Arrested Narco News Other Journalism Correspondents Released

We have just received word that Narco News Other Journalism correspondents James Daria and Dul Santamaría and their colleagues Moisés Altamirano Bustos, Hasavias López Cortés, Jessica Joseph Daria, Hillary Chase Lowenbere and Andrew William Saltzman have been released from police custody in Oaxaca City. The group had been arrested on May 1, in an illegal attack by the Oaxacan authorities on press freedom and the Other Campaign.

According to James Daria, the group was set free due to lack of evidence against them and “because we had a lot of support and solidarity.”

More information on the case of our, and your, persecuted journalists will be published soon in Narco News. Thanks goes out to all our readers and allies who have offered their help and support during these last two days.

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About Dan Feder

I was a member of the Narco News team in various capacities, from webmaster to Editor-in-Chief, from 2002-2008. Since 2006 I have also been a member of the International Peace Observatory, which performs human rights accompaniment for Colombian campesino organizations in conflict zones. I am now living in Boston and working as a website developer for DigitalAid, Inc.