Missing: The Field's DNC Convention Credential

By Al Giordano

Two weeks ago, The Field - reporting on the US presidential election - moved to a new location:


It's been quite the ride. The former host, on June 11, censored us, then disappeared six months of archives from public view, then re-routed the site to the wrong forwarding address. Miraculously, tens of thousands of regular readers alerted each other, found our new home on your own initiative, and are now reading and commenting at the new site as vibrantly as ever.

More than $5,000 that readers had sent to RuralVotes to "Send Al to Denver" to report from the Democratic National Convention will reportedly not be allocated to the purpose for which they were solicited. Again, the readers solved the problem, contributing more than $6,000 in the past ten,oh!, five days, to The Fund for Authentic Journalism to that end, and we're on our way.

So far, so great... but there's something still missing: It's the blogger credential awarded to The Field by the Democratic National Committee, based - according to the DNC's own criteria - on the heavy reader traffic the Field demonstrably generated that followed us to the new domain.

Can we still do a fine job of reporting the convention with or without that all-access credential? The answer is definitively "yes, we can." Our Denver Posse will be working out of The Big Tent, co-sponsored by the Daily Kos, near the convention center.

But can we do an even better job of reporting with that credential in our hands? Of course, we can. That's the purpose for which the credential was intended.

There is a matter of principle at stake here that is part of the larger struggle to change the Democratic Party and the country. The Field's credential has been kidnapped and, at that, by an organization, RuralVotes.com, headed by a member of the Democratic National Committee (the group's co-director, Debra Kozikowski). In sum, a DNC member (who, as a superdelegate, already has her own credential) is today making a mockery of the DNC's own criteria for blogger credentials even though - as we will demonstrate convincingly here - her remnant of a website no longer draws sufficient readers to qualify for that credential.

You can draw your own conclusions as to why that is. My only issue is that the credential belongs in the hands of those of us - The Field and its Field Hands - that earned it.

Many hundreds of blogs applied to the DNC for a limited number of 124 convention credentials (one blog from each state and territory, plus 70 or so of us national ones). You can review the credentialed blogs at the DNC page that lists them:


And here is the DNC page explaining the process by which the blogs were awarded credentials.

It's clear from that page that the number of readers and the Technorati.com rating of each blog was central in the decision of which bloggers would receive credentials:


"Bloggers must submit their daily audience and list their authority based on Technorati stats. Bloggers may also provide examples of posts that make their blog stand out as an effective online organizing tool and/or agent of change."


The Field - launched in December, 2007 at a website that previously had, on average, only 300 visits a day, and which by February had clocked more than 90,000 visitors on Tsunami Tuesday, and remained in five figures (a couple of times, breaking 100,000), every day since then (until very quickly after two weeks ago when we crossed the sea into the promised land) - clearly met those standards and more, which was recognized by the DNC with the award of the credential. The Field clearly also meets the DNC's requirement of being "an effective online organizing tool and agent of change."

Beginning in February, Debra Kozikowski (the aforementioned DNC member) of RuralVotes (the ex-host of the ex-Field) began asking me repeatedly to take actions to bring The Field's Technorati rating number into the top 10,000 blogs. Here are verbatim quotations from her emails to me, in chronological order, urging me to do that and cheering me on as I accomplished that mission:


February 25: "BTW, that technorati ranking went up by 1,000 places overnight -- i won't be happy until we're in the top 10,000 at least."


March 3: "we're in the 23,800 range -- up nearly 1,000 spots over the weekend. i'm dying to break into the top 20,000. keep up the great work!"

March 11: "ok so we're at 22, 230-ish in our technorati rankings -- call 'em anything you want (eek, i can't believe i said that) but don't break any legal thresholds on me and get us in the top 20,000 blogs on technorati. LOL"

March 11: "Authority: 245 Rank: 21,736 ...we're almost at the 20,000 mark -- find a hook to make me smile."

March 12: "LOL i can see that technorati rating rising now..."

