By Al Giordano

John Kerry, from the podium in Denver, at a convention four years after that at which he introduced Barack Obama to the nation:


No one can question Barack Obama's patriotism. Like all of us, he was taught what it means to be an American by his family: his grandmother who worked on a bomber assembly line in World War II, his grandfather who marched in Patton's army, and his great uncle who enlisted in the army right out of high school at the height of the war. And on a spring day in 1945, he helped liberate one of the concentration camps at Buchenwald.

Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama's uncle is here with us tonight. Please join me in saluting this American hero, Charlie Payne. Charlie, your nephew, Barack Obama, will end this politics of distortion and division. He will be a president who seeks not to perfect the lies of Swift boating, but to end them once and for all.

This election is a chance for America to tell the merchants of fear and division: you don't decide who loves this country; you don't decide who is a patriot; you don't decide whose service counts and whose doesn't.

Four years ago I said, and I say it again tonight, that the flag doesn't belong to any ideology. It doesn't belong to any political party. It is an enduring symbol of our nation, and it belongs to all the American people. After all, patriotism is not love of power or some cheap trick to win votes; patriotism is love of country.


Continued live blogging of the convention...  

Update 8:20 p.m. Mountain Time: Joe Biden nominated as vice presidential candidate by acclamation. And, now, a video to fill out his bio...

8:53 p.m.: When Biden stopped speaking seven minutes before the top of the hour (and the 11 o'clock news in the East), I thought, "something else is going to happen...."

8:58 p.m.: Ever the organizer, Obama has just succeeded at uniting - at least on a tactical level - a party that has been infighting for years. And he previewed that tomorrow something different will be happening than people have seen from a party convention: the opening of the doors, and the putting of a multitude to work, at once, toward a gargantuan national task. America, you just got lucky.


Kerry was great

passionate and full of one liners against McSame........


and his "Before John McCain debates Barack Obama, he needs to finish the debate with John McCain." was a good one.......


Wish some of it was broadcast by the media.


I actually teared up; and introducing Barack's uncle was priceless!

Is Barack "Amurikun enuf" for ya yet?


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!


Here! Here!

Great comments from John Kerry.  This is my first post on The Field.  I read daily and this is the only place I come to for intelligent analysis on this crazy political season.

@ Roy

Oh no, they were too self-absorbed to show it??? That's just tragic. I was hoping that they bothered to cut to it as it was everything that the talking heads had been saying that the Democrats needed to say. This way, they can keep saying that the Democrats didn't attack John McCain and blame US for their failures. John Kerry spoke what many have thought, putting words to our negations of McCain and Rove's attacks, and yet the MSM doesn't have the balls to air it!!!! What a travesty.

Tammy Duckworth is fantastic

wow, Tammy Duckworth -- the veteran speaking now is *fantastic!*

See her remarks here:

"Barack Obama and the Democrats have a different idea. Barack Obama will live up to their tradition of honor and sacrifice. Barack Obama will use war not as a first choice, but a last resort. Barack Obama understands that for a commander-in- chief to support the military, he needs more than a "Mission Accomplished" banner, more than wearing a borrowed flight suit, and definitely more than four more years of the same failed foreign policy...

And Barack Obama will have a simple principle for homeless veterans: zero tolerance, because we are all dishonored when those who've worn the uniform sleep on our streets. But here's what he won't do: President Obama will reject John McCain's plan to privatize the VA system. We won't force veterans to search for medical care with nothing but a plastic card and the promise of payment. We won't have means testing for access to the VA. Why? Because Barack Obama knows this: no one asked us where we lived or how much money we had when we enlisted, and no one should ask us that after we've bled for our country."

SO Annoying!

MSNBC didn't even show John Kerry. He was the nominee in 2004 for God's sake. That is so disrespectful! I emailed Countdown. The media is making complete fools of themselves! Total losers.

And MSNBC talked over Kerry's speech ?!?

I flipped over when Obama's great-uncle was introduced and Chris Matthews was nattering about something.

Unflippingbelievable. Do these anchors and producers need a Reporting 101 class to know what a fucking lede is?

Off Topic

But I had to tell you all about this diary over at Kos, someone found an article in a Dallas paper with a quite unbelievable quote from one of McCain's advisors on health care.


Joe Biden

Really Good vp choice IMHO.

To all those with fear in their hearts...

Keep your head up and repeat after me:

In Plouffe we trust

Obama's in the house!

Coming out soon!!

