No Hard Data Yet from Venezuela

CARACAS VENEZUELA; AUGUST 16, 2004, 2:00 A.M.: It was a day without precedent: A record voter turnout for the first-ever recall referendum on a president in the American hemisphere and an unprecedented extension, twice moved, of the hour until which citizens could vote in response to unrivaled long lines of voters going to the polls...

And at two o'clock the next morning, the country and the world await the results.

I'm still here in the Narco News informational war room, with various Venezuelan colleagues, waiting for the National Electoral Council (CNE in its Spanish initials) to hold its press conference. So far both sides - the supporters of the "yes" vote and supporters of the "no" vote - have refrained from offering results in public, although both have spooned out discordant numbers, off the record, to us and the rest of the press.

In the immortal words of that great American philosopher Tom Petty: "They Way-aiting is the hardest part!"

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