May 8: "another rise in technorati rating wouldn't hurt either -- i want us to hit the 10,000 rankings vicinity."

May 18: "climbing daily -- just 2852 spots to make the top ten thousand blogs in the universe ... a huge goal and in a slowed down readership (as there is not much exciting at the moment) amazing you keep us climbing.  high five anyone?"

May 19: "Hey their link brought us another 100 rankings up the technorati ladder. LOL"

May 23: "your rumor mongering put us 1,092 spots from being ranked in the top 10,000 at technorati. i do not want to encourage another of your vesuvias leaning ego-blasts but ... this sure is interesting.  and man - taylor marsh is pissed at you for 'peddling' said rumor."

May 25: "777 spots away from the top 10,000 on technorati"

May 27: "The Field now has a technorati rank of 9,620 with an authority rating of 523 -- that's why I'm happy."


Two days later, Ms. Kozikowski forwarded me the email from Aaron Myers of the Democratic National Committee, awarding us the credential:


From: "Myers, Aaron" <MyersA@demconvention.com>

To: "Myers, Aaron" <MyersA@demconvention.com>

Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 18:15:24 -0600

Subject: Your blog's DemConvention credentials

Congratulations.  The Democratic Convention staff has completed its review of blog credential applications and  I'm writing to let you know that your blog will be credentialed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver...


For a few days after that, the ex-host continued to wax ecstatic about the achievement. Here are two more interesting quotations from her subsequent emails:


June 1: "that technorati rating was great!  Thank you for exciting that world."


June 5: "we are now 1,402 spots away from the top 5,000 in technorati ranking -- you keep this up and I'll have to temper my tantrums ... that will kill me."


Unfortunately, within a week, the ecstasy had morphed in a most bizarre fashion back into what she categorized as her own "tantrums." I won't rehash the story of the censorship and exodus of The Field and its readers here (those just tuning in now to the story can read about it here and here and here.) But it seemed to me that somebody thought that the award of the credential, and the more than $5,000 readers had contributed to "Send Al to Denver," gave her a petty tyrant's power over my journalistic practice - and me as a human being. (An illusion that has, obviously, since been shattered most splendidly.)

Long story short: The Field moved, and the ex-host lost the overwhelming majority of its readers, a statement we will now demonstrably prove. Even counting the few that return now and then to the ex-host site to view the carnage of the train wreck or out of curiosity over whether they've yet informed all the donors of the right to a refund (move on, nothing to see there: they haven't and here's betting they won't), you can see from the ex-host's own statistics page exactly how much of its readership it has lost in only 18 days since The Field pulled up stakes:



Likewise, on that stats page file, one can also see the top referral blogs to the former host site:


Those top referral sites, the Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic, fivethirtyeight.com, John Cole's balloon-juice.comjedreport.com, James Wolcott of Vanity Fair, etcetera, have since changed their blog rolls and/or links to reflect the new address of The Field at narconews.com. (And I thank them very much for that.) The larger community - the blogosphere and its netroots - widely recognizes The Field's new location as its one and only legitimate home.

Just two weeks old, the new and improved The Field now has, according to Technorati, 84 incoming links from other blogs (added to the 2,424 incoming already into Narco News, and another 892 incoming to The Narcosphere section of the same newspaper, that totals 3,400 and it's quite the alliance). The Field at its former location had 2,129 incoming links - 93 percent of all the 2,285 incoming links to the former host site. In other words, we brought them ten times (on good days, more than 300 times) the traffic they had and will probably ever have again. Another blog at the ex-site of the ex-Field, to which all traffic has been rerouted without explanation, and has been in existence various months, enjoys only 66 incoming links by comparison. How many bloggers applied for convention credentials with better Technorati stats than that but were left empty handed?

I say this not to put down another site because of its low readership - there are many excellent sites across the Internet that do not have a lot of readers but are still of high quality, I read them and link to them frequently - but to make a different point: that, clearly, the DNC awarded its blogger credential to a blog (The Field) in a large part because it had a measurably large readership. It would never have awarded a credential to a site as scarcely read as the one that is trying to maintain an undeserved grip upon the credential that it does not merit.

