A Message from Jamaica Kincaid

Dear Fellow Field Hands:

Once again, we have to pool our resources together and send Al to Denver. We did it once before and then events beyond our control came between us and our desire. But we mustn’t let the stupidity of others have the final word about this important moment in our communal and civic life. We can, we must and we will send Al to Denver.

Send a contribution, however small, or as big as you can through:


Or to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

PO Box 241

Natick, MA 01760 USA

We must not let others determine our fate. We must not let them deprive us of this unique voice that is beholden to no one other than its own truth.

So let us send Al to Denver and let him speak freely and come what may, I believe we will know that we have been participating in the American experience.

Jamaica Kincaid

(For more details on this fund drive, scroll down two posts or click here)



Thank You, Jamaica

It's a real honor to have your prose and talent gracing these pages, and to be able to call you Field Hand... and friend.

- Al

"WE" are the Ones We have Been Waiting For! Re-post...

OK...I was TWO threads back!  Got to catch up!


Wow!  $3,000+ for Al and 300 Signatures for Al!

Here is the link to the Petition for the DNC to re-award Denver Credentials to Al!



We love Al; and he loves us back!

Field Hands Abroad (US citizens or not) can sign the petition and donate to the *new* "Send Al to Denver" fund above!

We know that both Al and Our Candidate have world-wide appeal...we want to make sure that the DNC AND the RNC remember that, too!

Thanks to everyone...and *pass it forward*!


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!  and...

Progressive with a Capital P and that rhymes with T and that stands for TEAM! (With apologies to "The Music Man"...)  What a great Team we are in "The Field"!



waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!

Thank You...

Jamaica Kincaid!

My daughter is a *real* award-winning and published writer--unlike me who plays one on the computer...

and Jamaica Kincaid is one of her (s)heroes!

This support really is exciting and heart-warming!


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!

Much love to Jamaica Kincaid!

It brightened my whole day to see you grace this site. I've contributed two times already, and am so glad I did.

Some investments provide a rich return. This is surely in that category.

Donated again

Just sent the $25 Deb gave back to me plus another $25 for the kitty.  So glad to hear we're back in business!

Wow, Jamaica Kincaid!

It's an honor to know she walks The Field among us. I'm pledging $25 bucks to the cause in tribute to Ms. Kincaid.

Cheesy, maybe, but it is an

Cheesy, maybe, but it is an honor to be reading the same blog as the great lady who posted above.

As for you, Dr. House, I'm starting to sprout some feathers. Over stupid things. Like that stupid campaign presidential seal. FISA. etc. The weird limbo we find ourselves in. Thank goodness for my daily dose.

Congrats Pam

on your petition hitting the 300 mark along with Al's 3000 mark.

Good Omens indeed. :)

To Denver, Take Two - just

To Denver, Take Two - just added a bit to the jar and will keep doing so.  Thanks for being a voice of reason out there, Al and all Field Hands.  (off message: I'm hosting our first informal "unity" event with other dems. this week-end, and am thrilled to be on the same page again, as we are addressing the same concerns.)

The company we keep...

While disdaining the cheap smear politics of association, I really do believe that the intellectual company we keep says much about who we are, and I am therefore honored to discover that Ms. Kincaid is a fellow Field Hand... Thank you for gracing "our place!"

Almost half way there

Good to see the thermometer is still moving strong.


I'm a little confused, though.  Al - did you get credentialed for the Democratic convention?  I just re-read your post on it, and while it says you're going to Denver, I'm a bit confused whether you got the credentials.  (I'm wondering if I need to keep making phone calls about it.)

That's Some Endorsement

Lucy: A Novel is one of my favorite books.  We're about half-way there in one day! Can't wait for the Denver commentary.

Response to BR

BR - As I'll document in the coming days, that credential was obtained based on the large number of you: readers. The DNC when announcing the credential linked to The Field and not any home page of a hosting organization that simply does not have enough readers of its own to justify a credential, pushing so many more deserving blogs out of the way. Watch how this plays out - more anvils yet to fall from the sky - and do keep making phone calls. I thank you for it.

I just donated (as I

I just donated (as I promised so many moons ago) but I am not certain if it goes in the "Send Al to Denver" pot or the general operating funds pot. If it only goes to the latter, I will send another to go in the former.

And, it's an honor to be in the company of Ms. Kincaid, Al, and other rowdy intellects.

Ms. Kincaid . . .

Jamaica...well, great that you're on this site. I knew it before (a few months back) but forgot.

