Progress and Help Needed

Dear Friends, Readers and Co-publishers of Narco News,

Eight days ago I wrote about our pressing need to raise $5000 for Narco
News in just over two weeks to prevent immediate and painful cutbacks
in coverage.  Now, I'm pleased to report we've made significant
progress.  But I'm also worried.  We're still not quite half way to our
goal.  With just another eight days left, we still need to raise $2865.
I want to collectively thank everyone who has contributed to this
important drive so far.  It is your contributions that are making the
difference.  It's your donations that make possible everything we read
on Narco News.  Just in the last week Narco News broke through the
information blockade of the commercial media with important stories,
breaking news and analysis of crucial events in Mexico and Bolivia.
Six days ago Narco News brought you an exclusive in depth report on the
state of drug reform under Lula in Brazil by Natalia Viania - including
presenting to the world for the first time the full text of the drug
reform "decree that never came."  Without your support none of this
would have been reported.  That's why it's not just the writers and
co-publishers of Narco News who are extremely grateful for your
support, but I dare say everyone reading this letter and many many more
beyond would like to thank you as well.

If you haven't yet given to help us raise this $5000, there wont be a
better time than right now.  Please, help today.  Give with your
credit/debit card or checking account via PayPal at the Fund's website:
Or mail checks or money orders (in U.S. or Canadian currency, please)
"The Fund for Authentic Journalism"
P.O. Box 71051
Madison Heights, MI 48071

In Admiration,

Andrew Grice, Treasurer
The Fund for Authentic Journalism
P.O. Box 71051
Madison Heights, MI  48071

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