More importantly than what does or doesn't happen at other sites is that The Field has been reborn with more vitality and readership than before, and in a very short time span since June 14. One can click The Field at its new location - http://www.narconews.com/thefield - at any hour of day or night and see the same ample activity and intelligent comments discussions that existed when it was located at its previous home, whereas the blog on the former host site is a virtual ghost town, with an average of one or two, if any, comments per entry. "I think I saw," one reader commented, "a tumbleweed blowing through there."

Clearly, nobody - other than those trying to benefit from the confusion - is happy with the way that the former hosts kept the $5,000+ our readers donated with the explicit solicitation to "Send Al to Denver." (The ex-hosts have returned some of those funds to some of the small donors that have demanded refunds, while others continue to report problems getting their refund, but the ex-hosts have so far refused to proactively alert the rest of those donors that their donations won't be spent for the purpose solicited and given. Thankfully, our readers have generously, mostly, solved that problem already):



Some readers - quite independently on their own initiative - set up an online petition to the DNC to restore my credentials, which in no time at all, without any major push, has garnered 350 signatures (and this is the first time I've linked to it in a diary post). Here's the link:


The petition states:


We the undersigned readers and supporters of Al Giordano and the blog "The Field" request that Mr. Giordano be awarded credentials for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Our request is based on these facts:

1) Al Giordano was awarded credentials through his previous blog host, but the credentials have not been given to him since he was forced to move;

2) Mr. Giordano has thousands of readers and supporters who immediately followed him to his new site, thereby proving that Mr. Giordano was the "draw" to the old site, not the owner of that site;

3) Mr. Giordano will bring a progressive voice to the media coverage of the Democratic National Convention similar to that of his years of journalist experience and printed work; and

4) Mr. Giordano's expenses for the Denver Convention will be almost totally funded through independent small donors who are his readers and supporters.


I wrote to Aaron Myers of the DNC last week, asking him to please update the URL on the credentialed blogs page and to direct future correspondence regarding our credential to our new address. Strangely, he hasn't responded, not to say "yes," not to say "no," not to explain or disclose anything. And the DNC site still links to an ex-Field that no longer exists and is instead rerouted to the different, but virtually empty, blog.

Such non-response so far probably just indicates that the DNC has no idea what to do about this situation. But without addressing it, the uncertainty may grow to create the impression that the DNC wasn't or isn't really serious about awarding blogger credentials based on size of readership. If a single DNC member can successfully sequester a credential for a little-read stump of a website while so many more deserving bloggers will have to do our work without that important tool, what would that say about how the Democratic National Committee has changed, or not, in recent years?

And so I turn to you, kind readers (some of whom are also DNC members that may not agree with how one of their own has kidnapped a credential): Other than telling your own blog readers about the petition drive that The Field's readers have started (I think that's great), what can be done about this unfortunate turn of events?

Should the DNC allow this situation to continue without redress? Should it transfer the credential to The Field, its rightful holder? Should it create a new credential based on the unforeseen circumstances? Or should it let a DNC member hang onto a blogger credential that, if not for the high readership and Technorati rating that my work and its readers, alone, generated, would have never gotten into her hands in the first place?

Oh, that poor, kidnapped credential, tied and bound to a chair where nothing but tumbleweeds blow by, wasting away where it will never be able to be put to truly effective use!

The easy way to resolve this would be for someone in authority at the DNC to contact me immediately at narconews@gmail.com so we can work this out in a problem-solving spirit without further ado.

It's already been settled by our readers that - with or without a credential - we'll be reporting from the convention. But everybody would live more happily ever after if somebody upstairs of wisdom, intelligence and common sense at the DNC (there must be a doctor in the house) would take the few minutes it would require to step in and correct a wrong being perpetrated by one of its own.

