By Al Giordano



Jed posted this video of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine on Face The Nation this weekend.

The guy is growing on me.

The number one rule in choosing a vice presidential nominee is "first, do no harm." If you're a presidential nominee, you don't want a running mate that will distract from you, commit gaffes, speak off-message, or that secretly thinks he or she is too good to be number two.

And the second rule is, "then, do some good." You want a VP that will reinforce your messages and make voters more comfortable with you.

Kaine is so far passing both tests with flying colors.

Faced with the typical trick questions of television anchors, Kaine had a magic word to dispel each attempted curve ball: "Virginia!"

In the nine-minute interview, Kaine mentioned "Virginia" fourteen times. Virginia, Virginia, Virginia... Yes, Virginia... there is a Virginia!

And for those believing the hype about the titling of the Wednesday night convention show "Securing America's Future" somehow being a "tell" that General Clark will be the vice presidential nominee, I bring as our first witness Wes Clark, Jr., posting comments tonight on DKos about dad's VP chances.



About him as a VP choice or being on any list whatsoever.  Dad doesn't really know anyone on the search committee, so my guess is that he is not going to be Obama's VP choice.


And here:


Don't hold your breath on the VP nom.  I've seen no sign that Obama ever considered him for the job.


And also here:


I don't want to dash anyone's hopes, I just don't see the VP thing happening. Obama'll probably go with somebody like Bayh, Kaine or Sebelius.


Remember: Dad doesn't lack ambition. Without ever having served in elected office, Clark ran for president in 2004. This is most certainly daily chatter among Clark family members. If young Wes thinks it's down to Bayh, Kaine or Sebelius, in all likelihood that's what he's heard from Senior. If Clark was under serious vetting, you would definitely not find his son posting such comments on the Internet.

With Sebelius taking on a more institutional role at the convention, it seems to be down to Kaine or Bayh or a dark horse.

Kaine - in this TV interview and elsewhere - emanates a fundamental decency (and in a mild and unforced southern accent) that Bayh simply does not. After the 1990s, there's a "slick factor" that must be avoided at all costs in choosing the vice presidential nominee.

A couple more points:

Indiana has 11 electoral votes. Virginia has 13.

(That's, literally, a couple more points!)

And the comfort factor is always easier with the ally that's been with you all along.

Kaine would make for a very solid - comfort building - Wednesday night at the convention.

I'm thinking, at least right now, that this guy is looking like the wingman of 2008.

That's not yet a prediction. It's an instinct.

To be continued...


Morning Update: The Bayh boomlet hits a wall:


Mr. Bayh's support of authorizing force in Iraq stands in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama's oft-stated view that he showed the good judgment to oppose the conflict from the start. After his vote, Mr. Bayh in early 2003 joined Mr. McCain as an honorary co-chairman of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which made regime change in Iraq its central cause.




Hell Al...Do you ever sleep???

just's 1:25 a.m  mountain time

I like Governor Kain, although I have been hearing that he may not be as popular in VA ...but , at the end Obama will rise or fail mostly on his merits and the kind of campaign he ran, so Kain may be as good an option as we can get.

P.S...have you seen the Atlantic monthly extensive report on the Clinton campaign's internal emails and memos???
fascinating stuff....Democrates really dodged a bullet.

Kaine --- values voters should vote Democratic

One of Kaine's advantages is his ability to talk about liberal policies as the natural conclusion of moral and religious convictions. If Democrats manage to do that the GOP would be totally toast.

Tea leaves on Kaine

So the veep is gonna speak on "Securing America's Future" night.

There was a big Clark-worship thread over at Kos yesterday.  Ugh.  Militolatry is so pathetic and ugly.  Can anyone see Clark and Obama getting along for 4-8 years?  Really?  Ugh.

But anyway, conventional reading of the tea leaves is this makes Kaine or any other domestic-side figure less likely.  I say hokum!