So now I get the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed Life and Debt, a film that should have received MUCH wider distribution and discussion had 911 not intervened. The IMF/World Bank I-Appear-To-Be-The-Good-Guy weaponry is one story that interests me, and one I think needs a lot of sunlight. And soon. You might be interested in the comments about the IMF/World Bank at the end of this, which I have no way of know are true:



Goldenstar - As I stated in last night's post announcing the fund drive, all donations received until we meet the goal, unless the donor requests otherwise, go to send and equip me for Denver. The Fund not going to play games with our supporters and small donors. It values you far too much, as do I.

What will happen in Denver?

Is there any reason to think that any news will happen at the convention this year? From a party perspective, isn't it imperative that there not be any news made?

There Will Be News

Margarita - When more than ten thousand newsmakers, politicians, journalists, consultants, interest groups and such gather in one place, there will always be news to be found for any reporter with a nose for it.

I've never done journalism based on other people's imperatives or agendas. I work the margins and the shadows and the smokers' lounges. That's where the news is found: not in press releases or from press secretaries.

Good to know

Well, then I'm looking forward to reading all about it!

Great news,

hoping to land a contract soon so I can donate to BO and The Field. I received an e-mail today from the former host, who must have pulled it from my posts, trying to entice me back, unsubscribe—. Interesting attempt to post statistics modeling no doubt the profile of The Field.


Work that smoking lounge for tips so I don't have to! For me and my crazy sinuses that would be sure torture.


I will donate a bit more after Friday. Let's see, I've already given up lattes to fund political candidates this election cycle. You can't make me give up iced tea, so I'll have to find somewhere else to cut.

Oooh...McCain's going to South America

Funny, Laura

I have tried to give up my afternoon cookie habit to help fund my various donations.  I've done better but still have my Oreo urges and hit the vending machine from time to time.  Of course, I'm well beyond any cookie fund but it helps at least in theory.

RV rights a wrong


It looks like the folks at RV are going to return the $100 I sent them in May. I was going to send $100 to the new cause but now that the folks at RV have regained their common sense, it looks like I'll be able to double my donation. As always, thanks for your insightful and conventional-wisdom-busting commentary. Look forward to meeting you when you come to Denver.   


Stimulus Refund

RV just refunded my 25 bucks.  Looks like I still have funds in my paypal account to....


Drum roll...


Send Al to Denver!

This is what thrills....

"I've never done journalism based on other people's imperatives or agendas. I work the margins and the shadows and the smokers' lounges. That's where the news is found: not in press releases or from press secretaries."

I can't wait to have Al unleashed in Denver. I'm certain he'll earn every dime and then some.  And just think, we can sit back, relax, avoid the MSM.  Beautiful.

Al and readers of this blog

Al and readers of this blog might be interested in hearing that Deb wrote to me that Al "went all lefty commando on us." I wrote back that Alinsky is as American as Martinl Luther King and that, not only did Hillary Clinton write her thesis on Alinsky, but Obama published a chapter in a book on Alinsky's legacy. Here's a link to that chapter http://www.edwoj.com/Alinsky/AlinskyObamaChapter1990.htm

And here's a selection from Obama's chapter:

Organizers will continue to build on local successes, learn from their numerous failures and recruit and train their small but growing core of leadership — mothers on welfare, postal workers, CTA drivers and school teachers, all of whom have a vision and memories of what communities can be. In fact, the answer to the original question — why organize? — resides in these people. In helping a group of housewives sit across the negotiating table with the mayor of America's third largest city and hold their own, or a retired steelworker stand before a TV camera and give voice to the dreams he has for his grandchild's future, one discovers the most significant and satisfying contribution organizing can make.

In return, organizing teaches as nothing else does the beauty and strength of everyday people. Through the songs of the church and the talk on the stoops, through the hundreds of individual stories of coming up from the South and finding any job that would pay, of raising families on threadbare budgets, of losing some children to drugs and watching others earn degrees and land jobs their parents could never aspire to — it is through these stories and songs of dashed hopes and powers of endurance, of ugliness and strife, subtlety and laughter, that organizers can shape a sense of community not only for others, but for themselves.

Having an organizer-president means having a president who cares about policy but also about empowerment and community.

And -- I'll be sending you a contribution real soon. I donated when you moved to the site, but will send another for Denver.

Great Link

Anonymous - That link is worth gold. I hadn't seen that. I will make sure many, many more do!

As for "going all lefty commando on them," who knew that ol' whatsername could predict the future?

Going Lefty Commando

First, I have no idea what is meant by the phrase. But, I do think that it would make a great T-shirt graphic for a Field Hands fundraiser. You would think that we were posing as Commandante Marcos or some other fantasy of hers.

I am happy to be a co-publisher but I really preferred my original handle at the Field. More romantic


What was your handle at the ex-Field? Nalani is a beautiful name though...

Also, someone just posted a diary on this over at DailyKos if you guys want to hit the Recommend on it to give it more readership!


I'll give these more prominence later, but here's the link on TheWurx's diary at DKos.

