Children of Cuernavaca

By Ahlam Said

Walking through Cuernavaca Plaza yesterday was like being caught between a memorial service and a celebration.  Pictures of the deceased were everywhere: screen-printed on t-shirts, hanging across stone walls, surrounded by candles near Jesus and Mary statues, and even on balloons in children’s hand. Yet, there couldn’t possibly be enough space in the plaza to display the pictures of over 60,000 who have died and the 20,000 who have disappeared since the Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderón, militarized the drug war in 2006.

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Crosses that bear the names of the deceased were scattered around the stage. Parents prodded their children to stop playing with the crosses.  In an act of innocent rebellion, they continued tossing the crosses in the air and catching them. It’s as though they are comforting the spirits of the deceased like they once comforted them during their infancy. Or maybe they can no longer decipher between joy and pain, life and death.  Every element of pain accompanied a precious reminder of life – this is how resilience continues, through the children of Mexico. 


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