Five Benjamins, Ten Grants or Twenty-Five Jacksons to Go

By Al Giordano

With a little over twelve hours to go in 2008, we're just under $500 short of our year-end fundraising goal. (The web team will update the map-graph shortly.) That means if just 25 of you send in an Andrew Jackson (above), or ten of you donate an Ulysses S. Grant, or five of you contribute a Benjamin Franklin before the day is out, we'll have turned the continent blue and be off to a running start in 2009.

You can donate online at The Fund for Authentic Journalism web page.

Or you can send a check to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

PO Box 241

Natick, MA 01760 USA

Thank you to everybody that contributed - not just in currency, but with comments (here and at the Field Hands site), news tips and ideas - to make this work so worthwhile in 2008, and we'll see you around the corner next year.

(This being the anniversary of when I first began serving this life sentence on earth, blogging will be light today.)

2008 wasn't a bad year, really, compared so many previous ones. Let's make 2009 work for all of us, too.

y ¡Feliz Año!



Happy Birthday

Enjoy the festivities this evening.

New Year Here Already

My 100 bucks will be travelling slow - international money order by snail mail.


More Happy Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday, Al.  Thanks for all your work.

Happy new year to everybody!

Just sent $50 via paypal, i hope i will be the one that gets you to $10.000 :)


Just sent you a bit of jingle for your pocket.  Wish it could have been the quiet kind of money that folds, but maybe somebody else will join me and put some more $$$$$ in the kitty.





Happy birthday, Al

It's nice that the planet celebrates your birth with fireworks and champagne toasts!

Happy Birthday Al!

what Allan said... reminds me of my oldest, who at three looked out the back window of the car and said "Mommie, why does the moon always follow me?" Now she's grown and still thinks the moon follows you are forgiven if deep down you believe the planet is celebrating your birthday! Have a wonderful one!

Let's Get Across the Goal Line!

Happy Birthday and Happy 2009!  Just sent a couple of Jacksons for the cause.

Happy Birthday, Al!

Let's make Al happy on his birthday and reach the $10,000 mark before midnight!

Happy Birthday, Al!

Dropped a little more coin in the PayPal account for you.

Congrats on the Vanity Fair article, Al!

And Happy Birthday! We're almost there, less than $100 to go.


For those who have not read it yet:

Happy New Year and best wishes for a great 2009 to Al, all Field Hands and lurkers.


Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all, Happy birthday to Al...

Just dropped some coins to make the canadian tundra turn blue!

Keep the good work and the essence of real journalism.

a little extra

Although I donated earlier, I put in a little kicker to celebrate your birthday, Al.  I hope everyone has a very happy and productive New Year.

Wow Al... Vanity Fair, and

Wow Al... Vanity Fair, and right up top of the article too... "The first to grasp the portent of what was taking shape was.... Al Giordano..." I felt a rather maternal (forgive me, but I am 60!) surge of pride, and then a feeling of .... oh no... don't go mainstream on us! LOL... small chance of that, I'm sure. Anyway, what a nice birthday gift, huh?


@Kathleen Hargan

And it's not the first time!

Happy Bday & What a year

Thanks, Al, for being here for us!  Here's to all of us for helping to make sure that 2009 fulfills alot of its promise. 

Power to the People!

No room at Blair House

Happy New Year.  I have been unable to stop the curious voice in my head wondering "who could be more important than the incoming First Family of the United States?"

After my fellow Field hands have read this:

could anybody please tell me who in the World would be more important?  I understand the Secret Service are now prowling the Hay Adams ( it's a lovely place) but imagine how much more difficult for the Secret Service?  Not to mention all the nearby offices under going extreme security measures. So if anybody knows what could be going on at Blair House that would require the use of all those rooms, I'd be really curious to know.  I realize this is a real lack of imagination on my part! 119 rooms and 70,000 square feet of space & there's no room for the Obamas???

And I'm sure the First Family is being much more gracious than I feel about this - two young girls having to make an additional move while they are starting a new school - are certainly more understanding than I am!

So, Field hands - what's happening at Blair House that's more important than the preference, comfort, convenience of the next First Family of the United States???????

Happy New Year, fellow sleuths!

@ suzy & blair house

Suzy, I completely agree. I think it's appalling, and it's been bugging me since I first heard about it a couple weeks ago. The fact that Barack is still able to say that Bush has been gracious about the transition just shows what a great diplomat he is. For Barack, it's all about the big picture, and I thank god that he will soon be our president.

In addition to the numerous safety and practical considerations you describe, I think this is a huge public slap in the fact to our incoming president and his family, and it speaks volumes about Bush and his cohorts. Family values? Right. And what message does this send to the rest of the world? 

I don't recall where, but I had read an article that they have a bunch of parties and fundraising events scheduled for the remaining time at Blair House.  Like they can't move a party??!?!

January 20 cannot come soon enough for me.

@Nancy & Blair House

Parties & Fundraisers?( I'm screaming, but don't want to iinflict caps on my friends!) - WTF? Really.  I'm glad I haven't read that. At first I was a wee bit forgiving, thinking it was their family, but when I read how big Blair House is - 119 rooms & 70,000 square feet, and there wasn't space to accomodate the people I most admire in the world - well, I figured i was just missing something???  It just could not be that George Shrub ( homage to Molly Ivins) was that arrogant or ignorant.

I REALLY want to know exactly what is going on in Blair House between now and January 15.  REALLY.  I expect Al is giving himself a well deserved rest & recovery, but this is even more important to me than 'tanning beds.'  So if there are any news gatherers awake somewhere in America, could you help me 'n Nancy learn who is more important than the next First Family.

And if is IS, oh, my, I don't even like writing this, parties & fundraisers - for whom????


Blair House Tea Parties

For an idea of the type of entertaining that goes on at Blair House that would be disrupted if the Obamas were to move in early, check out this blog entry made last year in December by Nancy Brinker, chief of protocol at the U.S. Department of State. The Office of Chief of Protocol oversees Blair House.

From Brinker's blog post:

Today, we had a Holiday Tea for the Washington Diplomatic Community at Blair House, the President's guest house. Randy Bumgardner, the manager of the Blair House and Assistant Chief of Protocol and Ann Dorr, Assistant Blair House Manager, along with the Blair House's fine staff, decorated the house beautifully with flowers, candles, ribbons and assorted holiday decorations. The Christmas tree was beautiful. Chef Ian Knox had made tea and holiday treats for the gathering.

... Eric [Brinker's son] and I sat with the Ambassadors and their families in the Garden Room, having tea and listening to lovely piano music being played by Steve Cooper.


Blair House - "no room at the inn"

What sort of person knows they are displacing the incoming First Family and doesn't care about it? Probably some arch-Republican big wig. Even if Bush said he was too polite to ask them to leave, they could choose on their own to vacate but clearly have not done so.

And it's not like they didn't know the president-elect was going to be there at this time of year!

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