President of the Planet of the Stupid People Opposes Caroline Kennedy

By Al Giordano

She's baaaaaaack!

Add Geraldine Ferraro to the list of those having public tantrums over the possibility that Caroline Kennedy may become the next US Senator from Nueva York.

Today she told The New York Post:

"You can't send someone down there who doesn't know the issues. If you send someone down there who doesn't know the legislative process, they'll get chewed up alive. Our senator should be ready on Day 1. Just knowing people down there [in Washington, DC]? It's just not enough."

Well, that's good enough for me: Would Caroline Kennedy please put up a web page so I can send a personal donation to her 2010 US Senate campaign?

Who can forget such "greatest hits" from Ferraro like the quotations above... or below:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

- Geraldine Ferraro, March 11, 2008

“Every time that campaign is upset about something, they call it racist. I will not be discriminated against because I’m white. If they think they’re going to shut up Geraldine Ferraro with that kind of stuff, they don’t know me.”

- Geraldine Ferraro, March 12, 2008

“I think Obama was terribly sexist.”

- Geraldine Ferraro, May 19, 2008

And now this.

Bitter, much?

As for her claim that Kennedy - protege of parliamentarian master Ted Kennedy - doesn't understand the legislative process, it's Ferraro who doesn't know jack about shit when it comes to legislating or politics or even about its players in New York. She's an embarrassment to we New York City Italian-Americans. (I swear, most of us are not like that!)

She's clearly annoyed, still, at Caroline Kennedy's early support for Obama and the impact that it had. Well, to that I say: The annoyer of my annoyance is my friend.

Update: For those who claim disingenuously that they have no idea if she's a progressive or not, Caroline Kennedy's campaign has just answered a few policy questions - most of them "gotcha" type questions from Politico - with some pleasantly surprising results.

First, Kennedy "supports full equality and marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples."

Also interesting: "Caroline opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. She supports President-Elect Obama's plan to work with our military leaders to begin a responsible withdrawal."

Update II: In answer to some even better questions from the New York Times, Kennedy supports closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant and backs "card check" for organizing unions.


You Don't Have To Be From New York To Vomit

Absolutely love this post about Geraldine. If I had not already donated to the 2009 Fund, I would do so now. The way the posts have been lately, on CK and on Warren, I just may have to donate again anyway.


oh man, now I 'm having

oh man, now I 'm having electoral primary dysphoric recall. Please baby Jesus, make her go away.

the Energizer bunny

You should dig up comments of Ferraro supporting Hillary Clinton in 2000, that would be fun.

I think the primary wars will never end, sadly. Everything Obama does that Hillary supporters don't like, they will say, "Hillary would not have done that ... "

Oh, well. I am so thankful Obama won, even though I imagine he will piss me off a lot. I'm not sure how some of his strategies will actually work, but I do feel like he will be trying new things, as promised.

I posted something about Caroline on facebook and a friend who supported Hillary wrote the nastiest things about her. He was so virtriolic and I was shocked. I thought, where does this anger come from?

Barack and Hillary have moved on, but I don't think the rage will ever go away. I have another friend who still brings up the Rules and Bylaws Committee and he still repeats lies about Barack and Michelle, so I still lend him links. He won't believe stuff he reads on Media Matters, either, because he needs to keep the hate alive.

By the way, I just love it whenever someone earnestly says they won't be discriminated against because they are white. It makes me giggle.



No Way!

Did she really say, "Our senator should be ready on Day 1"?  Did she really trot out a repackaged version of Hillary's tired and failed campaign slogan and expect to be greeted with something other than jeers and derisive laughter?

It's hard to say who's the bigger embarrassment to the Democratic Party right now, Geraldine or Blago.

voting with my remote

As soon as I anyone on TV uses the word "princess" in reference to Carolyne Kennedy, I change the channel mid-sentence.

I imagine they have some way of tracking what we all watch, regardless of whether we have a Nielson box - Alexa would probably know! - so I vote with my remote.

let's reverse this

how about: if he was black he would never be in this position. what is that, like 99% of anyone with any power in the usa? you know they are frightened when they pull out the pitbulls...

what i really love though is how easy it has been to get hillary out of elected office, and then someone with integrity and smarts front running to replace her!

this is called playing the zone to the max!


