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I was a member of the Narco News team in various capacities, from webmaster to Editor-in-Chief, from 2002-2008. Since 2006 I have also been a member of the International Peace Observatory, which performs human rights accompaniment for Colombian campesino organizations in conflict zones. I am now living in Boston and working as a website developer for DigitalAid, Inc.

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Jul 2 2009 - 9:40pm
Honduras' Dictator-for-a-Day Rails vs. Obama & Chávez, Declares Martial Law
Jun 28 2009 - 10:08pm
State Violence in Iran Hits New Extreme
Jun 24 2009 - 4:48pm
Brainstorming Iran: An X-Ray of Immediate History
Jun 24 2009 - 4:44pm
State Violence in Iran Hits New Extreme
Jun 24 2009 - 2:46pm

Other Journalism, Narco News Journalists Arrested in Oaxaca

James Daria and Dul Santamaría, journalists with the Other Journalism and Narco News, were arrested today in Oaxaca City together with a group of colleagues and adherents to the Other Campaign. According to the following communiqué we have just received from the Red Oaxaqueña Zapatista (Oaxaca Zapatista Network), they were detained by a group of police in civilian clothing in an act of violent repression against independent journalism and the Zapatista Other Campaign…

Periodistas del Otro Periodismo y Narco News detenidos en Oaxaca

Los periodistas de Narco News y el Otro Periodismo, James Daria y Dul Santamaría, fueron detenidos hoy en la ciudad de Oaxaca junto con un grupo de colegas y adherentes a la Otra. Según el siguiente comunicado que acabamos de recibir de la Red Oaxaqueña Zapatista, los detuvo un grupo de policías vestidos de civil en un acto de represión violenta contra el periodismo independiente y la Otra Campaña zapatista…

Peruvians Favor Ollanta Humala for President in First Round of Elections

Last year, when he first entered politics, few took Ollanta Humala’s presidential bid seriously. Now, the retired lieutenant colonel who supports coca legalization and speaks of “the progressive forces in the region that are building a great Latin American family,” and of his wish to join “a new generation of leaders that have in common the search for an alternative to the neoliberal model” has come out on top in the first round of Peru’s presidential elections.

A Laughable "Victory" in the Drug War

The Bush administration is getting desperate for good news out of Colombia. Despite promises each year that the war on coca cultivation is turning the corner, about to bear fruit (pick your favorite metaphor, the drug czar has tried them all), the supply of cocaine remains more or less stable, with prices still far below their pre-Plan Colombia levels. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC in its Spanish initials) appears no closer to defeat despite major U.S.-backed military offensives against them. And word is slowly but surely beginning to spread about the overwhelming corruption of U.S. law enforcement agents in the country, thanks to Bill Conroy’s reports in Narco News.

Now the U.S. Justice Department has “indicted” 50 members of the FARC. “This is the largest narcotics trafficking indictment ever filed in U.S. history,” said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at a press conference last week, triumphantly giving the illusion of some kind of progress in the war on drugs.

Only three of the 50 accused are actually in custody; the other 47 are active fighters in Latin America’s largest and strongest insurgent army, with no more likelihood of capture than before the March 22 announcement. And given that agencies implicated in the cover-up of the DEA’s corruption in Colombia were at the lead in this “investigation,” its findings are highly questionable…

Familia de narco pagó 83 millones de dólares a EU para evitar su extradición y juicio

Mientras Bill Conroy y Narco News siguen investigando y descubren documentos acerca de los alegatos de corrupción masiva en la oficina de Bogotá de la Agencia Antidrogas de EU (DEA, por sus siglas en inglés), la revista semanal Cambio (propiedad de, y dirigida en parte por, el ex partidario de la legalización de las drogas Gabriel García Márquez) ha desenterrado un chisme judicial por su cuenta. En el número de la semana pasada, en cuya portada se lee “El precio de la justicia”, la revista revela que el 31 de enero de este año el Departamento de Justicia estadounidense recibió los últimos 1,3 millones de dólares de un pago de 83 millones de parte de la familia del jefe paramilitar y narcotraficante colombiano asesinado Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, alias “El Mexicano”. A cambio del inmenso pago, la familia –la viuda y siete de sus herederos– recibió inmunidad ante la acusación que enfrentaba en la Corte de Jacksonville, Florida, en Estados Unidos.

Rightwing Narco's Family Paid $83 Million to the U.S. to Avoid Prosecution

As Bill Conroy and Narco News continue to investigate and uncover documents regarding the allegations of massive corruption in the Bogotá office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Colombian newsmagazine Cambio (owned and directed in part by former drug legalization supporter Gabriel García Marquéz) has dug up a juicy tidbit of its own. In this week’s issue, whose cover reads “The Price of Justice,” the magazine reveals that on January 31 of this year the U.S. Justice Department received the last $1.3 million of an $83 million payment from the family of slain Colombian paramilitary boss and narco-trafficker Gonzalo “The Mexican” Rodríguez Gacha. In return for the massive payment, the family – Rodríguez’ widow and seven of his “heirs” – received immunity from prosecution, which they were facing from the Jacksonville, Florida U.S. District Court.

Dàmaso oggi è stato liberato

Ci è arrivato la seguente e-mail di una compagna dell’Otro Periodismo in San Cristóbal, Chiapas. Dámaso Villanueva, prigioniero político da una settimana per il suo appoggio all’Altra Campagna degli zapatistas, è libero per mancanza di prove  contro di lui…

Chiapas Political Prisoner Dámaso Villanueva Released

The following email arrived the night of March 2 from a friend of the Other Campaign in San Cristóbal, Chiapas. Dámaso Villanueva, political prisoner for a week due to his support for the Zapatista Other Campaign, has been released due to lack of evidence against him…

Hoy liberaron al preso político Dámaso Villanueva

Nos ha llegado el siguiente correo de una compañera del Otro Periodismo en San Cristóbal, Chiapas. Dámaso Villanueva, preso político por una semana por su apoyo a la Otra Campaña de los zapatistas, está libre por falta de pruebas en su contra…

The DEA Now Part of John Negroponte's Intelligence Community

On February 17, the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Office of National Security Intelligence has now become the 16th member of the Intelligence Community (IC). All the agencies in the IC, including the CIA, FBI and NSA, are all now under the leadership of John Negroponte, President Bush’s appointment to the newly created position of National Intelligence Director one year ago.

According to the announcement, “This designation does not grant DEA new authorities, but it does formalize the long-standing relationship between the DEA and the IC.” So it is unclear what this means for the future of the drugs war. Possibly nothing significant. But one thing to keep in mind is that Negroponte’s many overseas jobs include ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985. From the U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa, he was intimately involved in the bloody policies of the U.S. government throughout Central America in the 1980s and had a significant role in the Iran-Contra scandal.

A Bush/Reagan loyalist and narco responsible for thousands of violent Central American deaths, now with formal authority of part of the DEA? Insights welcome below in the comments section about what this could bring.

Read the announcement here.

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