue-Ann Solomon seriously a curfew all day tomorrow!

Dorte Kjaersgaard Bockwoldt thnanks Mitch, will forward the number to Tyll tomorroe

Debi Demetrion Ahhh...more wine lovers here. More benefits of Facebook!

Dorte Kjaersgaard Bockwoldt any one heard the announcement of curfew tomorrow? Is Roatan not having exeeption anymore? Free Roatan.

Debi Demetrion In Teguc, it's been extended from 7am tomorrow all the way to 6pm. Something is brewing...

17 minutes ago

Mitch Cummins the curfew is through tomorrow at 6pm for the whole country. We'll see what happens over night

8 minutes ago


Thanks Al

Your coverage of this today was just amazing. I really appreciate getting this in-depth coverage.

Zalaya's Return

Thank you, for keeping us posted. I hope Micheletti and his military leaders go into exile. I'm sorry that our US state department and President didn't repudiate the coup in the beginning.

curfew extended until 6 p.m. tomorrow

It's not a general strike, it's a general lockout!

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Angelina Mizaki
Selection Committee President
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Attacking to the Brazilian Embassy

Great coverage from you Al. Thanks.

It's 6:20 am Honduras Time, I'm listening to Radio Globo, the honduran police and the army they have started to attack the brazilian embassy with pepper gas bombs, real bullets trying to disrupt the crowd, it seems they are ready to go inside and capture the President. This is going to be a day to stay tune.

Posted this on OFA Blog

Keeping this important story flowing in the OFA sphere.

Thanks to all involved in getting us this information.


WaPo Coverage

And what coverage is the Washington Post giving this?  Front page?    No, 6 inches of one column on the bottom of page A7, and by the AP, not a staff writer.  Of course there is a very prominent op-ed by Micheletti that runs a whole column in a prime location on the op-ed page.  Oligarchy dies hard, I guess, in the minds of the neo-cons.

From School of the Americas Watch

Call the State Department (202-647-4000) and the White House (202-456-1111)

Photo: Honduran President Manuel Zelaya addresses thousands of supporters who have gathered in front of the Brazilian embassy on Monday, September 21, 2009 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

President Manuel Zelaya, after over eighty days in exile, has returned to Honduras. In a BBC interview, Zelaya said "[We travelled] for more than 15 hours... through rivers and mountains until we reached the capital of Honduras, which we reached in the early hours of the morning. We overtook military and police obstacles, all those on the highways here, because this country has been kidnapped by the military forces."

The coup regime has imposed a curfew for the entire country from 4pm yesterday afternoon until 6pm this afternoon. Media outlets are being silenced and cell phone and email correspondence is being limited, in a repeat of the tactics immediately following the June 28 military coup by SOA graduates. Thousands defied the orders and gathered in front of the Brazilian embassy, where Zelaya is currently staying. Radio Globo reported from the convergence in front of the Brazilian embassy: "We are here peacefully, unarmed because we are the people and don't fear the military. The military must serve the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya."

However, the SOA graduate-led Honduran military and the police moved this morning against the peacefully assembled crowd in front of the Brazilian Embassy and disbursed them with bullets and water tanks. Supporters of the constitutional president of Honduras are being attacked and beaten. The embassy is now surrounded by the military. The coup regime leader, Roberto Micheletti, threatened to cancel the embassy's immunity if Zelaya were not handed over to the de facto regime. An overall atmosphere of insecurity is now being imposed. President Zelaya called on the armed forces not to attack their own people and encouraged the Honduran people to continue mobilizing for peace and the restoration of constitutional order. The National Resistance Front Against the Coup has sent out a call for a national strike today, and for people to come from all parts of the country to the capital to continue the show of popular support for the return of the democratically elected president.

Our fear that the coup authorities would crack down even harder, now that their end is near, is materializing.

Click here to contact your Member of Congress to demand that they take a stand for democracy and against the SOA-graduate-led military coup.

Please take a couple minutes and call the State Department at 202-647-4000 to deliver the following message: "Work for the unconditional immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya and pressure the SOA graduate-led Honduran military to stop the violence against the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya. Ensure that the coup plotters will be held responsible for their actions. Any bloodshed will be on the hands of the coup government and security forces."

Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 with the same message.

ataque tegucigalpa:en Honduras por militares

En horas de la mañana se hicieron presentes policias armados con el fin de dar captura a los dirigentes que se estaban anunciando para iniciar una marcha los resultados fueron la captura de un taxista con esto los uniformados de azul se fueron.


Zelayas return to Honduras

Zelaya made a courageous move by returning to Honduras, now the peopl must keep up the resistance to overthrow the coup regime...


I have written about htis on my blog...



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