The Tell: It's Beginning to Look Like McCain-Pawlenty

By Al Giordano


Poker players call it "the tell": that tic or squint in the face that every player supposedly has when he's either bluffing or, conversely with a different "tell," when he thinks he's got a winning hand.

Today, the McCain campaign let down its poker face when it comes to the speculation over who will be the GOP vice presidential nominee. Here's why The Field reads into recent events that McCain will likely choose Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as his running mate.

Rewind to Saturday: Pawlenty, in swing state Iowa ("tell" number one) stumping for McCain, waves a tire gauge as if a magic wand to mock something Obama said about gasoline conservation from keeping car tires inflated:


Pawlenty a few minutes later pulled a prop out of his pocket.  "Barack Obama stood up at a speech recently and said that one of the things that is really important from energy policy from his standpoint is to check the pressure in our tires, so here's a tire gauge and you can go out in the parking lot here and check your tires.  Now, that's an interesting thing - - we want you to have good pressure in your tires, you know, it will very mildly add to your fuel efficiency -- but checking the air pressure in your tires is not an energy policy for the United States of America," Pawlenty said.  The crowd applauded.


Never mind that this common sense fuel-saving advice also comes from those earth-firsters at the Bush administration's Department of Energy ("keep tires properly inflated and aligned to improve your gasoline mileage by around 3.3%"), that hippie wuss Arnold Schwarzenegger, and from from those tree huggers over at NASCAR, among others: If Obama also says the same thing they strike up the Grand Victrola and start singing that its evidence that he's (code alert) uppity and un-American.

And Pawlenty is said to be the the granola-crunching version of up-and-coming GOP leaders, the one that supposedly bucks the think-tank dogma by saying that global warming exists, or so the press tells us. But by brandishing that tire gauge and ridiculing energy conservation, he's attempting to rebrand himself as an attack dog, putting down the alfalfa juice and swearing he eats only red meat, and only when raw.

But that wasn't "the tell."

"The tell" came today, when McCain campaign manager Rick Davis (he of injecting the word "race" fame) sent out an email to the campaign list and, lo' and behold, they've already got thousands of little tire gauges with Obama's name on them ready to send out to donors:


What does that tell us?

It's "the tell" that the "tire gauge" strategy was pre-planned, not as an afterthought to some spontaneous prop wielded by Tim Pawlenty 48 hours ago, but, rather, that once the plan was in place, the trinkets for donors had to be designed and manufactured, while Pawlenty was sent out there as the messenger.

I have to admit, it's clever.

It sets up Pawlenty to be the young "ideas guy" on the McCain ticket, as if he brings all the brain cells and marbles that you see falling from McCain's ears like so many cans of applesauce in the supermarket aisle.

Tire gauges! How manly and American!

I do have a humble suggestion for Obama when he wants to signal his vice presidential choice (I so rarely offer advice aloud, so listen up): Send him (or her) out there with one of these:

Because - speaking strictly for myself - if some pretty prep school boy wants to pick a fight with me and comes waving a tire gauge, I always bring a tire iron.

Update: James Wolcott reads my view that "it's beginning to look a lot like... Pawlenty" as a prediction. I'm not going that far yet but the siren call of saying anything that causes James to bestow upon us his unparalleled prose is, I admit, one of the pleasures of this gig:


Sherlock Al Nabs a Suspect

With the facility for shrewd deduction that have made him blogdom's renegade detective, Al Giordano flips on the lights in the darkened parlor and reveals the identity of McCain's veep pick, who looks like the perfect saphead for the Jonah Goldberg campaign the Republicans appear intent on running--smug, jokey, trivial, facile, one long chortle into the ravine.


He also shines a deserving light on Nate Silver's analysis over at 538 who, once he's blogged on a subject, I often wonder whether there is anything left for me to say except "me, too."




Wow, that's insane and inane!

Maybe someday, the republicans will actually say something about their policies instead of simply mocking obama. He's still ahead in the polls (well most of them). Tearing Obama a new one everytime he says something that they think they can mock will not help McSame's numbers. This tire guage thing is crazy! If anyone decides to vote for the old man because of this (which won't happen, it seems to be a fund raising tool), then the weren't going to vote for Obama anyhow.

Are they serious?