You can use a governor to highlight things like Katrina and veterans' benefits.  Here's a bit of Kaine's State of the Union response:

That's why we in Virginia -- Democrats and Republicans -- have reformed and enhanced our Department of Veterans Services to help our veterans and their family members access the federal benefits that they've earned. KAINE: And we're working to provide state re-enlistment bonuses to honor those Virginians who stay in service to commonwealth and country.

I find the idea that only a general or dusty old jackass like Sam Nunn can talk about security absolutely repugnant.  And it's clearly not one that Obama agrees with either.

America has a lot of problems on the domestic front.  Since BHO will no doubt be preoccupied with diplomacy, military withdrawal, and steering bills through Congress, we need a veep who can provide strong leadership of the executive branch agencies.


"Obama Kaine"?

"O bomb McCain?"

You heard it here first!   :-)


quick comment about sebeilus

I am still thinking Sebelius will be VP, regardless of her co-chair activities. Think about it.  There are obvious duties one has as co-chair - imagine how many people would have to know she was the VP choice in order for her NOT to perform the typical co-chair roles.  So I'm not crossing her off my list just yet! That may be part wishful thinking on my part, though, cause she's the one I want.

It's funny.. I was not the least bit excited about the prospect of a female president when Hillary was running, because she was not the right person.  I am not hoping for Sebelius because she is a woman, but it's very exciting to think that in 8 years we might have a woman as president. Because this time, it would be the right woman.


If winning Virginia is one of the goals of the campaign the best bet in my view is Mark Warner not Tim Kaine. Kaine would increase our chances of winning there however with Mark Warner on the ticket Virginia would be a lock for the democrats. I don't think Kaine on the ticket makes Virginia a lock. As I said before if the campaign is going for a total change ticket the best team to put on the field would be Obama/Warner. That to me is a winning ticket. Warner has far more appeal in Virginia plus he is from Indiana so he would lock up Virginia as well as help in Indiana. That would be 28 additional electoral votes. If McCain can't hold on to Virginia and Indiana he is history and welcome President Obama. I would take the presidency over a safe senate seat in Virginia anyday.

Obama's Veep.

I really like Kaine.  He's fluent in Spanish, he's down to earth and connects with 'blue-collar whites,' and he's a good speaker.  However, Obama/Kaine sounds like an oral pain relief gel.


Obama/Sebellius sounds like a line out of a Latin hymnal.  


And Obama/Bayh-Obama/Biden are too similar. 


So I guess it /has/ to be Clark.  ;)

Kaine interview

Thanks for posting the video. I can't bear to watch MSM lately, but this one speaks volumes on Kaine's fine qualities--savvy, articulate, on message, positive, etc, etc.

What about the experience

What about the experience issue with an Obama/Kaine ticket?

What kind of experience?

Anonymous - That "experience" dog didn't hunt in the primaries even after Mark Penn & company rammed it down everybody's throats. Kaine was city councilor for seven years, and mayor for two, in Richmond, VA, dealing with crime and cops and schools and hospitals and getting the garbage picked up. He was four years lieutenant governor (so we know he has experience being number two). He was a Jesuit missionary in Honduras (and thus speaks good Spanish). As an attorney his specialty is housing law.

How that is somehow lesser experience than working three days a week for 20 weeks a year in the US Senate or House is something only those already pickled by Washington can imagine.

Life experience is life experience. The wrong kind of experience to have in a change election year is DC experience.


PalGirl - Well, at 1:25 a.m. mountain time in your neck of the woods it was only 10:25 p.m. here in Hawaii.

(Just kiddin'.)

I like Kaine more and more

I think he would do great.


Anyone else here think the whole "LEAKED MEMO" saga from the Clintonistas has Hillary and Bill's fingerprints all over it?

Ah those rehabilitation strategies...LOL

Now that McCain is using the Penn strategy Hillary is looking to "appear" to have not used his advice....Too funny, it is getting fun watching the Clinton/Wolfson dance ?

Albeit pathetic!

As The Song Says ...

I'm almost persuaded .... by this.

