The Smoking Gun: Aristide Didn't Resign

The jig is really up.

BigLeftOutside reader Hal C. reports, with links:

The Lawrence (KS) Journal World has a pdf of Aristide's resignation letter linked to an article on the professor chosen by the state department to provide an independent rendering of the text.

KU's Bryant Freeman, a specialist in the Haitian Creole language, said Aristide's letter never said, "I am resigning."

Here is the Lawrence Journal-World link to the original letter.

Here is (for safe keeping, just in case others get timid or intimidated) The Narcosphere permanent and eternal link to the same letter... Here is the Lawrence Journal-World report on this history-changing, online, correction of the official, dishonest, record:

Mary Ellen Gilroy, director of the Office of Caribbean Affairs at the State Department, contacted Freeman to see if he would do a translation of the document.

"I didn't have a dream I would actually have the original thing," Freeman said.

Freeman said he was called by the State Department because he and Gilroy had worked together in Haiti and he is a recognized expert on the Haitian language.

He's working on the fifth edition of his 55,000-word, Creole-English dictionary. Freeman has studied Haitian history, language and culture for more than 45 years.

Freeman said he did not know what the State Department was planning to do with his translation of Aristide's letter, but he said he thought the document would be historically significant.

"I think this is one of the three most important historic documents in the history of Haiti," Freeman said.

So there we have it.

There was no resignation.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide remains the legitimately elected president of Haiti.

Gerard Latortue is an illegtimate ruler, who has no claim to the throne he occupies. (In fact, he sounds more an more like Venezuela Dictator-for-a-Day Pedro Carmona, who temporarily claimed the throne of Venezuela, while legitimate President Hugo Chavez had been kidnapped, in 2002.)

The United States government's own translator, an expert in Haitian-French Creole, author of the definitive dictionary, confirms what Narco News reported days ago.

"This place is getting hot."

- Robert Hunter

Send Gerard Latortue back to Boca Raton, which tranlates as "the mouth of the rat."

Or, alternative translation: "The mouse's mouth."

Eeewwwwww. This tyrant, Gerard Latortue, and his tyranny, will not stand.

Narco News has spoken.

That is not an opinion.

It is a vow.

Latortue must go.

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