By their silence today, U.S. Senators condone House of Death murders

In a Congressional hearing today marking the height of hypocrisy in Washington, Senators on both sides of the aisle beat their chests over the long prison terms doled out to two Border Patrol agents who shot a drug smuggler in the rump and then covered up evidence of the shooting.

The U.S. Attorney on the hot seat for the prosecutions today was Johnny Sutton, who also helped to spearhead the cover-up of the U.S. government’s complicity in a dozen murders in Mexico – a case dubbed the House of Death. The victims, with the help of a U.S. government informant, were tortured, murdered and then buried in the backyard of a house in Juarez.

But the House of Death was not on the agenda today in the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Instead, this was a day to feign bipartisanship (likely as part of some pre-arranged barter involving pork-related votes). And it was a day to make political hay on the immigration issue — an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats alike to wave the flag over border security. In that context, asking questions about the U.S. government’s complicity in the mass murder of Mexican citizens doesn’t send the right signals, I suppose.
Here’s what the Houston Chronicle had to say about today’s hearing:

Tackling a case that has become a flashpoint in the immigration debate, senators today denounced as excessive the prison sentences for two Border Patrol agents from Texas who shot and wounded a fleeing, unarmed Mexican drug smuggler.

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee criticized the 12- and 11-year prison sentences given to ex-agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, respectively. And they strongly questioned federal prosecutors' decision to charge the pair with using a weapon during the commission of a crime — a 10-year penalty that most often is used against drug dealers and other criminals, not law enforcement officers obliged to carry guns as part of their jobs.

… "The public sees two Border Patrol agents serving long prison sentences while an admitted drug smuggler goes free," Cornyn said, adding that he has "serious concerns about the judgment calls made during the prosecution of this case."

In his defense, Sutton marshaled the cause of Lady Justice, pointing out that Compean and Ramos committed serious crimes under the color of law. He failed to mention, however, nor did the fine Senators inquire about, the House of Death murders committed under the color of law in Juarez.

Why not? Could it be that murdering Mexicans is not a crime in America, but imprisoning law enforcers who shoot or murder Mexicans is a crime?

Or is it the drug-dealing angle that makes the shooting and murders an act of justice?

If that’s the case, then why bother with having any future trials for anyone who is suspected of being involved in the drug trade. Hell, we can just line them up, torture them and then blow their heads off — maybe even bury the corpses under the Capitol. If we happen to grab a few innocent people by mistake, who’s going to know — or care?

Well, that line of thinking is pure bullshit, which appears to be in favor in Washington these days.

More from the Houston Chronicle:

Johnny Sutton, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, strenuously defended his prosecutors' decisions in the controversial case, which has proven a headache for the White House, the Justice Department and Border Patrol. Sutton himself has been attacked as "Johnny Satan" and as the Mike Nifong of Texas, a reference to the much-criticized North Carolina prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case who was recently disbarred for misconduct.

"Agents Compean and Ramos crossed the line. They are not heroes," Sutton said. "They deliberately shot an unarmed man in the back without justification, destroyed evidence to cover it up and lied about it. These are serious crimes."

Oddly, it also is a “serious crime” for federal agents, prosecutors and bureaucrats to allow a U.S. government informant to participate in torturing and murdering a dozen Mexican citizens and then subsequently seek to cover up evidence of their complicity in the carnage.

Sandy Gonzalez, the former head of DEA’s field office in El Paso who blew the whistle on the House of Death cover-up, minces no words on that score:

"It is surreal and incomprehensible for members of the three branches of government, and of the so-called mainstream media, to have concealed the government's involvement in multiple murders [at the House of Death] from the public, thereby becoming co-conspirators in the cover-up as well as alleged accessories after the fact. The American people need to know this.

Narco News has already exposed, and documented, that the cover-up of the House of Death murders goes to the very top of the U.S. departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Narco News also has reported on the fact that staff members of prominent Republican and Democratic U.S. Senators, including the current chair of the Judiciary Committee, have been briefed on the cover-up.

Now it appears, by their silence, both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are condoning that cover-up — and by extension have become complicit in the bloodshed.

Come on fine Senators. Prove me wrong.

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