Top Ten Fraudulent Claims of Fraud in Venezuela

The losers of yesterday's referendum vote in Venezuela are not accepting the results that, according to official numbers, give a landslide mandate to President Hugo Chávez to push on with his Bolivarian revolution.

However, news reports that repeat these claims of election "fraud" are, not surprisingly, thin on details or hard facts to back up the claims.

Therefore, as a public service, Narco News has conducted an exhaustive search across the Internet and throughout the news media for the concrete accusations of those who claim "fraud" in yesterday's historic, record-turnout, vote. We present them to you, kind reader, so you can make up your own mind how substantive, or unsubstantive, the opposition claims are in reality.

All quotes guaranteed verbatim from the blogosphere and online news sites! Top Ten Fraudulent Claims of Fraud in Venezuela


"Something rings funny in his (Chávez's) voice. I do not buy it."

- Daniel Duquenal, escualido blogger,

9. "They assigned us a number of votes that is inferior to that which we collected to request the referendum."

- Henry Ramos, spokesman, "Coordinadora Democratica," on Univision TV

8. "Jimmy Carter never met a dictator or a tyrant that he didn't like."

- Geroni,

7. "Today is a holiday in Venezuela, people are not supposed to work today... people are very vocal and there should be a general "mood" of festivities...."

- "Feathers,"

6. "It doesn't seem logical… The silence of the observers draws notice… I have tried to locate the observers. I have called them but I get the answering machine. I don't know what is happening here."

- Teodoro Petkoff, editor, Tal Cual, on Union Radio, according to Christina Toro,

5. "Directors Sobella Mejias and Ezequiel Zamora were not present."

- Aleksander Boyd, (see footnote A)

4. "There is no way ... I walked all around Caracas, Talk to People on the street and Cleary Chavez was revoked. We need to SCREAM FRAUD !!!"

- Leo,

3. "The exit polls are showing a 20pt lead for the SI, and a source within the CC tells me that in 23 de enero the SI is running ahead 54/46; every single middle class neighborhood in Caracas is totally congested with voters who haven't voted yet (my companion just got out after 9.5 hrs in the line at Santa Paula, starting at 5:45am) and a chavista friend tells me he voted in 45 minutes -- the barrios populares have NO trouble voting.....and still the poor voters are voting down the NO." *

- Eric (Ekvall?),

2. "I saw how big the marcha was Aug. 12th... After that I knew that the SI vote had the numbers required..."

- Joe Summers,

1. "The CIA, the FBI, the BBC, the KGB, NBC, CBS, DVD, TNSLPPBNTSO and finally the CC/OAS mission. Plus ABC, CNN, FN, FT and the CD. Also polling: RCTV, VV, TV, RCR, UR, and a long etcetera of organizations. In short: people we know, and we don't have to disclose to anybody."

- Jose R. Mora,


A. Opposition election commissioners Mejias and Zamora missed the CNE meeting because they chose, instead, to hold a press conference disparaging the results before they had a chance to attend that meeting and see them with their own eyes.

B. "Eric" also said, in defense of his violation of Venezuelan law by publishing "exit poll" results (that, also, obviously, turned out to be fabricated):

"I never signed an oath not to divulge what I know, and what I 'know' comes from impeccable sources who might, just MIGHT, be playing me for a sucker so that I'll pas on this information and 'destabilize' this virtually capsized country already ....but I seriously doubt it. Take it for what it's worth, and lighten up, Fabiana. It's okay. The 'Nicaragua effect' worked here - in spades."

There you have it, kind readers: All the reasons given, so far, to not recognize the results of a fair and free electoral referendum!

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