On the Road Again...

By Al Giordano

After five months in this bunker, I'll be on the road (mainly, in the air) until tonight, from somewhere in a country called América to my little pueblecito of Nueva York.

Don't forget that we'll be holding the Narco News Ninth Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday evening in Manhattan, April 22. Donors of $100 or more will be invited to mingle with our reporters, School of Authentic Journalism graduates, current scholarship recipients, and Big Apple personalities including James Wolcott, Katie Halper and Nate Silver. The food and drink will be nothing less than spectacular. To rsvp write me at narconews@gmail.com. It will be great to meet and see you there.

And next weekend, those very same scholarship winners and I will be at the Rowe Conference Center in Massachusetts for the workshop on The Organizing of the President: Making Political Change in the Age of Obama. There are still some spaces available. You can register to attend at this link.

On April 28 and 29 I'll be at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. Details TBA.

The next time you hear from yours truly I'll be saying, "Live from New York! It's, um... Sunday night!"




You'll be happy to know that the grassroots work done by the Dean and Obama campaigns paid off for Scott Murphy in his recent special election victory here in the 20th district in upstate New York.  In the weeks prior to the election, the district was swarmed by experienced volunteers working on behalf of the Democrat Murphy.  The SEIU was well-represented, and there were many people who had political experience from working on the Obama team.  They are an amazing bunch-- very tech-savvy, and extremely focused, motivated, and organized.  The Republicans didn't have any force even remotely similar, and Murphy was able to pull off an upset win over an opponent with much greater name recognition.  If I was a GOP operative, I'd be worried about the ability of progressives to dispatch their very smart and effective forces into the field.

Nueva York

The anticipation is building.  Donate and show up.   

safe travels, Al!

And have a great time at the party!

Al, I'm quite new at anything even resembling this, but -

I'm attempting to get any reporter at all to ask Senator Coleman and/or his legal team why they are not filing simultaneous appeals in the Minnesota Supreme Court and the SCOTUS as was done with Bush v. Gore for the sake of expediency. I'm entirely convinced that a lot of the journalists with enough 'access' to ask this particular question either don't have any idea that this was done eight years and a few months ago, don't know that it's possible to file simultaneous appeals, or aren't interested in asking an embarrassing question that could potentially be the nudge (so I like to fantasize) that really sends that whole business toward its conclusion. I've been able to contact the politics editors of a few known-to-be-sympathetic Minnesota papers (my opinion is that the question would be most effective if the Coleman people hadn't been tipped off to it beforehand), and the national press is, as always, inaccessible for conversation. Do you (or any of the fine Field Hands) have any advice for me on how to get the question asked without publicizing it enough that Coleman's side wouldn't have a canned response ready (probably spun into some woe-is-me tears about their legal funds in the hopes of raising additional dollars)?

Off topic: on torture

After reading revelations that the CIA waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Muhammad hundreds of times and Abu Zubaydah about 80 times, one must ask oneself, "If waterboarding works as an interrogation tool as Bush administration officials assert, then why did we have to do it so many times?"

Also OT - The Memos Prove We Didn't Torture



There really is something wrong with these people!  Why does the WSJ allow this kind of garbage???  I know Murdoch owns it, but do they have no pride?  Obviously we have to stay on our toes because these people are still out there.

Just a Thank-You

... for James Cagney in hoofer mode.  Lord, I love that man.  Nobody glides anymore.  Lightness.  Lightness.

SOS Clinton

Al, when you get back to posting, I am curious if you saw any of Clinton's testimony in front of Congress today.  I read some of the transcript and she appears to have giving back a lot more than she was receiving.


I also liked when she was questioned about her differences with Obama during the primaries and she simple said something to the effect, "The voters were given a choice and they chose Obama and I am supporting him to the hilt."  Not exact words, but definitely meaning.


I know you have already said that she has pleasantly surprised you and I wonder if she still does.  And no, as most people here know, I was not a Clinton supporter during the primaries.

Yet another OT

I'm watching Rachel Maddow and she did a segment on Cheney titled "Poutrage."

Did you coin that term Al? Cause you're the only other one I've heard use it.

Anyway - if you created it - Rachel must be reading. 


I saw that too! I thought the same thing...Rachel stole that from Al!


waterprise2 AKA Pam

Liberal with a Capital L!


Yankee Doodle Dandee

Great shot of Jimmie Cagney. If I'm not mistaken that shot is from "Yankee Doodle Dandee", a musical on the life of a famous Broadway producer and performer.

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