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Now More Than Ever The World Needs The School of Authentic Journalism

It is a time of deep social conflict in the United States, Mexico, and throughout much of the world.  Amid this conflict, The School of Authentic Journalism provides an effective laboratory where we study and teach how to communicate the objectives and stories of social movements that seek to transform the world, and our view of it, for the better. Our work is to tell stories - and help others tell their own stories - in ways that make movements stronger, more effective and victorious. But only with your support will the 2017 school be possible, and you can do so here. 

Mercedes Osuna teaches "Safety In Conflict Zones," one of the most popular and important sessions at the school.
Mercedes Osuna teaches "Safety In Conflict Zones," one of the most popular and important sessions at the school.

We have no endowment and our only financial support comes from readers and supporters to a nonprofit organization, The Fund for Authentic Journalism. We are a team of united individuals who share our ideas, knowledge, and our own time to train journalists to cover and support the struggles our world so desperately needs. 

Each year, the School of Authentic Journalism invites between 40 and 80 talented journalists and organizers to learn a unique form of struggle based on strategic media skills and nonviolent civil resistance. $30,000 is the minimum it costs to make a Spanish language session happen. However, if we raise $70,000, we'll be able to host a longer bilingual school in 2017 for English speakers too.

Ahora Más Que Nunca El Mundo Necesita El Periodismo Auténtico

Estamos viviendo tiempos de crisis social y política en México, Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo y en medio de este conflicto, la Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico ofrece un espacio en el que se replantean las formas en que comunicamos los objetivos e h

The School of Authentic Journalism showed me it is possible to build a different world

My name is Esteban Jaramillo but almost everyone calls me Ave. In these few lines I want to tell you what it meant for me to attend the "School of Authentic Journalism". The last ten years I have been writing scripts, mostly comedy. I’ve worked in radio, television and I have produced web content, so I was very surprised when I got accepted to a journalism course.

Connecting the Dots: Al Giordano, Rio de Janeiro and the Spirit of Jeff Buckley

“I will not be afraid of death and bane till Birnam forest come to Dunsinane.” -Macbeth

Progress and Help Needed

Dear Friends, Readers and Co-publishers of Narco News,

Eight days ago I wrote about our pressing need to raise $5000 for Narco
News in just over two weeks to prevent immediate and painful cutbacks
in coverage.  Now, I'm pleased to report we've made significant
progress.  But I'm also worried.  We're still not quite half way to our
goal.  With just another eight days left, we still need to raise $2865.

Bolivian President Carlos Mesa resigns

President Carlos Mesa announced his resignation on radio and television tonight.  According to Reuters he said he would "present his resignation formally to Congress on Monday."  

I've been told that would make the President of the chamber of deputies, Hormando Vaca Diez, next in line for the presidency to finish out Mesa's term.  

Narco News Needs Our Help Today

"It's been months of reporting story after story since the last time we asked you for help.  Now it's time for we, the readers to do our part again."  

Please go on to read the letter below.  We need to raise $5000 for Narco News in just over two weeks or Narco News will face having to cut back coverage.  Thank you.

New Video - "Gary Webb: In His Own Words"

This morning the Guerilla News Network released a new video, "Gary Webb: In His Own Words."  Based on interview footage shot during the 2003 School of Authentic Journalism, it's both a moving tribute to a hero of authentic journalism and a plainspoken discussion of the Dark Alliance CIA/contra/cocaine story; what it meant and how it was attacked.  

Watch it online at the GNN site here:

Gift DVDs and News from The Fund for Authentic Journalism

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters,

Can you believe it?  Two thirds of the year are gone already.  And what an amazing year it's been for Narco News and the School of Authentic Journalism.  You've been reading the articles, listening to the radio reports and viewing the photography and video on Salón Chingón, so I probably don't need to remind you what this thing is all about and why we support it.  You know that already.  Instead, I just want to take a moment to tell you about our latest fundraising drive, how we got here and how we're going to take Narco News forward into many seasons ahead.  

We started this year with nothing.  In a way, maybe it was worse than nothing because we were forced to raise the majority of our total budget in the early months of the year.  We needed to raise $60,000 to return Narco News to publishing and hold our fantastically successful J-school in Bolivia.  Thanks to the hard work and generosity

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