Update: Field Hand Christi has posted a diary at Daily Kos about this situation. It's her first ever. I will now rec it. If you agree with what she says (I do), please do the same.

Update II: DemConWatch is on the story:

If you haven't followed the story of Al Giordano of The Field and how he's unjustly lost his bloggers' credential, go over to the new location of The Field, and read the latest update. Al has been doing some great blogging this spring, and he deserves to be in Denver.

To quickly summarize, he was awarded a credential for blogging at his first blog, the owners of that blog started to censor him, so he moved to his current blog. But the original blog owners still have the credential, even though the original blog wouldn't come close to qualifying for a credential without the traffic Al brought it.

All the DNCC has to do to fix this is give Al a credential. (They don't even have to take away the old one). This should be an easy one for the DNCC to take care of.


What about appealing to Susie Turnbull?

She did a Q&A with us once, and I remember her being very gracious.


It's Juan Cole's balloon-juice.com,

not Juan Cole's ballon-juice.com

Another one ...

Oops, forgot to fix the other typo

It's John Cole, not Juan Cole.

[back at the Mac now with the condom over the keyboard and my typos are horrific.]

Make a stink out of this--get some press out of it

Indeed, milk this insider intrigue for all that it's worth Al.

You already earned your way into the convention, so you need to make a stink.

Get the monkey off you back and let him cause havoc in the room for a while--they will think twice about trying to totally exclude your/our voice from the convention.

Especially if they have an idea of letting the wigged-out 'pumas' into the convention.

No, I don't put it past the DNC establishment to try to stifle left-progressive voices.

I have already signed the petition, and Deb has said that she will refund the $55.00 I contributed toward Denver--that will be added to the $50.00 that I have donated to your efforts while you are at your more commodious, natural abode here at the Narcosphere.



direct contact info for the DNC credentials office?

I think the petition is great and I've signed it and sent the link around (thanks again to Pamela for creating it). I wonder if it would help if Field Hands and regular readers wrote directly to the DNC (in a respectful and positive way) requesting credentials for Al?


If so, contact info would be great.

What the eff?

Needless to say, I'm rather appalled that this has not been addressed, particularly after learning that you've made the effort to contact the DNC directly.  I've just signed the petition, let us know if you need any other assistance.  FYI, as much as I have been tempted to witness the train wreck live, I've avoided the former host of the ex-Field so as to not inflate their stats and impart any validity to their cause.  I appreciate the updates here, it's great fun. 

Thanks, Alexa

Name and link now fixed.

What would I ever do without all you free editors out there?!

Tracy's back again

She was out because of a cold.

Unless there is an apology forthcoming, I will never post at Rural Votes again, never.

Indeed, I stuck up for Tracy a couple of times--and now I wish I hadn't.

Her claim to fame (in her mind) is that she bravely pointed out that McLame is not techno-savy.  Yawn.

Al, you have already shown that you can develop a revenue flow through engaged readership--now it is time to crack this up to another level.

Kick the gate-creepers in thier face (metaphorically, of course).




I think it's Obvious

Everyone who cares to have Al represent us at the convention, and be our eyes and ears, should email MyersA@demconvention.com.

But remember to be polite.  Trashing DNC officials would not be helpful.  And besides, this isn't about RV or its management, it's about Al and his readers.

Emailing the DNC

 @Nate 9:45 --When using this email address what is the persons name we are corresponding with? please!


Full list

The TN site with credentials has the full list http://www.tennviews.com/demcon08

Tonight it shows "Rural Votes" and goes to "The Back Forty". I recall, it went to "The Field" in the past.

Christi!   Read the post



Read the post again.....it's Aaron Myers


sorry to hear you got shafted. the case is not even subtle. i hope they respond to you with the quickness. will sign petition for sure.

mail sent to the DNC

Thanks Nate, I've sent a mail.

Aaron Myers

@Christi 10:01 - per Al's discussion, I believe it is Aaron Myers at the DNC.


Sent email.

