Venezuela Goes to Referendum

Venezuela National Radio (RNV) reports:

CNE Indicates that the Signatures Against President Chávez Were Collected

CNE director Jorge Rodríguez announced that according to preliminary results, the presidential recall referendum collected 15,000 more signatures than needed. There will also be recall referenda for nine opposition congressmen.

(More information in a few minutes.)

Thus, all the crybaby accusations by the "opposition" that their petition drive would not be respected (and their ridiculous claim to have collected 200,000 more than needed) are proved to be false.

And now they will learn what this phrase means:

"Be careful what you wish for... you might get it."

President Hugo Chávez has convened the public to Miraflores palace (the White House of Venezuela) and will give a speech in about an hour.

Now watch the opposition show its true colors, as the gang that can't shoot straight, having to now fight a fair electoral fight, again, for the eighth time in six years... having failed the previous seven times.

Narco News will update the news throughout the evening.


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