And here's some questions asked aloud today by Barry Crimmins.

Jefferson quote

The Obama chapter on organizing gave me chills. Everytime I read his stuff and get a glimpse into his mind, I am grateful that he showed up now when we need him so desperately. The same is true of Al. I saw a quote today from Thomas Jefferson today while I was doing some research, " ... whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights." In order to be well-informed, we need honest, objective journalism. Such journalism is in short supply these days, and I am grateful we have Al to fill that role for us and to teach young journalists how it should be done. I hope everyone donates to send him to Denver and continues to donate to support his work.

Here are two more links


Here are two more links, which I'm sure you've probably got, Al, but others may not. I include these here because I am surprised that Deb didn't do a simple Google search.

Washington Post: March 25, 2007
"For Clinton and Obama, a Common Ideological Touchstone"

"Obama's Alinsky Jujitsu"
January 8, 2008

Refund update

Well I have politely asked for a refund but no response yet.


And aren't some of these polls fun!!!





Thank you, Barry Crimmins

Barry Crimmins has posted another compelling overview of the disfunction that is Rural Votes vs. Al's talent and undaunted spirit.  


Al and Barry, hope you don't mind me reposting the last paragraph, but it indeed moved me to dig deeper than I already have, and thought it might inspire others. 

"Al Giordano has more fun than any impoverished person I know. This is because his poverty comes intertwined with his integrity. He has never sold out and he sleeps well because of it. He is also an optimist. He knows he'll get to Denver. He knows that despite the fact that his original credentials were issued through Rural Votes, he will get credentialed for this convention. He already knows that he has a place to work in Denver inside of the Daily Kos sponsored Big Tent. I also know Al will get funded and credentialed. Why? Because I know Al and in this time when the earth is quaking, the rivers are overflowing and the sky won't stop crying, he is one force of nature who is on our side. So please dig deep and send along what you can to help this authentic journalist continue to report the truth."

Cross-posting comments

Just a note to one of the Field Hands here: Once a comment has been made on one thread, we don't post the same comment on a newer thread. It's not a rejection of the comment, but of posting the same comment twice.

RV refund

Deb just mailed me about my $ 25 refund, which is going to be a check taking the slow boat to India. So, instead of waiting for it to arrive, I will double up the ante to Al's Denver Do as soon as my paypal a/c goes active.

Point Taken...

Hi Al:  I posted twice earlier because I realized I was TWO threads behind!  I thought my RSS updated automatically so that when I went back after doing something else, I didn't know I was in the wrong place!

I'll be more careful next time...


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!

I just donated!

I STILL haven't received my refund from my two donations to the ex-Field (even with an email to Deb and to whoever handles their 'contact us' page), but I couldn't wait for that and went ahead and kicked in to help Al get to Denver in style with a new laptop to boot(up).

Al, about Pam's posts

I think Pam's post reg the Denver petition is important and worthy enough to be included in the latest thread for the benefit of late-comers to the Field.

I see that Pam is a co-publisher. Can she delete her petition post in earlier threads after she posts it in the latest one ?


Pam and amk,

Just guessing here, but I don't think Al's comment was meant for Pam's petition posts. 

I wouldn't anticipate a reply on it tonight though as he recently posted this:


And co-publisher edit features allows one to do a complete edit (delete) of your own post if you so choose.

Thanks Catherine

for clearing that up. Hope Al is enjoying his well deserved break.

i get paid Friday and will

i get paid Friday and will donate, Al! congrats on Denver! I wish I still worked for Apple HQ, i'd get you a hefty discount. :(

Left Commando? Ha. That is just so....dirty. egads, Deb.

Oh, the Petition link...

...can be posted as often as anyone wants to post it. I'm not insane.

I was addressing a different comment. Sorry about the confusion.

Okay, now I'm outta here for a few hours, but the tech team is here to approve comments, so carry on.


What happened to the RuralVotes website?

response to question about ruralvotes webstie

Ruralvotes was up earlier today - I know that because I went there to look at the number of comments on the various postings.  It won't come up for me now, either. 


third time's a charm. my $75 was politely refunded today.

will forward.


Al, any idea where to find the DNC's certification or explanation of credentials? I'm curious to know exactly what it is they use to determine who to give passes to. They've got to have SOME public information on the process, right?


I hate to say it, but the Ruralvotes drama is more engaging to me than the election.  I think I'm addicted to (melo-)drama.  I'm thinking of avoiding all blogs but this one, and TV as well, for a few months... to wean myself off of the drama and refocus on what really matters.

I can't believe the "lefty commando" line - from a PR standpoint.  Why would anyone say that in an email to a stranger?

Al's traveling from...

Bolivia, is it? (I'm looking at the map in the "Send and Equip" image there on the right.)

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