Honduras: What's Black and White and Gets the Red Out?

By Al Giordano

CubaDebate has an illuminating find regarding the coverage of the crisis in Honduras by the pro-coup newspaper, La Prensa.

The now-iconic photograph of the late 19-year-old Isis Obed Murillo, being carried by his friends to seek medical help moments after his shooting by gunmen during Sunday’s demonstrations in Tegucigalpa, was also published by the Honduran daily… Except that La Prensa chose to airbrush the young man’s blood out of the photo.

Media that literally whitewashes the story to this extreme, of course, is not shut down, destroyed or attacked by the coup regime. That treatment is reserved only for real journalists.

But nor can these two-bit propaganda rags – members of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) industry lobbying group of newspaper owners - be described as journalism at all.

Indeed, the coup regime's wave of terror against independent media and journalists is in part to assure that its house organs, like La Prensa, receive no correction or criticism inside the country for their serial simulation of events there.

La Prensa, and other dailies like it - its sister paper El Heraldo, and La Tribuna among them - aren't really newspapers. They're information laundromats on permanent spin cycle, bleaching their reports about this bloodshot regime to make it seem democratic and legitimate. In this case, it takes two pictures - the one they publish, next to the one they do not - to tell a thousand words.



That's pretty sad.

Here in NC, I send links to your posts on what's been going on to my wife who's in Spain visiting her family.  I also talk to a lot of Hispanics I know here who are from Honduras, and I can find NO ONE that does not support Zelaya.  Many of them tell me that they are a relatively peaceful people, but say many back home are very close to taking things in their own hands.  On a side note I am really interested in the Univision dynamic of all this.  I noticed that they sat on their hands during the controversial Mecian elections, and pretty much blacked out any Obrador publicity.  We all know where or with whom their interest lies.  But I'd like to know what's been up with Neida Sandoval, the Newscaster for Despierta America.  Their seems to be a weird energy with the on-air personalities...one of almost timid embarassment of the situation the channel has put them in.  I'd like to know where she stands in all of this.

And also will you be tracking the top leaders of this coup when the rats jump from the sinking ship.  I am sure a number of them will try to relocate in the US.

You got your retraction

It's here:


Simple Processing Error, that's all..



"un error en su proceso"

And which proceso would that be?

What kind of process is that?

What kind of random "process" would "accidentally" whitewash BOTH the blood on the ground AND the blood on his face while leaving ALL the rest of the foto intact?

Obviously there was some intentionality behind this selective and consciously deceptive whitewash.

"News" that is deliberately and carefully DESIGNED to deceive and brainwash.

Matt Dubuque

More process

Yeah, it's pretty funny that La Prensa seeks to blame the "process" of the photo, as if the machine just mistakenly took out the color red... except for the red tee shirt of one of the men carrying the body.

There simply is no photoshop application that exists that could do that by accident.

What's interesting is that they're feeling the heat enough over it to have issued any correction at all. That's a sign that in the information war, the forces from below are on the offense and those above are pushed back on their heels.

Bzr, how did you find that

Awesome find, I was telling people about this earlier, but people wouldn't believe me because I told them I read it on Narconews and CubaDebate. I was told these sources were pro-Chavez and therefore not credible.

Someone actually said, Cuba photoshopped it.

US suspends military aid to Honduras before talks

U.S says suspended $16.5 mln in military aid to Honduras


Ousted president wants coup leaders to give up power


Rivals seem far apart ahead of talks



Arias has tough job as mediator (Updates with U.S. suspending military aid, details)





I think it was in the print edition only and came from Twiitterer Hondurasenlucha..

michelle, sorry,

it was twitterer Diarioprensa. Not diariolaprense, though, it's some sort of mime account..

further Iranian protests going on at the moment


There are lots of people protesting in Tehran at the moment for the 10th anniversary of the student protests of 1999, and reported clashes with security. I'm not seeing a definitive indicator of a transition toward a more organized movement in this, and there still hasn't been the general strike that could really bring the regime to its knees, but it certainly shows that this is a movement that is in for the long haul, even though it's largely dropped out of the minds of the short-attention-span media. I know there's a lot going on in Honduras right now (and, barring unforeseen developments in Iran, the particular events are far more pivotal as transition points than today's protest) but is there any chance that you could give this a brief mention?

Murdered Youth

Reports were he was shot in the head trying to scale a fence into the Airport, so you would think there would be a wound showing on the front of his head. It appears the original blood was on the back of his shoulder and blood seems to be coming from the back of his head indicating he might have been shot from the rear. Running away perhaps ? Was that the reason the blood stains were "edited" out. Bastards.

Kevin, here is the account I read of it

I read about in here http://www.abn.info.ve/noticia.php?articulo=189706&lee=16

It's in Spanish though, but, the father of Isis says that tbe bullet entered through Isis' "nuca" or nape/ back of the neck.


He also says that it was Billy Joya a retired military official now part of the coup government.

Yellow Press (red all over)

Thanks for posting this.  I actually came across in a pro-golpe list (or perhaps it was a pro-golpe Twitter post) with the images of the two photos with an explanation that the sanitized version in the Honduran paper was the original and that the blood-stained photo was actually doctored by the "pro-Mel faction." >!<

Actually if you read a lot of the anti-Mel postings (especially from North American expats) there is an outraged ranting about how biased the world press is against the forces of democracy.  It's all quite ironic, now if only it didn't cause my blood pressure to keep skyrocketing.  As opposed to the oligarch diaspora from Caracas and Honduras, the expat community (down there doing god's work and carrying the white man's burden, while simultaneously enjoying the cheapest Caribbean beaches you can find) actually seem to be entirely deluded into thinking they are actually on the side of the angels.  No angels hang with Billy Joya.

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