The front page of the NYT currently has CK's answers to their questions.

It also has the results of on the street interviews which ends with this:

"...He is confident New York will be equally enhanced if it takes a chance on Caroline Kennedy.

“She’ll be good,” said Mr. Mele, a retiree. “It’s in her blood.”


Once Chuck Krauthammer weighed in

I knew I could back Caroline 100%.  Oh, and fuck you Geraldine!

Straw Man Much?

Is this a regular thing, to attack ideas by picking the craziest person to hold the views and try to make them representative of everyone who believes that?


Disappointing, Al. Very disappointing. 

@ John

I've been sharpening my arguments on this one over at Daily Kos and in fact a great many of Kennedy's detractors are talking as crazy as Ferraro. A good chunk of them are from that embittered pro-Clinton crowd. One of the most vocal over there posted a diary last spring defending Senator Clintons "Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June" remarks and now shifts to character assassination against Kennedy today. It's pretty damn transparent.

Clinton Dead Enders on Facebook

Check out this survey someone set up on FB to debate who should replace Clinton in the Senate.  Will Bower himself showed up to loudly promote Bill Clinton for the job.  Caroline isn't experienced enough and shouldn't be appointed based on name recognition said he.  Also, not having supported Clinton in the primary season = automatic disqualification. Then someone else suggested Geraldine Ferraro keep the seat warm until Chelsea Clinton turns 30 and is eligible for the seat.  Will thinks that's a capital idea.

Why be mad at Caroline?

As I recall, it was Ferraro's husband's dealings, and the Reagan mystique that cost her the chance to be VP. Ever since, she's behaved like the Matriarch over which women qualify for national office and which don't (and no Black man does, per The Matriarch).

As best as I can tell, she has no ongoing influence, is completely out of touch with modern politics and - most importantly - her bias is evident while her logic isn't.

Did she call Tester unqualified? Franken? Or any other DC outsider? No. She only focuses on Obama and his appts from her own state and it's clear she stands for nothing but her own inflated perception of her political savvy.

Why the media grants her space is beyond me. If Caroline can't access great coaching from her uncle, his staff and Senate friends, then nobody new can. And clearly, Ferraro is on a vendetta against everyone and everything tied to Obama. After all, what did Ferraro achieve as an elected official? Nothing that stands out in the public memory. She reminds me of an old grump who will always be against change, against fresh faces and certain that she's still a player when she's simply a relic of yesteryear.

Seriously Al,

If Caroline put up her "2010" page right now I'd send her $25 bucks.

I'm confuzzled

I'm confuzzled about this:  CK isn't powerful,or political or whatever according to these GasBags - and the main reason they seem so angry is how powerful, politically astute CK was in how she came out to support Obama.  She was one of his best surrogates, she knows more about the Constitution and Bill of Rights than GF can ever learn.

Still amazes me that people think anyone who did not support Clinton did something 'wrong.'  Clinton lost the primary.  End of story.  She was given quite a fine consolation prize, doncha think??? A lot more than I think she deserved, but I didn't get to vote about that.

Hope this post of Al's goes viral.

Interesting comments...

Definitely a big need to vilify GF for comments she made on CKS becoming the new senator for NY. Sure, I see it... anyone that disagrees, has an opinion and is in 'our' own party. Never ending dribble.

What is wrong these people?

I mean Hillary Clinton has clearly moved on. I was an HRC supporter during the primaries and sometimes felt she got a raw deal from the media etc. But it was always clear she had no intention of remaining only a senator. She was going to use that seat to run for president. And once being president was no longer a possibility she didn't hesistate to take SOS. I'd be shocked if Hillary cared at all who replaced her. Some of these Clinton supporters should feel foolish. I mean Hillary isn't even lobbying for those in the running who did support her! In fact there was a story a few days ago saying she told her people to back off criticizing Ms Kennedy. Mr Giordano, you're pretty knowledgable about NY politics. It seems like Caroline and her team are being very smart about this. Getting the backing of Bloomberg, possibly Schumer, Vito Lopez, Louise Slaughter and so on. If the other candidates are so great why aren't they getting the big guns to back them?