The clinker, were I to BE persuaded, would be the bit about ego. Schweitzer is definitely one who thinks he could and perhaps should be number one. Whether Barack values this confidence or not is the question.

At this point, I am restraining myself from devoting a blog piece to the matter of why Obama has not yet announced the choice he was about to announce Sunday night. I believed that. Will I now be told it was a matter of knowing what the meaning of about is?

Well, judging by the clip,

Well, judging by the clip, it looks like Kaine is waiting until about convention time to go get a haircut...

Thank you Al for the update.

No more power to DLC'ers.


That "experience" dog didn't

That "experience" dog didn't hunt in the primaries even after Mark Penn & company rammed it down everybody's throats. Kaine was city councilor for seven years, and mayor for two, in Richmond, VA, dealing with crime and cops and schools and hospitals and getting the garbage picked up.

This is the nut of it, Al. This is exactly why Kaine would be great for the job - Sebelius too, although I get the sense that BHO is more personally comfortable with Kaine.

One expects Republicans to equate ‘experience’ with long service to the almighty military-industrial-petroleum complex. For Democrats to do the same is nothing short of mystifying.

This country has suffered under wholesale neglect of domestic policy and basic executive competence for nigh on eight years.

We should want a guy who’s been a mayor.We should want a guy who’s spearheaded veterans’ benefits and rural healthcare.

America has a lot of potholes that need to be fixed.

I don't see what Kaine stands for

He would be the one pick which would most disappoint me.  I don't find him a telegenic speaker - in particular his State of the Union response in 2006 ("there is a better way") was quite unimpressive.

Moreover, if Bayh's war positions disqualify him, how about Kaine's statement that it would "send a horrible message to cut and run from Iraq."?  

Finally, this is a guy who endorsed Lieberman for President in 2004. Lieberman!

Thanks Al

Thanks to Al & Jed for watching the MSM so we don't have to!  Loved listening & watching Kaine.  The camera likes him.  I liked the 'solid' feeling of him, a person with a core - who stays on message, doesn't use the air time to promote himself, controls the interview by not falling for any of the hooks thrown at him by the hapless host, and gets his points across.

Franco:  hard to believe anyone would deliberately leak a story that shows her inability to manage, lead, anything.  Now that's pathetic!  Can't make a decision, & blames it on the people she hired.  Sounds like life in DC from 1992-2000! All her people keeping all their memos sounds like CYA strategy.

Thank Dog we dodged another one:  Edwards, Clinton.  Also reminds me how fortunate we are to have Al Giordano and The Field at the Narcosphere ( hi, david!) where we can get authentic journalism!


Greetings from Virginia

Here is my Virginia perspective.  I am an Independent (along with everyone else in VA):

1. Mark Warner will not be VP.  He chose not to run for president, and he told Obama he will not take the VP job.  He is about to mop the floor with Gilmore and settle into the Senate for a long time.  Also, no way should the Democrats give up their soon-to-be 2 Senate seats in Virginia by picking Webb or Warner.

2.  When people here report that Kaine is not so popular, it's only relative to Warner, who had ridiculous 70+% approval ratings.  Kaine prevailed against a Southern Virginia native and a blistering smear campaign by the Republicans.  He was a class act during the Va Tech tragedy.  If that wasn't a test of leadership, I don't know what is.

Kaine's background is strikingly similar to Obama:

- Kansas roots
- lived overseas for a time
- Harvard Law
- Civil Rights attorney
- Bridge builder (non-partisan)
- Optimisitic and not one to fall for negative politics

Kaine is a great pick.

I approve this message.

Every single question in

Every single question in that interview had a negative slant, and forced Kaine on to the defensive.  He handled it perfectly, but I wonder if Bob Schiefer goes at McCain's surrogates with the same attitude?

Friends and neighbors, you

Friends and neighbors, you all continue to miss it.

Barack Obama's VP will come from Virginia all right, but his name is JIM WEBB.