This is their idea of a slam against Obama? Dissing him for a statement that's already been written about by NASCAR?

and on the same day

that Obama gives a major speech unveiling his actual energy plan. How stupid can they get?

If there's something beyond jumping the shark, the GOP just did it.

McCain's VP

McCain has an unusual problem when pivking a VP. the usual strategies are well know: pick a weakness and fill it or pick a state to win.

but McCain is old. he only has a partial year to hit the average life expectancy for his demograph. so he needs to pick someone that could be President.  that people will be comfortable with. is Pawlenty the man for that?

I think the Obama team will hit McCain indirectly on age when he picks his VP. they will ask is he (perhaps Pawlenty?) ready to lead? and leave the age issue right out there, merged in something very true and appropriate. the age card is played from the top of the deck.

a few months is a very short time to get comfrtable with a new guy like Palwenty when you have in the back of your mind that he might be President. presonally no one could be worse than McCain but I am not one of his possible supporters, obviously.

Love the tire iron


You literally made me laugh out loud in my office with the tire iron.  Which brought one of my co-workers running in to find out what was so funny.  We both agree, we're ready to place an order for an Obama iron!

A zimmer frame?

Surely a zimmer frame sums up McCain's energy policy better... just hobble on the down the same old road, but at one tenth the speed! Obama gave a great speech on energy in Lansing btw, which I recommend that people read. It has a clear, workable plan, and a real vision of the future. Lovely hit about how long McCain has been in Washington as well!

OT - Happy Birthday Barack!

Today is Barack Obama's 47th birthday!  With no direction from the campaign, individuals around the country are money-bombing with donations today in honor of our candidate, who, of course, will be older than JFK or that other young whippersnapper William Jefferson "I am not a racist" Clinton when he assumes office next January 20th.

Make your contribution today!  Many are including the number 47 or some multiple thereof in their donation, such as $47.47.

As for me, I donated the amount necessary to max out my donations to date to $2300.00 because that's how much I care.

I'll start over toward the general election limit when Obama accepts the nomination in Denver.


I don't think I am going to seek out any advice about driving from the guy who allowed the bridge to collapse in Minnesota.

Beyond the tire gauge gag

I want the Obama campaign to have beter stronger surrogates on TV, I thought his surrogates were weak during the primaries, and they are weak now.

As for the tire guage gag..I's question is..clever field hands...what do you think the response should be?


 I sure hope not, but Bill Browning at Huffpo speculates he will name Bayh on Wednesday. Thoughts?

I do not know what to think about McShame picking Pawlenty. I would like to hear from others, what are opinions as to whether this will help him.

Happy Birthday to Barack, he is one month older than me. If you feel like donating please help me reach my goal.

happy birthdays

Thanks for the link Christi, I used it for my donation and happy (late) birthday to you.

Thank you!

 Amy! I turn 47 next month.

Is it wrong

that I actually want one of those tire guages?  I won't donate to get one, of course, but as an symbol of the common sense, 'the power is already in your hands, if we all make small changes we can make a difference' portion of the Obama energy plan, one could do worse.

Plus, it says 'Obama' on it.

this is their plan?

to release advertisements and merchandise that pretty much endorse their opponent?

"hey Bill, what's with this tire gauge that says Obama on it? I thought you were voting for McCain!"
"well, uh, Obama said that we should check our tire pressure - so that's what I'm gonna do with it!"

McCain 08 - Have You Heard About This Guy Obama?

Where's my Tire Gauge

Obama should release his own line of tire gauges along with an information packet about his entire energy plan. I'd totally donate to get one.


Also, Al - or anyone who didn't catch it, here's an absolutely excellent clip from last Thursday's Daily show refuting the supposed presumptuousness of Obama:


But NASCAR said it!!!

"Dissing him for a statement that's already been written about by NASCAR?"

So NASCAR is the ultimate cultural arbitor now?

I don't care if NASCAR said it, Obama said it, and the Imperial Department of Energy said it all at once. It's damned woeful and doesn't even begin to address how far behind the times this country's energy policy is, and how it's all bought and paid for.

But then they all agree that the Amurikan way of life is non-negotiable - our natural entitlement for all coming ages. So I guess I'll get a tire gauge and do my bit.



@ah103 - You asked:

"So NASCAR is the ultimate cultural arbitor now?"

