You Don't Have to Be in Denver to Join This Party

By Al Giordano

I'm still formulating what I hope will be a meaningful wrap-up of a wonderful and productive long weekend at the Netroots Nation convention in Austin (which, in part, was a test-drive for our upcoming attendance at and reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a month from now). One of the successes in Austin was in our hosting the best convention-eve party there: we met a gigantic posse of friends, Field Hands, readers and colleagues to help us navigate the rest of the week.

Our party in Austin was free (well, for everyone else: we sprung for the food) and the trip overall cost us more dough. The expenses for the Denver coverage have already been met through so many of your donations last month, but we've also got to keep the labor, the hardware and the software of this project going: The Fund for Authentic Journalism, which supports our work, relies on your contributions.

And so with the help of some Colorado Field Hands - including Keith Howard, who has lent us his beautiful home on Sunday, August 24 - our garden party in Denver will also be a fundraising event.

And so, The Field and Narco News cordially invite you to:


A Sunday Afternoon Reception in Denver

Sunday, August 24 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

At the home of Keith Howard

4303 Umatilla Street

(Seven minutes from downtown Denver)

A reception to benefit:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

Minimum contribution: $50

Sponsors: $100, $250, $500, $1,000

Space limited. Make your reservation today by clicking this link.


Even if you can't be in Denver, we'd love to include your name among the sponsors.

And please consider making a $50 contribution (or a donation of any size) from afar even if you can't be there in person. In addition to the importance of your support to the work, we'd like to be able to announce impressive results to kick off that historic week in Colorado.

Press and other inquiries:

Special guests and entertainment to be announced. 


Not fair ;-)

I want to be there - but since it is so hard to be in two places at the same time I have made my contribution from afar.

I won't be there unless

I am one of the lucky ones chosen to receive a trip by the Obama campaign.  Fingers crossed!

But I will donate to the cause so I can be with you in spirit.  I can't wait to read your reports from the convention!

Might make your party

I'm driving, so it's iffy. Otherwise, look for the 5x42 foot STOP GOVERNMENT SPYING banner.


Democrat for US Senate (Wisconsin 2012)

Bringing my Husband too!

 Looks like we will have to leave earlier than we thought, so we can attend. I don't want to make it to Denver and not the benefit for this must read site.

Ghost Party

I can only be at the party in spirit due to my teaching schedule, but made a contribution.  I know Al & fellow Field Hands will send authentic vibes my way.  If I were driving, my banner would read: Yes We Can, and We Will. 

I hope Keith

 has a smoking area outside of his house :)

Of course

Christi - Heh. Who do you think is holding this party? There will be ashtrays in garden and on the porch.

Al, I will be kicking you

Al, I will be kicking you and Obama more money in August.

Great work so far.  I feel much more engaged and empowered giving money directly to support your world citizen journalistic efforts than I would subscribing to Salon, or other lame-stream sources of information (where I would be subjected to information that tends to support the diseased patterns of status quo imperialism and human exploitation.)

And, Al, please, no cig butts in the garden area.  The filters are not biodegradable  (the tabacco/herb is, of course)

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