Think of the countless ways in which Webb shores up Obama: With white men specifically, and with white voters in general, with older voters, with "low information" voters, with Scots-Irish Appalachian voters, with veterans, with active-duty military personnel, wth any and all voters for whom foreign affairs/national security/military and defense issues are paramount -- for starters. He's an heroic, highly decorated grunt from the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam, and a former Republican who served in the cabinet of the Reagan administration!

Does it get any better than that? I think not.

Igniore his previous "protestions" about becoming VP -- pure smoke screen.

Obama said he would surprise us with his choice. Here comes the that surprise.

It's Webb. It's sooooo going to be Webb!

It's not gonna be Webb. For

It's not gonna be Webb. For one thing, his vaunted white, working class support just isn't there. And he's not going to live down his past sexist statements. He'll alienate some women while not bringing in other demos.

Still hoping for Schweitzer. Kaine's pro-life policies, no matter how gently and thoughtfully expressed, are going to bother a significant number of Democratic women.

Dang Al!!

I'm so excited, I want to know already :) ......anyways, Tim Kaine will have a role in Obama's administration one way or the that the buzz for John Edwards is over regarding the Attorney General position....I hear that it maybe Tim Kaine's job...if he isn't the veep....

Honestly, it's hard not to

Honestly, it's hard not to like Kaine when you hear him speak, but the guy opposes gay adoption, civil unions, and takes credit for repealing the estate tax in Virginia. I mean, the abortion thing I understand, but I can't understand how a former civil rights attorney can even profess to hold views that regressive and backward, and it's hard just to dismiss it as political positioning in a conservative state.

I've said it before, but Sebelius and Schweitzer are the only picks I'd be particularly happy with. I'm thinking that Bayh is off the list solely because of Iraq, which is fine with me.

MaryL, I think you may be

MaryL, I think you may be blowing off the whole Webb-as-VP idea far too casually.  Kevin's onto something.  And the Georgia/Russia conflict makes Webb even more interesting still.

Not sure why you claim Webb's support not to exist among the white working class.  He'll play as strongly (if not more strongly) as McCain among these folks any day, while Webb outright trumps McCain on everything from Iraq to Vietnam to Afghanistan to veterans' affairs.  Webb even has a son serving in Iraq.  Being able to neutralize McCain on any number of fronts, he will very likely help pull in many of those right-leaning, tettering, so-called "Reagan Democrats."

As for for his alleged "sexist comments," I doubt that'll amount to anything.  It was decades ago, and nowhere near as devastating as McCain's more recent "gorilla rape" and "Janet Reno as 'Ugly Chelsea Clinton's' father" jokes, McCain's cheating on and abandoning his crippled and disfugured fisrt wife, and his staunchly anti-womens-choice stance.  And Obama appears to be bringing the womens' vote quite nicely on his own, with improvement seen every day.

So while I like Schweitzer a lot too, and hope he's Obama's second choice should Webb genuinely decline, I agree that Webb always has and continues to make an excellent VP choice to neutralize McCain and his current and future puerile attacks against Obama's "Americanness."

OK, I'm sold!

You have persuaded me that Tim Kaine is The One.

Ironically, on your previous post I ripped Chuck Schumer for his whining to the press, and here I see that Schieffer tried to use his comments against Kaine, and he parried better than I could ever have done.

The only thing I wish Kaine had done: when Schieffer played the Bill Clinton clip, Kaine should have immediately said,

"Bob, you do Bill Clinton and the American public a disservice when you edit Clinton's response to one sentence.  Bill went on to include himself in the club of people who weren't completely read to lead on day one, and said three complimentary things about Obama by the end of the paragraph.  So I reject your manufactured contention that Bill doesn't adequately support Obama."

Al, I usually expect more from you!

I'm not usually one for going into intense speculation about the VP choice, especially when it's not imminent. But now I think it is getting there. Anyway, I'll be the first to know, right? ;-)

But Al, I was pretty disappointed to read:


With Sebelius taking on a more institutional role at the convention, it seems to be down to Kaine or Bayh or a dark horse.


