Copublishers Introductions... ¡Presente!

Now that more than half of our copublishers are in the door, with others constantly arriving, let's hear from each of ya with a brief introduction here on this thread.

Present your brilliant copublishing selves!

Al Giordano, ¡Presente!. I live somewhere in a country called América (too often in various somewheres all at once). I'm a journalist who reports on the drug war and democracy from Latin America, and I'm publisher of Narco News. I offer my partisan political opinions over at my weblog,, so if anyone wants to play at elections and that kind of thing, you're invited over there, too.

I sometimes subsidize this intercontinental ballistic trilingual online newspaper by strumming my Dobro in clubs. Over the next year, thanks to a recent stroke of good luck in the legal system, I (who have never owned a house before) plan on constructing a permanent oceanside campus-newsroom for the School of Authentic Journalism. In future years, we'll see some of you there, no doubt.

In the meantime, we're hard at work in the Narco Newsroom, and I'm very excited that so many of you are already here, inside the Narcosphere. Ahead of us on the highway is immediate history, and we're gaining on it!

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About Al Giordano


Publisher, Narco News.

Reporting on the United States at The Field.