FiveThirtyEight liveblogging

I imagine most of you read FiveThirtyEight already but just fyi their liveblogging tonight is great.


"8:49 MDT: Motorcade just went by the Big Tent... Obama to appear on stage tonight at the end. He better give Joe Biden a big hug, because right now that is the sound of Joe Biden getting folks to sign on the line which is dotted."

Note below this he also cited one of Al's jokes re: Chet Edwards :)

Healthcare, @Kat

As someone who's volunteered in the ER, the ER is overburdened already. They can't do THEIR jobs when so many people are coming in with problems they should be seeing their primary care physician for! I am so proud to be getting the opportunity to work with those with no insurance at our community health centers, these local clinics set up to run charging a sliding fee scale for service, garnering their salaries for employees based on community members with insurance, Medicaid and Medicare who CHOOSE to attend these facilities because truly some of the best physicians dedicate their time there.


We need to make a big deal about John McCain saying that people can just go to the ER and that nobody is uninsured. 15 million people in our country are uninsured, and MANY MORE are underinsured! Additionally, 5% of our population are spending over 50% of insurance payouts because preventative healthcare is NOT a priority for these same companies. 75% of healthcare dollars are spent on those with one or more chronic conditions because they are NOT TAUGHT how to properly manage these conditions, disproportionately affecting the poor, such as diabetes or heat disease or better yet, how to prevent them. They deny preventative health screening and routine testing because for most, it doesn't pay but in the long run, for those poor few, it DOES.


Sorry for being WAAAYYY off topic, but I just wanted to interject.

MSM censorship

All the talking heads drowning out the speakers of the Convention are not doing so randomly, in my opinion.  They all have producers talking into their ears telling them what to do.  While there is no way the main Convention speakers like Hillary or Michelle could be talked over, everyone else can be.

The corporations that own the MSM (and in the case of PBS, the corporate donors) and those that advertise undoubtedly have their beady eyes on the implications for them of an Obama win.  A revamped Democratic Party.  A fired-up, engaged electorate.  Higher taxes for the exorbitantly paid corporate executives.  Probably no sweet deal on inheritance taxes.  More accountabilty for fairness to workers and responsibility to the environment.  No easy racism.  No automatic "in" for corporate lobbyists.  It will be a whole new ball game for the corporations with an Obama administration, and they are trying to prevent the public from getting a true picture of what is really going on in this Convention by simply censoring it. There  should be  howls of outrage from the viewership about this corporate abuse of the public airwaves to stifle the democratic process.

Barack in da house!

Barack on stage with his VP!  YES WE CAN

Can really see why it's Biden

As great as Schweitzer was, I think Biden was a great choice. Liked the way he came head on at McCain's supposed foreign policy expertise.

Really liked the way Obama called out Bill Clinton. Very nice moment. Seemed like Bill genuinely appreciated the attention.

@ Nancy in BC

Dead on at 10:56 pm.

[Btw, Nancy in BC, check out these links:

And bookmark this for the future: ]

best speech I've ever heard from Kerry

NPR is not perfect (cokie!) but a least they played Kerry in his entirety. I missed Bill Richardson, though. Did he speak?

Barack Obama!

Chicken Little be gone!  Barack Obama is a gift to us.  Thank you Al, and all the Field Hands for keeping us sane so we can participate in this amazing, amazing time.  Plouffe, Axelrod = BRILLIANT!

GOTV is all that's left for us to do!!!!!


@ Nancy in BC

Dead on at 10:56 pm.

[Btw, Nancy in BC, check out this link for your food crisis research: ]

This was a good night.

If John Kerry had been this way 4 years ago, he'd be President. I loved Biden's son - cried. And I understand Biden as the choice too.


I missed it too -- did he opt out?


No talking heads for me

Wow! Watched on C-span with out one word of breathy analysis.

Saw the whole thing and what a show!

amen Suzy

and amen to the "end the chicken littling and go work for your candidate". there is a real chance here to build an infrastructure which could have an impact far beyond this election. let's do it.

NormW - re: Richardson

Sean at FiveThirtyEight asked that question too and someone in the comments, LAT,  responded:

"Sean--Richardson was bumped by CLINTON not Obama. Clinton spoke much longer than he was supposed to so they bumped Richardson because they needed to get Biden on at 10:30"

What about Kaine?

Is he going to speak at all?  Or did I miss him?


In Plouffe We Trust

I really do. I think they really have this thing under control. I'm not overconfident -- we really have to work, but I think John McCain is playing small-bore and Obama is playing in another dimension.