Will send one everyday until the issue is addressed. Will ask my democrat contacts to do the same.


More searching

The DNCC list


shows RuralVotes http://ruralvotes.com/thefield which now links to the Back Forty


Missing Credential


I'm cringing at those emails from Deb K.  I realize they are just parts of an email, in some cases parts of sentences but still -what an ego trip this woman was on.  I can imagine one of the emails went something like this, "Now Al, write a blog asking all the readers to beg me to vote for their candidate but DON'T tell them that I don't plan to endorse anytime soon. Oh and you know I need it written tonight so I can smile."

And either Tracy or Sean is planning to use your blogger credential?   I'll email the DNC every day to do my part to keep either one of them from that heist.  How shameful that they are doing this at a site called Rural Votes.  In a real rural environment, if you even stole a $20 shovel from another farm, you would be shunned by the entire community to the point that you have to seriously consider selling.  It just is not done.

Keeping the credential at the Ex-Field and not forwarding the donor funds to you (or refunding  to the donors only when we beg for them back) is considered theft and should be exposed as such.  Why does she want to risk more left wing blogs writing about that and  having her picture posted on the blogs DURING the convention? 

Here you are

Congratulations. You have successfully signed the petition:
A Petition to the Democratic National Convention to Credential Al Giordano.

You are signer #374

I'll also shoot Aaron a e-mail.

Back Forty Date vs DNC Credential Date?

Does anyone remember these dates:

Day The Back Forty was created?

Day that Al got the DNC credential?

date check

@ alexa,

I did a little google research and it seems that the back forty was created May 12th, while the credentials were given out May 29th.

Did The Back Forty exist when the DNC was choosing blogs?

From what I can see The Back Forty first published April 24, 2008.

The DNC convention credentials were announced May 29, 2008.

Wait a minute. I just found this:

Blogger Credentialing Process

The DNCC announced its blogger credentialing process for the 2008 Democratic National Convention — including an expanded blogger pool and the introduction of a brand new state blogger program. Check out DNCC blogging credentials information for complete information regarding blogger credentialing.

The blogger credentialing process was open from December 10, 2007 through April 15, 2008, and is now closed.




Kris, I got a different date

Kris, I went to the RV site, and the first BK entry was April 24th. Was it back-dated?

Some more DNC credential rules to go through.

More info from http://www.demconvention.com/blogger-credentialing-process/

Note what I mark in bold. I'm running out to store now.

2008 DemConvention State Blogger Corps

Recognizing the growth of more localized blogs, this pool is designed for those covering state and local politics. To qualify as a state blogger, the applicant’s blog must have been in existence six months prior to requesting credentials and have at least 120 politically related blog posts. Bloggers must submit their daily audience and list their authority based on Technorati stats. Bloggers may also provide examples of posts that make their blog stand out as an effective online organizing tool and/or agent of change.

Once the state bloggers have been identified for the DemConvention State Blogger Corps, the applications of those not selected for this program will all be transferred for consideration for the general blogger pool.

AND . . . 


April 24

Kris, Alexa - April 24 is the correct date.

The application was submitted in February.

'Nuff said.

Al, Are non-US peeps allowed

 to e-mail DNC about your credentials ?

Response to Muthu

Of course. I myself - born in the USA - have been called a "non-US-peep" on occasion. People are much too hung up about borders. That was also part of the problem at the Ex-Field - "don't tell them that you live South of the Border" - that I'm glad to no longer have to oblige.

The whole point of my work is to say: Nobody needs permission to express ourselves. And to the extent we're intelligent about it, we always win.

Aaron Myers

I have just forwarded to Mr Myers my original communication to the Online Team regarding Al's Credential and asked him to investigate this matter.


I signed the petition

As much as I think petitions are a joke, I went and signed this one anyway, Al. I am just shocked that they haven't already taken care of your credential. That's just outrageious.