For a big chunk of McCain's base, yes.


Have you read this? Obama made a throw-away remark (intended as a way of mocking the idea that offshore drilling is the answer to everything) that the Republicans are deliberately trying to make a big deal about. He has a serious energy policy (the link above) which he unveiled today. Reading that may be more reassuring.

tire gauge

I just wrote the Obama campaign and told them I wanted a tire gauge with "Obama" on it but I don't want to contribute to McCain to get it so I suggested that they offer them in their store.  

McCain's strategy

Some others have hit on it, but I find it interesting that so many of McCain's ads (and I can't believe he's actually putting his name on these) are ads in and of themselves FOR Obama.  "The One" for example uses some of his best quotes and shows the excitement that the world and the electorate has for this candidate.  It escapes me how this is a BAD thing.  Likewise with the celebrity one.  And now they are hitting hard on a simple, common sense part of a solution.  I think the correct response is, "if you can't read for yourself that this is only one small part of an overall plan, I'm afraid you are beyond help."  The whole thing just reeks of a high school president race rather than one for POTUS.


On the Bayh speculation, I have always struggled with the notion of having 2 senators on the ticket.  For me, picking Kaine and almost assuring a pickup in VA is just far too tempting to resist.


Also, having just returned from vacation, I would like to echo Al's sentiments about the dog days of summer and how few people are really paying attention.  It's true.  And FWIW, the count out of MT on bumper stickers was 3 Obama 0 McCain.  In fact, I have yet to see one McCain bumper sticker ever.

Tire pressure

If my math is correct if everyone optimized their tire pressure it would more that double the offshore output of Krustys giveaway.

Thank You

I'm so grateful to read the uncensored The Field and comments of the Field Hands. Chuckling with this 'vision' of  Field Hands walking around Denver: tire irons in hand, zimmer frames decorated and some of you (us, cuz even if we aren't in Denver, Christi & all of us will be there in spirit) wearing an Allan inspired tshirt!!!  Just love the intelligence, humor, and still seriousness of this group.  Thank you!

New McShame ad

 They are on the inflate the tire meme. Hillary's in it too.


Al- Way O/T Any relation to Charles Giordano the musician? He used to play with Pat.

I met Pat Benatar last night-one of my musical heros. I used cover her tunes, Great Concert! She didn't do this song, one of my favs.


The tire gauge gambit reminds me of what they tried with Dukakis

...and the belgian endive. It worked then but it won't now. Compare: the Republican solution to our energy crisis is to do dangerous, risky, destructive things -- build nuke plants, rape the environment, launch wars for oil. These all have huge profits right now for big corporations but don't solve the problem for at least a decade.

The Democrat suggests one simple thing that could save us 3% BY NEXT WEEKEND, FOR FREE, and they mock him.

There has got to be a way to point out how easy it is to be a Democrat, and how insane Republicans are.

Jon Stewart was great!

@ Jason Young The Daily Show had me laughing with this as well!

has someone written anything

has someone written anything about the fact that as the McCain campaign and its surrogates laugh their asses off about the power of the tire gauge to reduce oil consumption, ithey're also laughing about the fact that this might save real Americans real money over the longer term?  for someone who supposedly cares about the effect of gas prices on the American family's budget, it's a pretty big point to miss. 

Bayh would be a dreadful

Bayh would be a dreadful pick.  Just what we need, a former DLC Chair.  That organization is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party.  I hope that Obama and his team have not made a strategic decision to move to the center for the general election campaign.  If indeed they have, it's bad thinking.  First, the 'center' ain't what it used to be; over the past 30 years the Republicans have waged a very successful campaign to move the midpoint of the ideological spectrum so far right that no self-respecting Democrat should have anything to do with the center as it is currently defined.  The FISA debate was a perfect example of this dynamic; those of us who took the very traditional American view that the President ought to respect the rule of law and honor the Constitution were dismissed as shrill leftists.

Second, shifting positions on issues gives McCain an opportunity to accuse Obama of flip-flopping.   (Obama changed his position on NASA funding yesterday while speaking in a Florida town that is entirely dependent on the space industry, surprise, surprise....)

Third, jumping around on policy positions causes Obama's base to wonder exactly where he stands, and opens the crack of doubt about whether he truly is a new breed of politician who means what he says and follows through on his promises.

