Coup Attempt in Haiti

A Narco News reader, Thomas, writes me that he's "disappointed" that we're not reporting from Haiti.

I'm disappointed too. We don't yet count with the resources to put a reporter on the ground there. (The Fund for Authentic Journalism treasurer, Andrew Grice, will shortly appear here in the Narcosphere to explain that we're still waiting on pledged funds.)

But I have thought of who could do the job, if resources suddenly became available: Paging Stan Goff.

Meanwhile, click the "read more" link for a round up of links to the latest news reports on what is occuring in this Caribbean country... Democracy Now reports Haitian Prime Minister: "Coup D'Etat Machine in Motion"

AP's Mark Stevenson also calls a coup a coup.

CBS reporter Charles Wolfson fills in some details.

Amnesty International reports on the shady history of the paramilitary coup instigators and worries aloud about a flood of refugees to Florida.

AP's resident commie hunter George Gedda reports that Washington won't send troops, as it did ten years ago, to back the elected government, but, also, refreshingly, exposes some of the U.S. electoral politics that are also in play.

New York Timesman Christopher Marquis reports that France and Canada may send troops to Haiti, but only under certain conditions.

TransAfrica weighs in, reminding that Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide is the elected president, and reminds, correcting the record from a lot of innuendo of late:

President Aristide was duly elected by the Haitian people. In fact, he was elected twice. In the most recent election there is no credible source that questions the legitimacy of the election. There is no credible allegation that the election was stolen or that methods of intimidation were utilized. In fact, the cries about electoral irregularities have focused almost entirely on several parliamentary seats, the results of which, even if overturned, would not have changed the balance of power in government.

So, kind readers, what else can we do from a distance?

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