Contribute for Our Tenth Anniversary - & Attend, If You Can, in NYC

By Al Giordano

You may have noticed from the big banner we have up in the right hand corner of this page that this publication will turn ten in a few weeks.

It was on April 18, 2000 that a marginalized ex journalist waded back into his craft via a South of the Border dial-up connection “from somewhere in a country called América,” and Narco News was born.

And, wow, it’s been quite the ride ever since, one in which we’ve grown into an international collaboration in seven languages by many talents of conscience.

Thousands of news reports later, a landmark First Amendment victory for Narco News and all Internet journalists, hundreds of authentic journalists assembled and trained through your work here and at the School of Authentic Journalism, 478 co-publishers and so much more has transpired through these pages over the past decade. April 2010 will be a month to remember it, take pride, but also double down on the authentic journalism renaissance.

If you can be in New York City on April 17 and can contribute or raise $100 for The Fund for Authentic Journalism before then, you’ll be invited to our Tenth Anniversary Celebration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. (You are also invited to sponsor the event with a $500 donation, or be a renaissance patron with a generous gift of $1,000.)

There, many of us who are graduates of the School of Authentic Journalism have plotted to each work up a five-minute presentation to share that will be both informative and entertaining. So far, these j-school grads confirmed to show up that night include:

* Johanna Lawrenson * Bill Conroy * Katie Halper * Josh Bregman * Erin Rosa * Bruce Miller Earle * Milena Velis * RJ Maccani * Marine Lormant * Richard Bell * Mariana Simoes * Barrett Hawes * Ter Garcia * Al Giordano *

(And I hear rumors that graduate and Field Hand Paul “Palo” Findlay is showing up, too.)

There will be food and drink, lots of authentic conversation, and a special toast at midnight to ring in the next ten years. And, if past is prologue, we always seem to get some surprise and special guests dropping by these anniversary fiestas to hang and converse with the folks. (Last year that included 538’s Nate Silver, Jack & Jill Politics’ Baratunde Thurston, Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott – who writes again today about the happenings here at The Field – the one and only Booman, social humorist Steve Ben Israel, our hostess in previous years, artist Marianne Vitale (whose work is currently on exhibit as part of the Whitney Biennial), and my high school history teacher Don Phillips, among others.) It’s great fun, as many repeat offenders will attest.

Even if you can’t physically attend, please consider donating to The Fund for Authentic Journalism so that we can enter our second decade with the minimal resources we need to keep investigating, reporting and training the next generations of authentic journalists.

You can contribute via this link:

Or send a check via snail mail to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

PO Box 241

Natick, MA 01760

On this, our Tenth Anniversary, we need about $10,000 to get us through the next several months (I'll remind that this is our first appeal for funds in 2010 and ask: what other news organization or project lives this close to the land and yet gets so much done?). It’s the small contributions that have always added up to make for this online newspaper that packs a wallop. Think of it this way: that means we need you and about 149 others to donate whatever you can afford in order to reach that goal.

We’ll put up a bar graph shortly to track the progress to that goal, but meanwhile you can get the momentum started via the comments section here. Every time someone comments to say you made a contribution of X dollars, did you know that it inspires another one, two or three folks to do the same? Try it. It's fun!

I don’t need to tell you about what we do here. You’ve read the reports all year long (and last month from the scholars and professors of the School of Authentic Journalism). Some of you have read them for ten years. You’ve followed our coverage over the past year from Mexico to Honduras to the United States and South America. You’ve begun to see the viral videos completed from the j-school to share its lessons with you and the world.

You know what we do. Shall we keep doing it into the next decade? It is you that made the first ten years possible, and you, and only you, who can ring it into the next.

Thanks, in advance, for your continuing support. From our end, we’ll keep working hard, happy and grateful for this unique relationship between journalists and readers that has already changed so much and – if you continue on this path with us - will yet change so much more.

Sincerely, and with gratitude,




Repeat Offender Attestation Redux

Sent my $$.  Surreal to enjoy folks face to face.  Hope we get to dance.

Palo:  Bring Katrinia.


Update 3/25:  Besides enjoying a great dance party, Saturday night, at the "Organizing the President" Conference, one year ago next month, I have many reasons for getting together with people I spend so much "machine" time with throughout the year.

I am also thrilled the 10th Celebration is on a Saturday.  Since I give care for a living and work Monday/Friday, I can make plans to attend.  Co-Publishers/Organizers like me need the recharge this event gives.

Fortunately, I have airfare covered with a travel credit.  I am presently working on lodging for Fri/Sat.  I am willing to work with others who may be traveling from out of the NYC area, in coordinating sleep as close as possible to the site of the Celebration, with minimal reliance on transportation.  Last year, I was able to walk to the party from my SoHotel.  I spent an extra day in NYC, enjoying my time, on my own, before the Conference in MA.

If you would like to attend and need an organized friend, contact me via Al, and he will pass the request on to me via e-mail (Thanks in advance, Al)




I just added an extra $25.00 to the fund.  I won't be able to attend but I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the party.

I send you my contribution

in memory of Monseñor Romero, Al!

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