NYC's Expert Witness Radio opens New Year on Narco News note

Authentic journalism hits the radio airwaves in Big Apple

Bill Conroy/Narco News Returns

The Expert Witness Radio program, aired on WBAI-FM, Pacifica Radio, in NYC, again explores the world of Narco News journalism.

The hour-long show, which can be listened to now at this link, covers a lot of territory:

The kind of investigative journalist we so desperately need, Bill Conroy returns to cover a whole myriad of subjects, including

New Heads of DEA, DOJ’s OPR Have Skeletons in House of Death Closet

$100 Million Drug-War Garrison Approved for U.S.-Mexican Border

State Department Cable Release Sheds Light on Bogotá Connection Corruption

Leaked Embassy Cables Lend Credence to Prior Allegations of State Department Spying

House of Death informant, now in hiding, is heading to court

Lawsuit Over Flawed CIA Drone Code Is Deep Sixed by Settlement

And much much more, as always.

[... Including a recounting of the story of the vacuum cleaner packed with more than a quarter million dollars worth of meth shipped to Green Bay -- via a Juarez maquiladora.]

So if you haven’t had a chance to read all the stories above, then tune into the show, hosted by former DEA agent, drug-war whistleblower and authentic radio man Mike Levine.

And if you have read the stories, check out the Expert Witness Radio show to get additional insights from Levine and his co-host Mark Marshall. They speak the truth to all of us.

Again, here’s the link to the show.

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