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US Government Accused of Seeking to Conceal Deal Cut With Sinaloa “Cartel”
Oct 5 2011 - 6:38pm
U.S.-Backed Programs Supplying the Firepower for Mexico’s Soaring Murder Rate
Apr 20 2011 - 7:46pm
U.S. Private Sector Providing Drug-War Mercenaries to Mexico
Apr 13 2011 - 8:11pm
Tahrir and Beyond: Ten Days That Shook My World
Mar 26 2011 - 1:06am
Why Is TeleSur a Flop? Look No Farther than Its Libya Coverage
Feb 24 2011 - 11:39pm

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Is Accused of Endangering Whistleblowers

An attorney representing bank whistleblower Rudolf Elmer claims Assange threw his client ‘under the bus for the benefit of his own ego

Trump-Insider Manafort’s Alleged Money-Laundering Scheme Appears To Have Kremlin Roots

Moscow-linked Ukrainian billionaire accused of funneling money to Manafort

The criminal indictment filed in late October alleging Paul Manafort engaged in a labyrinth money-laundering scheme involving the washing of at least $18 million, at first glance, appears unconnected to any Kremlin-related activity.

Trump Asserts First Amendment Rights in Lawsuit Alleging He Incited Violence

At the same time, he seeks to muzzle the free-speech rights of the press

President Donald Trump made headlines during his campaign for the presidency, and since taking office, by attacking and even threatening the media — and by extension the First Amendment protections afforded the press. Those attacks typically follow media stories that are critical of Trump or otherwise paint his administration in a bad light.

Former Anti-Drug Agents: Pardoned Arizona Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Harassed Black and Hispanic Law Enforcers at the DEA

Interviewed by Narco News, Arpaio threatened to sue the agents — and the online newspaper

President Donald Trump’s recent pardon of controversial ex-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio has prompted a group of former DEA agents to come forward with allegations that Arpaio engaged in a pattern of racist and discriminatory behavior during his 25-year career at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Kremlin’s Quid Pro Quo Deal With Trump Camp Comes Into Focus

Pact Appears to Implicate an Unlikely Alliance Involving the Russian Arms Business, a Hollywood Actor and the NRA

It’s a good bet most people haven’t heard of Russian billionaire Igor Kesaev, even though he is on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people.

Trump’s Business Venture in the Dominican Republic Could Become a Strangling Alliance

The US president’s business partners in the Caribbean nation are linked to a Venezuelan tycoon who is allegedly the target of a major US investigation

President Donald Trump is involved in a major real estate project in the Dominican Republic that also has drawn in a billionaire Venezuelan banker whose business dealings are allegedly the target of a Department of Justice investigation.

Vice President Pence Has Cause to Support Trump’s Kremlin-Friendly Agenda

Two of his biggest Indiana corporate backers have significant business interests in Russia

The ongoing congressional and FBI investigations into the Trump administration’s entangling alliances with the Kremlin have so far left Vice President Mike Pence on the sidelines.

Pence claims to be clueless about key moments in the still-unfolding scandal.

White House Grounds Breached After Secret Service Froze Officers’ Pay, Leaked Email Reveals

Intruder jumped multiple fences before being apprehended near a White House entrance

La interferencia rusa en las elecciones americanas tiene más sentido cuando sigues el dinero

El ciberataque a los Demócratas coincidió con la campaña de los bancos controlados por Putin para revocar las sanciones de Obama

-4 de enero de 2017 a las 8:36 pm


Pending Lawsuit Seeks to Expose Trump’s Neo-Nazi Connections

US President Donald Trump Has Surrounded Himself With Advisors Who Are Sympathetic to White Supremacist Ideology

A lawsuit pending in federal court in Kentucky since this past April may shed some light on the oppressive executive orders issued recently by President Donald Trump that target refugees worldwide as well as immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations.

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