Now, that's not very bold! It could be two of the talked about possibilities - or someone else! Sheesh.


Now I'll throw in my $0.02 and say that the signs are all pointing to Kaine, and though I didn't know him before, he does seem like a good solid choice and fitting all the criteria that Obama himself gave in a recent interview. He's outside the beltway (change DC), shares Obama's vision (to the degree that anyone does, right?) and is someone who can help Obama get stuff done. OK, I'm paraphrasing.


Though I've never met either one, I'd be jazzed by either Schweitzer or Sebelius, but I think they have more downside risks. Bayh seems out to me for a number of reasons, not least of which is/was his position on the Iraq blunder. Though his hoops passion may make the O-man do something silly. No, that ain't gonna happen.

Finally, I am sure we here are all aware that Clinton is out, but a thread at a great blog I just found (h/t to Jed) was recently high-jacked by some seriously bitter Clintonistas who not only believe she still might be VP, but are gonna bring down the convention unless she is the nominee. LOL.

where is the extended clip with Bill?

@Allen - I guess we were posting at the same time.  I am intrigued by your response, having only seen (numerous times now) the one sentence Billitude about no one being really ready for the Presidency.

Can you tell me where you can see a complete video of that?


Kaine's been my guess since early in the primaries, when i hadn't done any research whatsoever and was just talking out of my ass about how he's just so perfect:  white, Southern, decent, etc., with only the lack-of-experience negative.  and frankly, Obama picking someone because of experience just underscorese a lack of confidence in one's own abilities: something i justifiably don't believe Obama suffers from.

these days, i'm still talking out of my ass, but a lot of reasearch and time and events have passed... and i still think it's Kaine! (in fact, it's only the lack of 'suprise' about him now that makes me doubt my instinct.)

so i would love it if that came to be... on the back of mighty Al agreeing with me, no less!

that would be like, totally, OMG.


Ok, I'm probably going to get hammered on this question, BUT...what exactly does Sebelius bring to the ticket other than being an effective governor (which IS big)?   Is it wise to have an African-American and a woman on a ticket together?  I'm not a presidential election expert but 2004 seemed to be who could "out macho" the other-Kerry or Bush and the result...we know.

Is the independent voter, the people who are worried about terrorism and security going to go the fear vote?   I think the recent posturing on Georgia...McCain with the let's take on Russia is what many people are used to hearing.


Also, the last and only convention I watched was 2004 and I was feeling really excited until the Republicans and Zell Miller just trashed Kerry...why would the Dems want to go first again?

Bill Clinton interview with ABC

Here you go, Jim.

Everyone really owes it to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to watch the entire piece instead of relying on the soundbites.  If you can bring yourself to look past Bill's self-serving and self-pitying comments and general tone, you will see that:

Early in the interview, he compliments Obama immediately prior to one of the comments that was repeatedly shown.

The quote that was used to make it appear as if Bill Clinton brought up race and racism out of thin air actually occurs in a larger context where he was talking about Jim Clyburn.

And as I said, he pays Obama several compliments immediately after the "you could say that no one is ready" soundbite.

Schweitzer speaks Arabic

Perhaps I missed that piece of info here, but it sure is a notable skill. He learned the language while working in Libya & Saudi Arabia.

(from wikipedia)

Thanks, Allan

Definitely watching the whole interview is edifying, but it's hard to look past the self-serving and self-pitying comments. ;-)

And while, yes, he does seem to be further along in his acceptance of the loss (there are 7 stages of mourning, right?), he should be clever enough to realize how that comment which is getting all the play would indeed play.

He must be really conflicted; if he's seen as working to bring down Obama's (i.e., as he says multiple times in the interview "be counterproductive") his legacy is toast, but in so many ways Obama's victory will mean the end of "his" era.

Thanks in any case for the link; I'm sure I could have found it now on ABC news, but I never think to go there - since I spend so much time on the Field and the Jed Report. ;-)

OK, now back to work.