I realize that we can't hold Obama to impossibly high standards of ideological purity--  but now that the general election campaign is under way, I'm seeing a consistent pattern of him moving away from being the candidate he presented himself as during the primary.  All of his motion is in the same direction-- towards the status quo.

It has for awhile

It's between Pawlenty and Romney for sure but I'm actually now leaning towards Romney. McCain has known Pawlenty for 20 years and Pawlenty has been his biggest cheerleader through the thick and thin. He's had since March to make his pick. If he wanted to pick Pawlenty don't you think he would have done it already?

Also rumor has it that McCain will not pick until after Obama. Obama is going to be in Hawaii somewhere between the 8th and the 16th (Olympics start on 8th, he speaks at Rick Waren's church on the 16th). Obama also has a SF fundraiser on the 17th. The earliest Obama will pick is the 18th.

That leaves McCain with the day after the Democratic convention. It seems like to suck up the media attention right after the convention he needs to pick someone who is nationally known. Romney fits that, Pawlenty does not.

Right now I'd give Romney a 50 percent change, Pawlenty a 40 percent chance and the rest of the field 10 percent.

For the Dem veepstakes I predict on the 19th of August Obama will pick Sebelius (30 percent), Kaine (25 percent), Biden (20 percent, Bayh (15 percent) and the rest  10 percent.

My bets on Obama/Sebelius vs McCain/Romney.

Al, quick question: Are you

Al, quick question:

Are you buying all of this recent buzz about Evan Bayh being Obama's VP choice or do you think it's perhaps another deflection?

All, I am definately noting

All, I am definately noting a shift in the news coverage of the msm--especially the AP.  It seems that they are trying to 'balance' their coverage of Obama abroad by featuring McCain photos and stories.

The tire-guage issue is simply innane--and it really does play to the lizard, Limbaugh framing that the Republican base simply drinks up with abandon.

However, I don't see this as an indictment of Obama in anyway--this simply makes McLame look stupid and negative.

This, and the other stupid, vapid propaganda, does serve the purpose of trying to sand-paper the veneer and luster from Obama's fresh image.

And I have noted that there is very little play with respect to Obama's energy plan.  The tire-guage story is less complicated--and it saves brain energy from having to actually compare the energy/environmental programs of the two candidates.

To me this seems like the msm doing its part to keep the race close.

As far as Pawlenty is concerned: yes, I see him as a likely choice for McCain.  I don't think that Charile Christ of Florida wants to tie himself to a potential loser like McLame, and a Pawlenty VP slot will make nice theatrics and emotional impact during the convention.

If McCain can pry away an Obama victory in any of the more 'progressive' Midwest states that are currently leaning toward Obama--but have voted for Republicans during presidental elections--than that could seal the deal for a McCain electoral win.

McLame and the republicans know that they cannot win a debate on the issues--when actual policies are discussed.  Therefore, they will appeal to the gross ignorance and short attention span of the US public; they will continue to use sublte racialized codings and the like.

Obama's strategy seems not to hit back hard against these school-boy, innane attacks--simply let McLame look desparate and petty.     O-man is keeping his powder dry.

But the corporate media certainly isn't helping with its faux-impartiality, and its talking heads not really attempting to assiduously decipher the validity of McLame's attacks, and the general ethics of his campaign at this juncture.  I know, I know...deep down I don't expect much different, they have a horse-race to officiate, and they need to keep it exciting for their ad revenues to keep flowing.



PalGirl - I've wondered that for a long time.  Why are there so few Obama surrogates on TV, and why are they usually so weak?  It's been that way for many months now.


Al - is not putting surrogates on TV part of the Obama strategy?  (I'm guessing the only way it helps is it puts the focus on Obama himself.)

Finally McCain does something useful for Americans

And nice of him to remind them of Obama's Energy Plan, too!

I guess McCain's plan to drill for oil is paying off though -- $2 million from Big Oil, $285,000 just for reversing his drilling policy alone!

And ya know, I bet Obama even knows how to change a tire, and use that air guage. McCain just gets driven around in Cindy's limo.

Me too

Thank You

I'm so grateful to read the uncensored The Field and comments of the Field Hands.



Me too Suzy.

You guys are missing the point

The whole thing about inflating the tires and tuning up your cars is a slam dunk.  Why???