Nothing on FISA/PATRIOT in either questionaire.

Democrat for US Senate (Wisconsin 2012)

Go Caroline

Boy, some of the other liberal sites are so vehement against Caroline, this is refreshing. I think she'd be great and I love that she is straight up (pardon the pun) for gay marriage without equivocating about civil unions, etc.

O/T: Latin American experts condemn HRW hit piece on Chavez



In an open letter to the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, over 100 experts on Latin America criticized the organization's recent report on Venezuela, A Decade Under Chávez: Political Intolerance and Lost Opportunities for Advancing Human Rights in Venezuela, saying that it "does not meet even the most minimal standards of scholarship, impartiality, accuracy, or credibility." The signers include leading academic specialists from universities in the United States, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and a number of state universities, and academic institutions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, México, the U.K., Venezuela and other countries.


Ferraro's Arrows

Caroline worked as a senatorial assistant in Kennedy's office for nine months in DC, fer crissake. That's a year in legislative time. Hillary didn't have that experience when she ran against Lazio; at least, not that I know of.

So what is Ferraro talking about when she grumbles about the "legislative process?" And Caroline's lack thereof?

I was contracted to work all over the federal government peripherally for nine months. I wasn't even ensconced inside an office of power, and I could up pick up the "legislative process" because I had to deal with the inanity of it to get anything done. It ain't brain surgery.

I lived in Manhattan when Ferraro was broad-sided during the VP campaign. I wanted a female VP then. Pissed me off that she couldn't see it coming. That told me more about her awareness and brains and knowledge of the game than it caused me to complain about the expected gladiator tactics of her competitors.

That should be "to us", not

That should be "to us", not "to we"

I just don't get why vertain

I just don't get why vertain people are so exercized about this.  Is Cuomo's voting record being scrutinized?  Did he vote in every mayoral primary?  What does he think of  Iraq war?

He ran one of the worst campaigns for Governor - but no one is questioning whether he is qualified.

In the end - I like that CK is being roughed up now - when she weathers it - people will begin to say well  I guess she is qualified.



Hope she's appointed

I'm pleased that Caroline Kennedy is working actively for the appointment. I value intelligence, integrity, commitment to the public good, all of which she has, and she also has another quality I look for in my elected representatives, but rarely find: grace tempered with steel.


CK chose not to answer policy questions yet about rich v. poor, such as a property tax cap in NY.  Some pundit pointed out that her political and other work has been among friends, and that she seemed uncomfortable and uncommunicative with reporters. I don't see how politicians who are allied with the rich can put this world on track. Obama has his tepid 3% tax increase on incomes over $250,000, now likely to be delayed at least a year, and a cabinet full of the mega-wealthy.

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”




If Schwarzenegger in

If Schwarzenegger in qualified to be govenator by virtue of playing one on TV then Caroline is overqualified to a senator. Deal with it Geraldine...

Is there a way to help her?

Al, is there a smart way for non New Yorkers to help Caroline Kennedy get this seat? I've thought about emailing the Governor's office, but again, I'm not a New Yorker, and I didn't know if that would hurt more than help.

I should've checked here earlier

I need to add that Ferraro quote to the snark diary I just posted at DK:


Now I just have to think of an elder Illinois stateswoman to attribute it to...

@ Kat

Kat - I've drawn up an organizing memo and analysis to answer your question. Check in here Sunday evening for that.

'Tis the Season

Al - I'm sending $25.00 from my Paypal account your way. I wasn't planning on giving anymore, being a broke medical student and all, but I realized I had $25 left in my Paypal from 3rd place in my fantasy baseball league, and there's nowhere else I'd rather spend this money. We've got to keep you in operation! I don't know what I'd do without my multiple daily visits to your site to keep my sanity. I consider you my mentor of sorts, since this is my first true exposure to poltiics (my college experience for the Kerry campaign surely doesn't count!). Thanks again, Al. And Happy Holidays to you, and to all the Field Hands. May the year 2009 be all that we are hoping for, and more.

