In Peru massive police attack on non-violent indigenous protesters blockading roads in protest of FTA

From a Quixote Center announcement:

At dawn on Friday, June 5th, 600 Peruvian police in helicopters and on foot opened fire on thousands of peaceful indigenous protesters blocking a road near Bagua in the Peruvian Amazon. Conservative estimates indicate that 60 indigenous and police have been killed.   Police are accused of burning indigenous bodies, throwing them in the river and removing wounded from the hospital to hide the real number of casualties.

For two months, over 30,000 indigenous have sustained nonviolent protests along the roads and waterways of the Amazon.  These protests are in response to a series of Presidential decrees issued under the U.S.-Peru FTA implementation law that violate indigenous rights and open the way for an unprecedented expansion of new transnational petroleum, mining, logging and mono-cropping in the Amazon rainforest.

Rainforest Action Network asks for letters to the Peruvian president, Alan Garcia.

Below are some photographs of the attack from Amazon Watch (CAUTION: graphic images). Very high quality versions of these photos can be obtained from a link in AmazonWatch's report and press release on the attack.

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