Mexicans demand peace and justice


By Behnam Saremi 

Some 500 Mexicans from different walks of live came together in Cuernavaca’s main square to commemorate the first anniversary of victims of the drug war in the capital city of the state of Morelos, Mexico.

The peaceful demonstration which was organized by the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) brought together even religious minority groups, including Muslims, to the Plaza de Armas- the main square in Cuernavaca on Wednesday, March 28th.

“Enough is enough! We are fed up with violence. We are fed up with incopetent officials who were not able to bring murderes to justice,” said one of the many speakers who were at the square that day.

Cuernavaca also known as “The City of Eternal Spring” witnessed horrific incidents caused by the drug traffickers. Since 2006, the drug war claimed over 50,000 lives. One of those incidents took the life of a young man, named Juanelo, the son of the prominent Mexican poet, Javier Sicilia, and made him one of the victims of the on-going drug war here in Mexico. Sicilia, who attended the event and spoke at the end of the commemoration, became the driving force behind the MPJD. Sicilia, found solace in sharing his pain with parents who too like him lost their children. It was their united pain and Sicilia’s call to the people to take the streets and demand an end to this violence that gave birth to MPJD exactly one year ago.

During the day at the main square some of the local women stiched the names of those who lost their lives during the violent incidents. One of these women inrduced herself as a peace seeking activist, saying, “The bloodshed must be stopped not only in Mexico, but in the whole of Latin America. We are here to emphasize that the movement will continue its peaceful resistance untill its demands of putting an end to the drug war are finally met.”

The event was covered by the School of Authentic Journalism, class of 2012.





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