For a Transcendent Journalism That Gives Priority To Social Narrative

By Argelia Valles Ramos Since I was a child, I was raised to question official news and the versions of it published by mass media. In this way I have always been interested in news about vulnerable groups and I learned to observe the inequality I saw around me.When, in Mexico, the opportunity of political change emerged, I approached those journalistic groups that claimed to defend democracy and the working classes; however, over the years I realized they only defended different interests that were far from people’s needs.                                                             Just when I found myself most disappointed after having worked in the so-called critical press, my friend Greg told me about a group of journalists that promote an honest journalism in which issues that are most important to the population are exposed. Attracted to this transcendent journalism that gives priority to social narrative, I applied for the School of Authentic Journalism, in which I learned techniques to develop a critical and honest journalism, while meeting people who shared the same concerns as I do.I wasn’t wrong. What I learned at the School of Authentic Journalism helped confirm my idea of what an authentic exercise of social criticism should be, far removed from “official” interests. I thank Al Giordano and Greg Berger for the invitation to be part of a generation of journalists from different parts of the world who, for a brief moment, could share their most urgent concerns about how to change our social reality. If you identify with what we do, if you want to be part of a group of journalists committed to change the current conditions of our societies, we invite you to help us support this project economically so that more people can develop their critical spirit and keep the belief that things in the world can be different. Help us keep the School of Authentic Journalism going. Join our kickstarter campaign Affectionately, Argelia Valles Ramos

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