New McCain

I'm really digging the new McCain ad, I mean it's got Wayne and Garth at the end!

It's really awesome that McCain isn't really trying to win anymore, so he's just gonna spend his money on entertaining all of us. Thanks, pops!

Mark Warner

Al, Can you please comment on Mark Warner's chances. I really think he will be a great choice. His business background will be an asset – the economy is the number one issue and in these perilous economic times, someone with an a bussines backgroud will be a good choice. He will also put Virginia in O’s column. I know Mr. Warner stated that he was not interested but who knows, if he got a call from Obama, will he say no - unless he has some hidden secrets that might jeopardise the ticket.

Kaine, anti-choice?

I have heard from some quarters that Kaine is anti-choice. I interpret that to mean that he is against having abortions be legal. Could someone please clarify his position on choice?

abortion and Kaine


Kaine is strongly against partial birth abortion.

Here is a quote from his campaign web site, though it's cited as being from '05: I have a faith-based opposition to abortion. As governor, I will work in good faith to reduce abortions by:

  1. Enforcing the current Virginia restrictions on abortion and passing an enforceable ban on partial birth abortion that protects the life and health of the mother;
  2. Fighting teen pregnancy through abstinence-focused education;
  3. Ensuring women's access to health care (including legal contraception) and economic opportunity; and
  4. Promoting adoption as an alternative for women facing unwanted pregnancies.

Half the Story

Bill R - You're getting only half the story.

Kris - You're giving only half the story. Beyond the exceptions you've just mentioned, Kaine supports Roe v. Wade and is strongly opposed to criminalizing abortion. The rest of the statement on that link details:


Too often politicians are interested in scoring political points, rather than in reducing the number of abortions. Many of the legislative proposals introduced in the General Assembly, like the ones to require unnecessary building standards for doctor's offices that perform abortions, are just political grandstanding. They encourage division and lawsuits rather than contributing to the goal of reducing abortions.


The liberal media watchdog group, Media Matters, has had to correct these untruths before:


For the second day in a row, National Public Radio's (NPR) Morning Edition misrepresented Virginia Governor-elect Timothy M. Kaine's position on abortion. On November 10, NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson falsely described Kaine -- who supports legal access to abortion -- as "pro-life." On November 11, NPR religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty drew a false dichotomy between Kaine's position on abortion and that of the Democratic Party. Bradley labeled Kaine "an unusual candidate," claiming that "he opposes abortion in a party that supports it." In fact, while Kaine has expressed opposition to abortion as a matter of personal faith, he made it clear during his campaign that he supports legal access to abortion and highlighted the issue as one distinguishing him and his Republican opponent, former Virginia attorney general Jerry W. Kilgore.



Any doubts? You need only go read what the right-to-lifers are saying against Kaine:


Kaine claims a personal, religious opposition to abortion, but nonetheless supports legal abortions. That's not different from Democrats in presidential elections past like Mario Cuomo -- who made famous the "personally opposed but" statement that has rankled pro-life advocates.


With all the smears and untruths that will come out swinging no matter who the vice presidential nominee is, I intend to keep this blog fact-based. And that means telling the whole truth, not just selectively putting out half-truths that leave the reader without all the information.

Y'all have a right to expect that from me. But guess what? You have the duty to live up to that expectation from me and from others here in the comments section, too! 

I trust Obama

to pick the best person to work with him and for all of us. I wish I knew who it was already so I could learn more about him/her and so all the wondering would be over (yes I've been known to peek at the ending of a book more than once before reading it through ;-)).

I also am looking forward to the announcement because it will hopefully put an end to some of the comments I've been hearing from the older generation in our family about 'he'd better pick someone really well know' or 'he's got to pick Clinton" or "he is black and so he doesn"t stand a chance of winning because whites in the south and middle of the country won"t vote for a black man>"

And in case you"re wondering Kaine<Sebilius<and Schweitzer are not well known enough :)>

He seems like a decent guy.