It is something we can do TODAY!!!

That is how Obama counters any GOP talking point.  Here are things that Americans can do TODAY to start reducing the amount of Oil we use as a country and start driving the prices down.  Drilling is great, but check you tire pressure TODAY.  Get a tune up TODAY.  Shit, Obama should appeal to those that look fondly at the Greatest Generation and look back at all of the stunts that went on to help with the WWII war effort.

If all McCain has is drilling and an X-Prize for a better battery, that is really going to help me fill my tank for the next 10 years....

Tap the strategic reserve and give every motorist a tire air gauge.  Or why don't the feds just pay for the fucking air pumps at the gas stations so I don't have to hassle with getting one of those damn tokens when I need to put air in my tires.

Romney for Michigan and the $$

He's picking Romney, hoping to bag Michigan the campaign dollars Romney can muster.

Could Pawlenty deliver Minnesota?

Right now, Nate at 538 has Minnesota at Obama + 8.3 -- a likely Dem state. Anyone from Minnesota (and I know there are a few) care to speculate as to how such a VP pick would play there? Is he hugely popular? He won by only one percent in his reelection bid over Hatch, the Democratic nominee (there was also a Independent candidate in the race who managed to grab 6% of the vote). Looking at a few of the past few elections, and I just don't see a VP candidate flipping a state, especially one that is at that sort of margin, but maybe someone from Minnesota can provide me with some perspective. Not that I think Romney would do that much better at turning a state, being that his business ties would certainly hamper any other positives such as affiliations with Michigan (but his father was governor a long time ago) and Massachusetts (the latest poll shows Mass. falling out of contention for the GOP).

The reason Republicans

The reason Republicans recoil at a suggestion like inflating your tires properly is that they cannot stand the idea of smart collective social action.  They want a cowboy economy and a polical environment where economic predators can prosper.  They figure that if we all get together and do sensible stuff like inflating our tires to the most fuel-efficient pressure, it could lead to communism or something.

No need to design custom gauges

There are actually companies that will print anything you want on things like tire gauges, which make excellent promotional items.  See this random search result:

So it doesn't have to be highly premeditated.  All the McCainites have to do is photoshop a picture, take the money, then place the orders.

Tire gauges & bumper stickers

just back from a week at the beach in South Carolina. I saw the first two McCain stickers; I was surprised not to see more. I also saw lots of Obama stickers. One on a car with SC plates, driven by an AA woman (a sweet grass basket weaver) and one with Tennessee plates driven by a white woman. The balance of the Obama sticker bearers were white men. Every one on the interstate was driven by a white guy. I was excited by that. Also, I agree with Tara. Making fun of the tire pressure gauges is dumb. People like common sense & like feeling as if they're doing their part. I've been predicting Pawlenty for McCain for awhile now. I'm not persuaded that McCain won't choose him in the future because he hasn't done so yet. McCain's not going to get any independents with Romney or the like.

by the way...

I mentioned race & was excited to see all those white guys with Obama stickers because I think there is a tipping point or comfort point at which a lot of white people in the south will go Obama. I realize it's complicated. (When I posted comments at the old site questioning the differences in turn out & results in the south Carolina and Georgia primaries, other commenters responded that race & poltics in the south is complicated etc.) but Obama won all over south Carolina in the primary, not just in "urban" / more African American areas. The same wasn't true in Georgia in the primary, but I think it could happen again in the general, if enough white people get comfortable. I'm not talking about people who are part of the blogosphere. Rather, it's the people who want to vote kinda, but won't necessarily vote, who don't want to read a lot, don't want to stick out, but don't want to think of themselves as racists. These are the folks who might catch on if they see enough people who do look like themselves supporting Obama.

Minnesota solid Obama even with Pawlenty

The only thing that could change it - there was a poll that came out that said it was close, but they were smoking something harsh that day - would be if McCain bows out for health reasons and we get Pawlenty as the Prez pick.

Minnesota native

Not that Obama could possibly have planned for this...

...but isn't it funny how this happens to be the very day that he gives a sweeping speech unveiling his energy plan in Michigan? While the Republicans are running around trying to mock Obama's plan as inadequate, Obama counters with a comprehensive plan to get us energy independent and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Now, it's not a plan I totally agree with. I really think biofuels are a solution that is almost as bad as the problem, and I think his talk on forcing oil companies to use their land or lose their lease is a bit of posturing that won't actually pay off.