I thought Biden was awesome tonight. So genuine and emotional.

It's hard not to chock up

after seing all those people cry when Obama was officially nominated!

What a historical moment!

Kaine, Richardson

Kaine will be speaking at the Fado (Faux) Irish Pub tonight in Denver (near the ballpark) at the Maryland delegation hosted party (9:30 pm), if you are in town.  Don't know why not about the convention floor speech tonight.

Richardson has postponed to tomorrow night, I learned on the website.


Happenings in Denver

For live - Streamers at Mile High tomorrow:, Sheryl Crow, Legend, AND Stevie Wonder tomorrow night as well as Richardson, many others. Oh, and a great speech by the man himself. 

Black Eyed Peas at the Filmore party in Denver tonight. IF you are lucky enough to have a ticket!


Clarie McCaskill just shut down Chris Matthews--freaking awesome!  CM going on and on about 'is there really unity on the convention floor?' blah blah blah    McCaskill responds  and says the only long faces on the floor are the media people--you guys like the story but you've gotta give it up already!  (not verbatim of course...)   PWNED!

People might be "hitting the wall" (with the help of blowhard MSM folks) so let's help everyone get to the finish line and to the voting booths on November 4th!  Seriously, I think there are just some tired people--here in Iowa we've been *on* for a very, very long time with the marathon ramp up to our caucuses.   But....  GOTV this weekend, let's knock on a million doors!


Kaine is scheduled to speak on Thursday at Invesco Field. This was announced last night. Dean will also speak then, and of course Gore.


Thanks, Amy. Wasn't checking that site.  He'll get a bigger crowd tomorrow!

@ Alexa:thx

Thanks, Alexa, for those links: bookmarked.  Didn't get around to noting all your research advice in June--the old The Field was blotted our a few days later.  BTW, has anyone mysteriously lost their whole my account stash all at once?  This happend to me a couple of weeks ago.

Re:  MSM censorship...  Canada's CBC could never get away with treating such an important event so cavalierly.  Maybe U.S. viewers are so used to being spoon-fed predigested storylines that the real unfiltered event--requiring the "chewing" of independent consideration--is not as appetizing as MSM pap.  Or is it that the status quo is so seemingly intractably entrenched that it is allowed to operate unchallenged.  Where now is the boiling fury that had thousands phoning and emailing ABC News when Stephanopoulos and co. ran the travesty of a "debate" between Obama and HRC this spring?  How is this "talking over" of talking heads any less outrageous?

Please pardon me if I'm out of line on this as I'm not used to watching the U.S. Conventions--Obama and The Field have sparked this new preoccupation (addiction?)

Just in shock...

Can't get over how incredible tonight was.  Having kids about the same age as Biden's when their tragedy happened, and then watching the passion and pain in Beau Biden's intro and Joe's beginning, just blew me away.  Can't imagine living through that, let alone do what they've done with their lives since then.  Truly inspirational, and couple that with the Obamas' life stories and you've got an amazing Prez ticket.  I've never felt anything like this in regard to politics in my entire life.

Without explicitly saying it, they are taking back the "family values" label from Repubes, who as we know here never earned the label.  Think the first night as well with the girls talking to Obama through satellite feed.

Masterful storytelling happening this week, with just the right amount of McInsane critique.


As a non-american but keenly involved in this election cycle, I can tell you that US teevee news media is pretty pathetic. When I was student over there in mid-eigthies, the teevee news used to be good with people like Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw (what a hack he has become now!) Bill Moyers (still good), CBS 60 minutes team etc. Now, I see only devious liars, pathetic trolls and self-important, idiotic blow-hards. Very sad for such an advanced nation.


Kerry reminder

Al, Thanks for highlighting Kerry's actions to have Obama deliver the famous keynote in 2004.  I've been reminding people of this recently, since I remember some controversy at the time with the DeeCee Dems not wanting this no-name Liberal talking, yet Kerry told them to take a hike....Obama's speaking.

Without Kerry standing up for him, we probably wouldn't be in this position today.  Thanks once again Sen. Kerry!


Believe me, I know how messed up and intentionally deceptive the Conglomerate Media is.  I used to work within it, and it's why I left it.

If we're ever going to restore the Constitution, the Conglomerate Media paradigms must be shifted.  It takes behaviour change on a mass scale.

