Chiapas Government Apologizes, Will Set Journalist Gianni Proiettis Free

By Al Giordano

Narco News School of Authentic Journalism professor Mercedes Osuna reported moments ago from outside the offices of the attorney general of the state of Chiapas in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in Mexico's southernmost state, that Monica Mendoza, the personal secretary of the assistant attorney general Jorge Javier Colebro Damas, emerged in recent minutes to speak with family, friends and attorneys for Gianni Proiettis.

On behalf of the prosecutor's office, "she apologized," Osuna told us via cell phone. "She said it was a case of mistaken identity."

Proiettis will, according to the prosecutor's office, be released momentarily with no charges filed against him.

We would like to thank all the people, journalists, readers and colleagues, who spread the word, rallied and drew global attention to the illegal arrest of Proiettis, a journalist for Il Manifiesto, Liberacion and Narco News, among other publications.

And we remind the governments of the world: This is not the first time you've screwed up. Multiple arrests have been made over the past decade of our reporters by states that were not happy with our reporting. And in every single case, our journalists have been freed within 24 hours, after speedy, voluminous and global organizing campaigns to liberate them, with no charges pending.  This international network of authentic journalists will never leave one of its own undefended. Come for one of us, and we're all coming right back at you.


I think they didn't screw

I think they didn't screw up, they did it on purpose to frighten him

@ Clara

Clara - That only works if they succeed in changing anyone's behavior by trying to frighten him or her. I know Gianni. I've been in his home and he's been in mine. I've been in the trenches with Gianni. This won't frighten him. It will embolden him. Look forward to his next reports on Narco News.

Great News

Thanks for the story. 

Here's some $$ for the Fund that supports our authentic international journalists and the truth.

for Al

are you jackin' our style Al?

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Expect us.

@ matoko_chan

Dude - There are simple guidelines about commenting that appear over the submission box. I suggest you read them.

Incoherent, babbling rants don't have any guarantee of publication here, especially when they cross over the line of Godwin's Law (look it up).

Also, for one who claims technical expertise, your attempts to program simple html code into your comment submissions have failed on two occasions, leading to those comments not making the cut. I might also suggest you use a spell checker and pay some attention to the clarity of your prose. You come off like a 13 year old (and for all we know, you might be).

Finally, if you think we're your problem, so much that you come here and make vague hacker-like threats against us, you can't be that bright, and certainly are lacking in discernment. What about this publication or I gives you the impression that we would ever cave to a threat? Go find another kiddie pool to play in. You're boring us.

Updated Narco News Contributions

I signed up for another 12 months of regular contributions earlier this week.  It is so important to me to be a small part of this movement.  The Donation button on the Field page takes you to PayPal sign in for one time donation.  Here's a better place to get the page where you can click on the amount for one time donations or if you scroll down toward the bottom can click on monthly donations anywhere from $5 to $50. 

Priceless quote by the NYT on WikiLeaks

Pepe Escobar has an excellent article posted December 18, 10 in Asia Times - Emperor Waits in Wings With Waterboard

Bill Keller, the chief editor of The New York Times, had the gall to write: "We agree wholeheartedly that transparency is not an absolute good. Freedom of the press includes freedom not to publish, and that is a freedom we exercise with some regularity". Keller, a so-called journalist, in practice wishes he didn't have to publish "cablegate". He has made it plain that the New York Times sees the role of mass media as upholding government secrecy.

Thank you!

Nancy, Lorie,

We very much appreciate your support and doubly so when you comment to the rest of the readers about it.

You're authentic bandwagon starters!

warmest regards,


re catch and release


I'm hoping more can be published on this, with comments from the journalist. As a fellow journalist (volunteer) in Cancun for the climate summit, who is often in Mexico with Indigenous human rights activists, I would like to hear from Gianni, as to what he feels are the real reasons for this, the details of the arrest and release, etc. We are all very cautious in Mexico now, both journalists and Indigenous activists. We had no problems staying downtown in Cancun, and spent most of our time at La Via Campesina, but we knew the potential for being targeted and false arrest. The person I was with, Ofelia Rivas, O'odham, had already been arrested and put in a migrant prison in southern Mexico for four days this year. She had been with Zapatistas and was falsely accused of crossing into Guatemala. So, I'm hoping to hear more details of this from Gianni, and the prospects for the future. Best, Brenda Norrell

@ Brenda

Brenda - We're expecting Gianni to write something for us about his experience. Still waiting on it.

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