I would be happy to see

I would be happy to see Caroline appointed to the Senate if she winds up being true to the liberal principles she seems to be espousing these days. I am going to withhold judgment on that however, because things can change when one is faced with the electoral pressures of actually having to run for a seat and win it. I am also very pleased with what Obama has done in his transition so far with the exception of Rick Warren. The difference between me and most of the people on this board is that I am willing to acknowlegde the fundamental truths that Barack Obama would not have been able to be elected President in 2008 if he were not African American, and that Caroline Kennedy would have zero chance of becoming a Senator if her name was not Kennedy. Obama would not have been able to be elected president without completing even one term as a Senator if he did not represent the opportunity for America to finally redeem itself from its racist past in electing an African American president. This was a barrier that was long overdue to be broken, and the hunger of the American people to see it finally achieved is something that should be celebrated, not denied because it is politically incorrect to acknowledge that achieving racial equality sometimes requires we consider race in making decisions, as is the case with affirmative action. If you want people to take your position seriously you need to actually start making sure that they aren't based on lies that you insist on telling yourself to rationalize your own political self interest.

@ Al

Thanks for commenting. Needless to say, I disagree, though. Take what Nate Silver wrote about the Kaufman appointment a few weeks ago; it still stands. There's also been plenty of non-crazy writing at TNR, whatever you think of them on the whole. Is Richard Just a Clinton dead ender?

I was an Obama supporter, but I have less than zero interest in a Kennedy appointment. Frankly, I find it appalling that none of the other genuine candidates outside the legacies (Kennedy and Cuomo) get any attention. 

Anyone that gets appointed should have very well known views. It's the only responsible thing to do. She can run in 2010, and I'll consider supporting her then. 

If we learned anything this cycle, it should be the value of a well-contested primary. 

OT - Mike Connell died late last night in plane crash!


Mike Connell, Karl Rove's IT guru--who was compelled six weeks ago to testify in an Ohio vote-tampering case--was killed late Friday night when his plane crashed into the garage of an empty house. Ohio's Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner had requested that Attorney General Mukasey put Connell and under Federal protection.

Per Cybrinth CEO Stephen Spoonamore [Alexa: I love Spoonamore], Connell was also considered "vital to uncovering the truth" about the missing White House emails considered a critical link to the Justice Department and White House's involvement in the firings of nine US attorneys.

Connell refused consistently to testify against his "friends" Rove and the Bush family until the judge forced his first purging on 11/1/08. Story here and here. Spoonamore said Connell held the keys to the kingdom about the missing Bush admin emails and vote fraud, knew where the bodies were buried. He was the Bush campaign IT manager, also McCain, the Swift Boat group, and various federal agencies.

Love the post

I love the extra-cheekiness of the posts lately, Al! Like a breath of fresh air! And so true as well.  Today's the day for my little (and i mean chiquitita) contribution to the Fund drive. Total inspiration. Love, love, love it.  Gracias como siempre.

de Amie


Si somos americanos, seremos buenos vecinos;
compartiremos el trigo,seremos buenos hermanos --
canción de Rolando Alarcón

Todos somos americanos.-- Barack Obama

"Ferraro who doesn't know jack"

Caroline: 'I'm a Clinton Democrat'

Now you know she's going for it - aligning herself with the most popular Democrat in the state!

This "Clinton backers" vs. Caroline Kennedy is entirely false team-making. Sure, some supporters of Hillary - who was a fantastic and hard-working Senator, btw, and a lot of folks are unhappy she's leaving for the State Department - are not pleased because the Teddy wing split with the RFK wing on Obama-Clinton.

So what? Some supporters of Obama would rather have another appointment as well because of Kennedy's inexperience...and many Clinton supporters (like my Mom!) are entirely pro-Kennedy.

It doesn't line up, and cherry-picking Ferraro's remarks - well, it's a gas, gas, gas for Clinton haters, but it's hardly relevant in NYS politics these days.