Let me know if there is anyone I can email or call on your behalf. I wish I were more influential - where I could just make a call to Howard Dean or something. Somebody out there who reads your work should be able to do that for you. This is a no-brainer. You deserve your credential, either as a blogger or as a member of the print news media. No questions asked. You're a real pro.

RE: Response to Muthu

LOL - great minds think alike (was forwarding the email while you were posting).

I also added in regards to my donations to RuralVotes that I have not received notification of the return of my donations and, in due course, "I will be notifying the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the Minister concerned for them to raise this matter on my behalf with your State Department and relevant authorities."



If it's of interest, a few email snippets from DK (from before she put her 'do not share' blurb at the bottom).  I normally wouldn't post an email, but I am outraged that the credential is not following Al.

Email #1:

... Thanks for your past support and I hope you'll check in with RuralVotes as we move to redesign and continue our mission at this critical point in America's history. We will be blogging the convention in August and looking forward to providing a unique "inside" view.  I wish Al remained -- it was never my intent otherwise.

Email #2:

We'll be blogging the convention, likely with a blog team --
new voices (hopefully including a Native American perspective -- a long neglected but important constituency). It'll be good, not Al -- but then he is kind of unique which is why I brought him here as a work for hire writer.  Here's hoping you drop by and decide you'd like to support our efforts at RuralVotes. Well maybe start with ten bucks next time and see if it's worth it! LOL

Email Sent

Just to let folks know, I too just sent a respectful but stern email to Mr. Myers. I also forwarded it to all of my political/activist/academic email contacts.  

An idea: how about putting one of those famous RNC "Countdown Clocks" on The Field site?  We need to start counting down the seconds, minutes, and days (surely this will be resolved forthwith!) until Al gets his justly deserved credential.

Countdown clock

Brendan - Excellent idea. For those of us that remember the late '70s, early '80s: "The Field's Credential Held Hostage: Day 14!"

But do they really want to go there?

Denver Credential

I'm not comfortable sharing past emails I've received, but I realize that Deb often reads the comments here. If she's reading this, I add my hope that she'll do the right thing and support the transfer of the blog credential to Al. It was his writing that resulted in the hits and ratings that qualified The Field in the first place. The rest is just semantics and a high tech variation of a shell game.


I've spent almost my whole career working in non-profits and I've seen it all. As a community relations, fundraising and pr specialist, I've seen several organizations I worked for and have been affiliated with rocked by scandals big and small. Whether they survived or not (particularly as more than a shell) depended greatly on how robust the organization was and how willing it was to look at where it might have been in the wrong. In the end, dealing with any situation honestly and forthrightly is the only way. I think it is in the best interest of Rural Votes that this situation be resolved and that the transfer of the credential, although perhaps painful in the short-term, is actually in the long-term interest of Rural Votes.


More than to Al, I believe that the credential belongs to the folks who drove the hits and supported the site, namely all us Field Hands. We've moved and the credential should follow.

Bells and Whistles

On the subject of site decor, Al, I notice that the flight plan on the "Send and Equip Al for Denver" graph begins somewhere within a few hundred miles of Manaus--a favorite city of mine. While recognizing that your precise location South of the Border may be highly classified, if you were to toast your receipt of the Convention Credential, would you say "Salud"? "Saúde"? or "Sláinte"?

Oh, that kind of question...

...Brendan, just encourages me to confuse anybody trying to nail down my location more.


My address is "somewhere in a country called América."

If you haven't seen the new Hulk movie, it begins in the favela of Rocinha (Rio de Jainero), Brazil, moves on to Chiapas, Mexico, and finally to Vancouver, Canada. An American hero if there ever was one. That green line on the map: it's the trajectory of The Hulk. Let's see whether he or Dr. Bruce Banner arrive in Denver in August!

Thanks Al for freeing the borders.

 Have emailed Mr Myers with cc to you.


To Michael aka Bondibeach

Lol. Great minds indeed. I used to have such mind melds with latina for obama.

I don't know if  bombarding Mr Myers with a daily mail is a good idea. .....May be every two days should do fine.

