Citizen Journalism and Civil Resistance: Madrid, Spain, March 20-23

By Al Giordano

This is the week when we've been poring over completed applications for the 2011 School of Authentic Journalism that will convene in May in Mexico City. Applications for those 40 scholarships were due last Sunday, and very soon we'll be contacting the scholarship recipients and introducing them to all of you.

This year we received an unprecedented number of applications from "the other hemisphere," particularly from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. And some of those folks will indeed be coming to Mexico in May. But with civil resistances rocking the Mediterranean in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere, the demand among journalists, independent media and video makers, bloggers and communicators to better understand the strategic dynamics of social movements, and to advance their skills at doing authentic journalism, is so great that we've added a four-day workshop coming up in March in Madrid, specifically for colleagues reporting in that region. And since we can't bring so many superb colleagues to the Mexican mountain, we've decided to move the Mexican mountain closer to them!

The support and partnership of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict has made our first European workshop on Citizen Journalism and Civil Resistance possible, to be held March 20 to 23 in Madrid. Applications are due on Monday, January 31 (and these applications are shorter than the extensive School of Authentic Journalism application). You're invited to apply whether or not you have already applied for the j-school (being accepted for one does not preclude being invited to both). So don't be shy. And maybe we'll see you in March, in Madrid...

Workshop on Citizen Journalism and Civil Resistance
Madrid, Spain / March 20-23, 2011
The deadline to apply is January 31, 2011.
Today hundreds of civilian-based movements and campaigns for human rights, democracy, social justice, political freedom and other causes are being waged with participation by ordinary people, all over the world. Unfortunately, major global media broadcasters, newspapers and news services give little if any attention to the causes and work of these movements.
This workshop will cover key strategic and tactical lessons of successful movements, examine the role of independent media in civil resistance, look at the impact of digital resistance and international actors, and offer practical guidance to citizen or authentic journalists in developing stories, doing investigative field reporting, initiating video reports, and other practical aspects of citizen journalism in countries where civil resistance is now being used.
Co-hosting this workshop will be the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, a nonprofit foundation based in the United States, and Narco News, the world’s pioneering organization in authentic journalism and an online newspaper that covers democracy, the drug war, and other social and political events in Latin America.

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Hope to see you there.


Hey, Giordano followers

Don't miss the amazing interview of Noha Atef on the front page of



Thanks for adding the extra days - I'll put my application in now :). 

Just for your information. There are calls for that week to be part of a Europe wide struggle. In the UK on the Sat 26th there is a huge march in London forming - we are hoping the biggest ever - and the most imaginative to challenge our government. But the week before that - some are calling for a general strike, coordinating with Europe and other things. 23rd will be our budget announcement - the chancellor Osborne will be making it official what they are doing to our society. So it will be a crazy week hopefully. 


I also suggest you get in

I also suggest you get in touch with this organisation - called VisionOn TV. They are a great bunch or activists - and are just setting themselves up to run training workshops and weekends as well.

Combining somehow or working together would be great.

Noha Atef's article

Ann, Thank you for highlighting Noha's extremely well done, useful and hopeful article on what's going on in Egypt.  I have a bad habit of forgetting to check into Narco News when I pull up the site.  The video's are excellent. 

Tunisia, Egypt, demonstrations in Algeria and Jordan.  I am reminded of Julian Assange's slogan when Wikileaks was first established:  "Courage is contagious."  

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