An Authentic Journalist in Haiti

A correspondent for a major United States daily newspaper, who just returned from Haiti, wrote me this letter today:

I'm glad to see you've opened the forum on the question of whether Aristide resigned. Well done!

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During the 10 days I spent in Haiti I was constantly reminded of Venezuela, and it seems the parallels continue, even down to the two presidents' ousters. Unfortunately, Aristide did not have oil, nor the support of the military and I don't think he's coming back.

Publisher's Note: Aristide eliminated the military. Thus, no rank-and-file soldiers were left to disobey the once and future brass... that bottom-up revolt was key to Venezuelan democracy's survival... but Haiti didn't have it. Maybe that was an honest error that others should not repeat.)

Our correspondent continues:

What I wonder is whether this question of whether he resigned or not will be deemed a moot point by the mainstream media and brushed under the rug, or whether it will cause a scandal. If the U.S. really did kidnap Aristide, it seems like a tremendously risky move, with little to gain. The only motive I can think of (besides Roger Noriega's and other policymaker's decade-old animosity toward Aristide), was to avoid a bloodbath in Port-au-Prince between the rebels and Aristide's armed supporters and police, which could have gotten out of control and provoked a flood of refugees. Of course it is possible Aristide is trying to save face. It must be humiliating for him, an idealist who had
once inspired so much hope, to be driven out of the country for the second, and perhaps last time. I want to see this letter of resignation...

If it's any consolation, when it comes to seeing the real, unabridged, letter... reportedly written in Creole and not in English... and reportedly, according to Aristide, with missing tracts that change its whole message... so would 30 other Latin American heads of State like very much to see it, and probably won't rest until every single one does.

And Aristide is on the air right now on CNN (it's morning in forced exile in Africa)...

And. also, more than a few authentic journalists would like to see it.

But "driven out of the country for... perhaps the last time"?

Heh. There are elections scheduled for 2006.

Let's see whether the occupying force respects them.

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