I don't see what he brings to the ticket aside from being close to Obama and the two of them bonding on an intellectual level. He's a great supporter of Obama's and he's also a Harvard Law School graduate-- both of these factors would go very far in a professional working relatioship.

But you can't easily overlook the fact that he doesn't bring a lot of experience and he isn't very well liked in his state.

He's a great surrogate, I just don't believe Obama would pick him as his VP.

It's going to be someone like Bayh. He has apologized for his war vote and he brings a lot to the table-- unlike Kaine who doesn't seem to have much going for him resume wise. I just don't believe that he's been ruled out.

Maybe Trite Political Wisdom...

But I'm in favor of a non-Senator. Both of the candidates are senators with voting records to defend (not that anyone is asking anything about McCain's transversals of issues). Nope...give me someone from the executive. That's why I like Kaine and/or Schweitzer...although Kaine brings a state with more electoral votes to the table and can help with the "appalachian" thang, perhaps.

Way to go, Al!

 Thank you for setting the record straight! I read the comments about Kaine and wanted to respond but hesitated-I am glad I did-you do it waaaay better than I could have.

High Expectations

@Al at 3:42 p.m. "Y'all have a right to expect that from me. But guess what? You have the duty to live up to that expectation from me and from others here in the comments section, too!"

That is what keeps me coming back, Al. I know that half-information, as well as misinformation, will be challenged--keeping us all on our toes, and that's as it should be, but seldom is. This blog is a haven from the spin, and I know that even when there are disagreements, each side will be encouraged/required to provide complete arguments rather than the "soundbites" that pass for journalism today. I learn a great deal here, both from your insightful postings and from the insights, questions and comments of the community. 

Monday Announcements........

The Democratic National Convention Committee just announced that they will focus on the how important the Mountain West is the Democratic party on Monday....will they be doing this for all regions or is this something "new"?


Also, women rule on Monday....Pelosi, Mccaskill, and Michelle Obama are speaking in prominent roles.  Michelle's brother is introducing her..........

When Will Al Giordano Announce That His Gut Instinct is Right?

After listening to and watching Tim Kaine answer Schieffer's questions, there's no doubt in my mind that Tim Kaine is the VP choice and that, more importantly, Al Giordano's guts are correct:  Tim Kaine will be Barack Obama's Vice Presidential pick.


Kaine handled that interview flawlessly and he has many attributes that I am sure Obama has already recognized. 


My worry is about the skeletons in Tim Kaine's closet.  Is he vetted enough?  Any mistresses?  Any other problems that would offend the American puritanical sensibilities?


My advice to Obama:  Vet, vet, vet, vet, vet.

Bayh is getting trashed

Bayh is getting trashed pretty bad for his lobbyist ties, harsh stances on Iraq & Iran, and bland personality- him being on the shortlist makes no sense to me.


If he's the VP I expect a duller than dull speech at the convention.

Webb still doesn't make sense to me

Thanks for the detailed reply, The Wrath of Grapes, but I'm still skeptical about Webb's overall strengths. When he ran against George "Macaca" Allen in 2006, he lost the white vote overall, and trailed badly among white males. He did well with the poorest voters, but not necessarily poor, working class or middle class white voters. I think Schweitzer would surpass him among these groups.

Al, thanks for clarifying Kaine's position on abortion. I still think he's walking on a wobbly tightrope, though.

tea leaves

I wanted the veep to be Sebelius, but it's looking like it isn't her. 

The convention will have women in prominent speaking roles on Monday, and with Senator Clinton on Tuesday ( It has been reported that she may ask the women senators to join her on stage).....This tells me that the veep is most likely a man.......

But of course, I will be stupid to predict anything, the Obama campaign is unpredictable...and plus, I have a lack of political experience to know how these things go......


Al Gore?

 Just got a email from, asking me to donate to Barack Obama.  Is the 3rd paragraph any kind of tell?

I think it would be a powerful statement if the members of helped put Barack Obama over the 2,000,000-donor mark. You can make a contribution to his campaign today by visiting:


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