Be that as it may, the one thing his plan isn't is shallow and poorly thought out. It's the perfect refutation of the gas gauge attack, and the timing couldn't have been better. Not that Obama could have possibly planned for this...but you have to wonder.


By the way, I got my paycheck today which means it's donation time! I only wish I could have helped Al buy a laptop a month ago.

whether or not Pawlenty could deliver MN

The fact that he is a republican from Minnesota is enough to make him seem like a moderate, a maverick choice by mr-let-me-reclaim-"maverick"-McCain. That's what we'll have to fight if McCain picks him.


Don't discount how deeply, terribly unpopular Pawlenty's Lt Governor (Carol Molnau) is. Swing voters will think twice about making her the governor.

Republicans & the collective

@Basil at 9:41 p.m.

The reason Republicans recoil at a suggestion like inflating your tires properly is that they cannot stand the idea of smart collective social action.  They want a cowboy economy and a polical environment where economic predators can prosper.

You may have a point. Republicans don't seem to like the idea of collective action to solve any problems.  It's part of the myth of the rugged individual.



Pawlenty as VP and impact on outcome in MN

I really don't think having Pawlenty as VP on the ticket is going to win Minnesota for McCain.  He's reasonably popular, but as someone else pointed out, his lieutenant Gov is not.  I also cannot imagine anyone who is currently leaning Obama thinking that 'Oh, well, if HE is VP, I guess McCain is The Man!'  That just doesn't fly.  It may narrow the gap a little bit, but I would be flabbergasted if it caused MN to go to McCain.

Carol in MN

Helen, I agree with

Helen, I agree with you  

 Should Pawlenty be picked, it will be for image - and unlike Romney, he doesn't turn off any important  Republican constituency. And McCain seems to like Pawlenty and I don't think he likes many people, certainly not Romney.

I don't think he can deliver  MN to McCain. He couldn't deliver him the caucuses in February.  Romney won those, and as I recall  McCain got only 11% of the vote. I believe it was Survey USA? whose polling showed Pawlenty wouldn't help McCain carry MN - and in fact would hurt him. But that was awhile ago.

He's not popular.  But I don't believe he's hated or despised. Unlike many rightwingers, he's clever enough  to not aggravate people. He  wins with less than 50% of the vote,  the last time  by -1%  He's not a moderate.  The only reason he seems so is that he's the governor of MN.  His main problem is he's in the pocket of the MN Taxpayers League. So much so, that he  vetoed a gas tax raise to repair MN roads and bridges  - AFTER  the collapse of the 1-35 bridge!

It will  be interesting if McCain picks Pawlenty and Obama picks Kaine because both VP nominees will have been born  in St Paul, MN.  Except Kaine is a governor of a state that is on the rise while Pawlenty is governor of one in decline-  in education, health care, infrastructure, chiefly due to his administration.



McCain picks his butt for VP

While McSame busies himself trying to paint Obama as an out-of-touch, science-loving snooty Frenchman, I fear people's VP speculation and poll-fearing OMGodnessing is slightly misplaced.

Look at the calendar.

In four days, the US public will be glued to their TV sets, watching the Olympics. And during the commercial breaks? Obama-time.

That should settle a few ruffled feathers. Substantive ads. Ads that will make McSame's look like the middle school mashups they are.

Folks have got to learn to stop resurrecting yesterday's failed campaigns and projecting them onto Team Obama.

He'll roll out his VP choice at the time they've scheduled all along, not as a reactive to McCain's flung poo.

All I see is McCain as Rove's newest marionette, utilizing tactics with the sophistication of a middle school food fight while Team Obama calmly readies the battlements for an efficient and decisive war.

Poor Old McJohn... he'll never know what hit him.



Tire Pressure

Olbermann did a pretty long piece on the rediculousness of McCain's mocking this, considering it stands to immediately improve gas mileage for the American people by an estimated 3%.  It was a good piece. 

Great analysis Al!  I liked the tire iron bit!


The Celebrity ad

Have to admit this made me smile - Kathy Hilton, McCain donor and supporter sounding just like the Obama camp:

"It is a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign. It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs. And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next President of the United States." (emphasis added)

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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