Jim DeMint: The Crybaby of the US Senate

By Al Giordano

US Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), in the right-hand photo, is having a tantrum today, alleging that Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), on the left, is blocking him with “bullying tactics” from visiting his pals in the Honduras coup regime.

Truth is, nothing prohibits DeMint from traveling to Honduras on his own dime. It’s the US taxpayer funds - specifically those of the Senate committee - that he can’t use for the propaganda junket, one that DeMint announced in advance would be to advocate for the coup regime's sham "election" process. That he cancelled his scheduled trip to Tegucigalpa tomorrow when it became clear he’d have to purchase his own plane ticket and that of his entourage, he just gave up and decided to put out a press release instead.

“Not a single U.S. Senator has traveled to Honduras to learn the facts on the ground,” said the statement prepared by the Senator’s staff. “And the Obama administration won’t allow Honduran officials or even businessmen to come to the U.S., either.”

This is the same DeMint that invoked Senate rules that allow a single Senator to “block” a vote on confirming various of President Obama’s diplomatic nominees, including those for US Ambassador to the Organization of American States, US Ambassador to Brazil and Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, because he doesn’t like the White House position against the Honduras coup.

It's the time-worn tale of a schoolyard bully who, when he gets punched in the nose himself, sobs and and accuses his bester of unfair play.

During the years when Republicans were in power in the United States, they would frequently accuse the Democratic opposition of playing as “victims.” And they were sometimes right about that. Politics is hardball, baby, and nobody who enters it should whine when hit cleanly and fairly. Now that they’re in the minority and unpopular with voters they’re whiners, too (which suggests that tantrums aren’t a partisan trait but rather a societal one).

DeMint then reported Kerry to the principal’s office Twitter: @JohnKerry (Foreign Rel. chair) trying to hide truth to protect Zelaya, blocking our fact-finding trip to Honduras at last minute.”

Everybody say, “awwwwwwww.”

What a big fucking crybaby. If you don’t want to get hit, Jimmy, don’t go out on the playing field throwing punches. Good for Kerry for knocking DeMint on his ass with such a timely, karma-packed punch.

DeMint can still go to Honduras any time he wants. But that he cancels his trip the moment he’d have to pay for it, and instead puts a press release out sort of indicates that he didn’t feel that strongly about it all along. It’s just the usual beltway posturing of partisan politics. And the scoreboard reads: Kerry 1, DeMint 0.

Update 8:29 p.m. ET: In what may be another case of the Obama administration not having its act together regarding speaking with one voice on Honduras policy, ABC News is reporting - with a question mark - that DeMint's office is now claiming that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell intervened and got the Defense Department to pay for DeMint's junket. (Apparently, Secretary Clinton's State Department is on the right side of this battle, denying the funds.)

In that report, Kerry minces no words:

“Thanks to his intransigence, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee can’t even hold hearings on our policy in Central and South America. Sen. DeMint is blocking the nominations of two key officials who will implement President Obama’s foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere... When Senator DeMint lifts these holds and allows these individuals to receive an up or down vote on the Senate floor, the Committee will approve his travel to Honduras, a country that is in the middle of delicate, political crisis.”

But if DoD is now going to undercut that, it is the White House that will be perceived as equivocating and weak, again, regarding the Honduras coup. Somebody upstairs needs to step in and put all the players on the same page.

Friday update: Well, DeMint and three lower house congress critters from the far right of the Republican Party did go to Tegucigalpa today, met with Micheletti and other golpistas, and left. In doing so, DeMint succeeded in uniting the entire Democratic majority in the House and Senate against the Honduras coup, including those who hadn't paid it any attention at all. Ha ha. Typical Lanny Davis screw up. Meanwhile, South Carolina's other GOP Senator Lindsay Graham chose today to distance himself from the "crazy" faction of his party, in particular the "birthers" and Glenn Beck. He didn't mention his junior senator by name, but with DeMint prancing around with coup dictators, Graham didn't really have to say a word to draw the distinction. In sum: Now the coup supporters have guaranteed their permanent rejection by the Democratic majority House and Senate. Nice work, Lanny! Mil gracias.




Can't DeMint hitch a ride with Ros Liethen?  LOL.  These GOP people are so pathetic.  Everything is political.

What should be

Kerry should be our Secretary of State: Period.


"Kerry should be our Secretary of State."


Sure, why not?  He's a former President-elect, like Gore.

DeMint to Honduras

How is it even legal for a U.S. senator to travel to a foreign nation and advocate for resisting U.S. government policy?  I don't get it.

Get 'em, Kerry!

Alan Grayson seems to have made many of his fellow Dems in both Houses stand a little straighter today.


Weren't these dynamics present during the civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador? Didn't the US always have two sources of foreign policy (State Dept. & Pentagon) at odds with each other? This gives credence to Chavez criticism that there are two Obamas.

Canal 11 of Honduras just mentioned DeMint's trip and they called him a "hero," lol.

We're going back to those dark days...maybe Obama was too busy with health care reform and Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics.

The way I know...

The way I know something's gone wrong in my state is that Lindsey Graham is my most reasonable representative, to the point where I had to vote for him because the only person the Dems could run against him was an even more radical right-wing nutjob.  Maybe we can get rid of this whack Demint next year- there are already at least two people lined up to take him down.

Idiots visit what was Honduras

They say the dummies went. Maybe they want to learn how to coup. It could happen. If we do not defend democracy we are assured of our own self destruction.

Note the names

From WaPo:

DeMint aides said he was preparing to travel to Honduras on Friday with three Republican House members -- Aaron Schock (Ill.), Peter Roskam (Ill.) and Doug Lamborn (Colo.) -- when they learned that the trip had been nixed by Kerry.

Give them a call and let them know your opinion of their trip.

Someone at DOD needs to be fired...

...for giving this group a free plane-flight to Honduras, and the State Department should yank their passports, stranding them there.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Could have been a good episode in MPFC if it weren't true.  Where do the Rethugs find these loonies???


"(In the only laughworthy twist in an otherwise deadly serious book, Neiwert notes that nascent fascist movements all rely on belief in the need for the fiery restoration of a culture to its former glory, a concept known as palingenesis.)"

from the link below:  (please take note of the post date)


The original post from Booman Tribune:  (Steven D has compliled links galore to tell you more)


Stinks of covert funding

We all know the history of the ultra-right in this country (which is %80 of the political establishment), covertly funding terrorists whereever it suits them, overtly funding regimes to slaughter other terrorists when it doesn't suit them. Why did DeMint really go to Tegucigalpa. Was it to promote the upcoming elections? Or was it to wink at Micheletti and say "don't fret m'boy, help is on the way."?

What a slap in the face. We solidarity workers are here raising small funds for the resistance, & travelling to Honduras to march with the brave Hondureñ@s, and these fascists go there to pal around with the dictatorship, most likely offering them large-scale funding. We have to get to the bottom of whether or not this is the case.

He said it was just a vacation


I guess that's one way to go.

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