That's why I wish more people would cancel their dish/cable, and pocket half that monthly expense and send the other half to places like The Field.  It's the only way it'll work.  Nothing's stopping anybody!

And, oh, I left out

All of them are fucking party hacks. Everyone of them. Whatever happened to unbiased, neutral reporting.

That ends my rant of the day. Thank you.


After lotsa search, just saw Kerry's speech at dkos.

Of all speeches I saw tonight (Bill, Bidens, et. al.), his came as most genuine and unscripted.

And I loved it when Barack went in the end to do a fist bump with him probably laughingly saying "You nailed it buddy.".


News media then and now

I don't recall a time when the MSM was anything to write home about. Not in this country. Even Murrow was overrated. But you're right that it was better, and way more substantial, way back when.

Nightline was a decent program. Koppel was very smart. But there's only one Moyers. No one else is in his class. He's still around, albeit he gets comparatively few viewers on PBS.

About Kerry speech, loved the

"years on this earth" crack. Eat it McCain.


Climate Change

Kerry was magnificent. Biden was for real. Clinton did a job, but he's good enough so that even he's not scintillating, he's better than most other speakers.  He came through and did lay out some strong campaign themes.  But I still can't help but see him and McCaullif and Wolfson and the lot as concern trolls par excellance. I am happy with Bill and I agree with the Charlie Rose consensus that one marquee joint campaign stop in mid to late Sept in eastern Ohio will be good--and the rest of the time Bill serves as a statesman vouching, vouching, vouching (even if his heart isn't it). The key: when Barack came on, it was like "Bill and Hillary, welcome to MY house!" The Clintons may have thought they could steal something of the show... but they are nothing more than Barack's guests. And he is one hell of a good host! Again, his coming on stage was a masterful gesture putting them in their place--up in the sky box--as he is ADORED by Pelosi and Dean and the real power brokers (and quality people) seated on the stage itself! I really get the sense that Obama and Biden click.  There is a chemistry that I simply have NEVER really seen between two running mates--EVER. (Maybe Carter/Mondale?) And I get the sense that Joe has a huge crush on Michelle--and that it is totally OK with Mrs. B!


Finally, one thought to put out there... is anybody else totally surprised that Climate Change is the real 900 lb. gorilla that almost every single speech in some way (albeit indirectly) addresses? I have heard the linkage between environmental, energy, economic, and national security raised repeatedly always coming back to a clean energy future.  I had my doubts about Obama on this issue early on but clearly he and campaign have gotten religion on this. They clearly also get it that 1) climate change is the seminal issue of our time and 2) addressing solutions to climate change is a vote winner. (It is for my students!)

Good Morning New World

Good Morning New World.  I LOVE it when after the fact, we can all say: of course.  Of course he'd do that.  Of course, Biden. Of course there should be a roll call vote, of course a Clinton should speak on 2 nights. Of course he'd show up, grap a hand microphone and OWN the convention.  His convention.

And, if not Biden, then I'd want HIS MOM as VP!!!!

What a team.  THANK YOU Dog.

Of course...

@ Suzy...sometimes even WE have to be reminded how BRILLIANT the O-man and his staff are...

I think over on Jed, they're saying (not being blasphemous but saying) Plouffe we trust...

We KNOW the Campaign is now and always has been "on the right track", but all of this just confirms it...even when it SEEMS as though Obama is "misstepping"'s US who lose faith...

BTW: I'm ready to start another petition to BOYCOTT all MSM on regular and cable channels...they REALLY did a disservice to the American public.  They didn't cover the Convention, they covered THEMSELVES.  It is an atrocity!

Those who couldn't/didn't watch through C-Span or a live unedited stream missed just about everything!

I am STILL overcome with emotion...not a dry eye in the place last night when Beau Biden spoke...did you notice he did NOT say he was going to Iraq, but just that he wouldn't "be here" in November?

Godspeed Beau, and please be careful...even though you're a JAG...


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!


Howard Dean...

Was HILARIOUS on Daily Show...catch a repeat today or on the Comedy Channel website...he was totally punking McShame!


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!



Ted Koppel "stood up" to Bush and Co when there were "only" 1,000 dead in Iraq...they tried to censor his show but...

He dedicated a whole show to just reading off the names of the fallen...went until 12:10...those names without pictures had a flag-draped coffin shown with their commercials, no commentary, just name after name after name...

I remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV boo-hooing...I said to myself...I don't even know any of these people...

I still haven't gotten over that night...and now how many are dead?



waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!


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