It's time to let the old primary battle slip into history, folks - fun as it might be to try and keep it going.

How do you replace Clinton in the Senate?

I mean...Kennedy serving for two years is no different than the last two years of having Clinton (not) there.  Her seat has been empty 90% of the time the last two years.  It's empty now.

Al - can't you knock some

Al - can't you knock some sense into Markos? He has another post up about why Caroline Kennedy is the anti-Christ, etc., etc.

I am disgusted by Kos's crusade against Caroline

it's intellectually dishonet, it's petty, it doesn't take the interest of the people of NY into account, and it's immature.

@ Lucidamente and Palgirl

Regarding Markos: I respect that he has a differing opinion on this, and would never try to "knock some sense into him." It's just not what autonomous but often allied voices do to each other.

Besides, I'm getting a kick out of how the more frantic anti-Kennedy arguments by some of his front-pagers and him are playing right into my hands: they're solidifying and hardening support for Kennedy in ways that we, just stressing the positive, could never dreamed of having accomplished this quickly! 

So don't let it bug you. I know better than most what he's trying to do: to create a narrative. But others of us that are no spring chickens at creating narratives are using a kind of ju-jitsu upon his, and now part of the narrative is that a majority of the users of Daily Kos support Kennedy, in poll after poll, even after having heard such a parade of arguments against her! I often talk about how media viruses can mutate - well here's a wonderful example of that.

A little help for the road trip

Hi Al,

Just sent a little coin your way for a successful trip out of Brazil all the way to Greenland.  :)  Thanks so much for The Field. 

@Alexa - strange plane crash. "...surely it was an accident..."  Your posts always interest me.  With the understanding of course that the internet is a long series of tubes, you search out that series of tubes way down the line.  :)



@ Al

Point taken ("knock some sense" is a clumsy vestige of my Jersey boy background).  And I'll bet you were amused by this gem from Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on today's Face the Nation <>:

"How can the average New Yorker identify with Caroline Kennedy?" King asked. "She comes from an outstanding family, I'm sure she's a wonderful parent, but she's never taken a stand on any public issue. She's never even held one news conference. She hasn't gone to one American Legion hall or Knights of Columbus hall or Masonic temple, or one synagogue to answer questions. When she does go on her so-called listening tour upstate, she's, like, running from city hall into the car to avoid reporters.

"And we just can't afford that. We can't afford to have a senator who is not prepared on day one."

While King said that other potential replacements for Hillary Clinton had "far more credentials" than Kennedy, he believed that choosing her would put Kennedy under tremendous scrutiny. "There's going to be a magnifying glass on her," he said. "And people are going to see that she is not equipped for the job. And I think the Republican candidate in 2010 will have a much better opportunity against Caroline Kennedy than against the others, especially someone who can identify with middle-income, working-class families."


Sounds like someone's afraid of getting his clock cleaned if he runs for Senate in 2010, no?


Don't get me wrong

I think Ferraro is one of the most odious players to emerge in the 2008 election. She is bitterness incarnate. I get mad every time I think of her.

That said, I agree that Caroline Kennedy does not deserve Hillary's seat. This is not a monarchy! She hasn't so much as held a seat on her local school board, and now she believes she should be appointed a U.S. senator??? I don't think so. Her unctuous presumptuousness is nauseating.

It's sad to see Geraldine

It's sad to see Geraldine Ferraro exposed in all her bitterness and jealousy as she has been this year. I previously used to have a considerable amount of respect for her but no longer. She is becoming more and more petulant and vitriolic by the minute and and it does her no credit

I can understand the concerns and reservations about Caroline Kennedy's potential appointment to the Senate-even if I don't agree with them -but the double-standards, political purity tests and dare I say McCarthyistic-like smears I have seen applied by otherwise admirable liberal bloggers to Caroline Kennedy have truly been petty, vindictive and not at all constructive. The reality is that Caroline Kennedy, like Obama, has a diverse range of experience and qualifications outside of the political sphere and in the wider community that will make her an asset and a breath of fresh air to the US Senate should be appointed. I wish Caroline Kennedy all the best


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