@ Christi

 Done. And thanks for posting it.


Great idea Christi!

Everyone go over to Kos and "recommend" her diary. I just did.


Just ask for a press credential

I'm quite sure the DNC knows who you are... but although the blogging credentials are closed down, at least one well known blogger got press credentials after you moved:


Calling Nancy Drew

The Rural Votes homepage does not mention The Ex-Field, nor is there a link to The Ex-Field. The RV homepage does have a link to BackForty; which, I saw this evening, contained 0-2 comments per post. Also, the BackForty blog no longer has a link to the Ex-Field. (This is a very recent development, because just last week BackForty had a link to the Ex-Field. Of course, when one hit the Ex-Field link, he/she was directed to the BackForty.  In other words, the Ex-Field and BackForty were one and the same.)

How can the DNC have the Field credential linked to the BackForty, which was not in existence during the required timeframe?  Also, the BackForty obviously has little traffic and would not meet the standard. Could it be the ex-host of the Ex-Field substituted the BackForty for the Field? That's not right!!

However, the DNC credential is linked to the Field, but the Field is no longer associated with Rural Votes, by Rural Votes own admission!  It seems to me that the DNC should tranfer the Field credential to Al or provide him with a new credential. Otherwise, their actions are questionable.          

It's too bad

that Deb has made the decision she did to keep the credentials. I would be visiting ruralvotes to read The Back Forty from time to time but refuse to at this point because I will not help their numbers.

At any rate I'd already signed the petition but I've also now emailed Mr. Myers.

Love the milk bottle

Love the milk bottle!  Thanks Al, for explaining all this in a way so easy to send to media.

Thanks too, to Christi for her wonderful first diary at DKos.  I've been a reader for ages,  signed on for an account so I can rec it.

This hostage crisis Day #14 approach worked for Ted Koppel (yes, Al, I'm that old!) and I think the issues we're raising are so important and the way Al is using this as a teaching/learning lesson is empowering.  Saul Alinsky, Andy Kopkind, bet even Joe Hill are smiling down on us!  Thankful Howard Zinn is still with us to appreciate the Fieldhands too.



Clark calling out the McCain's national secuirty creds



and here


Methinks it is a brilliant Obama move to put Clark out in front on this. I guess media is going dipshit crazy on this today.


Recommend Diary


Recommended your diary at dkos.  Also, Clark has been a great attack dog on McCain's claim to foreign policy expertise. 

Recc'd and tipped Christi's

diary. Thanks so much!

Aaron Myers just got my email:


I think that it is very important for credentials to be issued to Al Giordano so one of our highly experienced, intelligent online voices will be read, heard, and studied. This historic political campaign is way too important to ignore and to leave one of our great grassroots journalists on the sidelines.


I think that if we put the effort into this, we should see results soon. I do believe that we should highlight the days since the credentials have been kidnapped so that this situation can be a teaching moment in democracy in action.

McCain the war hero

Indeed, as an opponent of imperialism I have always had big problems with McCain as 'war hero' meme.

What is so heroic about dropping bombs on Vietnamese communities from thousands of feet in the air?

This is propaganda--repeat it often enough and it seems as natural as breathing.

I am hoping against the grain that Obama mitigates the imperialist aspect of standard US foriegn policy.  Yes, I can be called naive, but we need a distinct change in course with repect to domestic and foriegn policy.

The Iraq invasion actually makes the US homeland 'less' safe--and yet McCain and the Republican rightwing score higher on security issues.  This is nothing more than patriarchy deeply inscribed in the collective psyche.

Clark calling out McCain is spot-on--and, unfortunately, Obama might have to take this guy (or Webb) on as a running mate.  The McCain campaign will definately try to play up his precieved strengths as much as possible in the coming months.

Any thoughts Al




gen. clark/morning joe

this clip from june 13, where he said the same thing. i thought it was completely appropriate. and not many could say so w/cred.


not sure why it didn't 'take' until yesterday. 

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