The Fund for Authentic Journalism Seeks a Volunteer Administrator in Massachusetts

Be a Part of the Team that Keeps Narco News and the School of Authentic Journalism Going Strong

By Al Giordano

Publisher, Narco News

For the past five years Benjamin Melançon – graduate of the 2004 School of Authentic Journalism – has done a heroic job managing the The Fund for Authentic Journalism, the 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Massachusetts that supports the work of journalists at Narco News and its j-school.

Ben and his family and friends have picked up the mail, deposited the checks, kept the books, issued grants and payments, sent out hundreds of DVDs, books and other gifts and thank you notes to its donors, and for five years they’ve done it as volunteers.

Understandably, five years is a long term for such unpaid service and Ben finds himself increasingly busy with his own web development and organizing work, and has indicated a wish to retire from the position in the coming months.

Because The Fund is registered in the state of Massachusetts, that is where it must be administrated. We have many readers, supporters and friends in the Bay State from the Berkshires to Boston, from the Merrimack Valley to Southeastern Mass. And so the Fund has asked us to help seek someone already familiar with this project and its work who can spend a few hours a week as a volunteer taking over the management of the Fund.

The Fund for Authentic Journalism, founded by readers of Narco News, has a mission of getting a maximum amount of the funds that it raises directly to the work of authentic journalists. For that reason it has not rented an office nor paid staff. It can’t offer money to its next administrator, just the satisfaction of being part of an international team that is about to enter its eleventh year breaking the information blockade across the hemisphere and changing the history of journalism… and perhaps some invitations to very interesting events and the chance to meet and collaborate with talents of conscience across América and the world.

Here is the job description:

- Check the PO Box once a week (more during three or four fund appeal seasons each year). The Fund’s address – currently in Natick – can be changed to anywhere in Massachusetts. The administrator should be someone who is around most of the year and who has local help for any times when he or she is traveling.

- Keep good books of donations received (date, amount, name, address and email of donor) and of all expenditures made.

- Deposit the checks in a timely manner to the (Massachusetts) bank account of The Fund. Currently, this account is with a bank in the Natick area. Again, The Fund can change banks for the convenience of its administrator.

- Participate in periodic conference calls with The Fund’s board of directors.

- Send out “thank you” notes to those who send donations by mail.

- Issue wire transfers, PayPal payments and grants and fees by mail to journalists and vendors. (Because of the safety issues involved in the work of many journalists supported by The Fund, at times wire transfers must be made on a single day’s notice.)

- Work with The Fund’s treasurer each year as he prepares and files The Fund’s state and federal tax statements, to make sure he has the accurate information of receipts and expenditures.

- At times The Fund offers gifts to donors (DVDs, books, etcetera). The administrator takes care of shipping them to the recipients.

- Be in regular contact and available daily via email and phone to Narco News’ publisher and some other journalists supported by The Fund.

Although the work really involves just a few hours a week – sometimes not even that, depending on the season – it is work that has to be done regularly and punctually for the entire year to assure that the work of The Fund and the journalists and projects it supports comply with their missions.

It is a very important and much appreciated role in this international network. That’s why the administrator is also invited to participate in The School of Authentic Journalism in Latin America and is invited to periodic fundraising events in the United States.

If, reading this job description, you think you might be the right person at the right time in the right place (Massachusetts), please send an email to introducing yourself.

If you know individuals already involved in The Fund or Narco News or The School of Authentic Journalism please let us know who, because The Fund’s strong preference is to find someone already “in the family,” known and trusted to us to play this vitally important role on the team. Please include your telephone number, address, and explain why you would be willing to do this job as a volunteer and whether you think you can meet each of the requirements of the job description above.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the goals of The Fund for Authentic Journalism and the projects it supports (including ours). We believe that an old or new friend is out there who can do this job with all of us, and hopefully, that friend is you.


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