John Gibler talks with CNN on drug violence in Mexico

John Gibler, Narco News contributor, and author of Mexico Unconquered,  appearred on CCN's "American Morning" program this past Friday to discuss the drug war in Mexico; he said the current drug war policies have failed, and that sending more federal agents to the border will have no effect on stopping the flow of drugs or ending the violence.

Roberts: All right, so you know that earlier this week, Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, announced this $700 million program, put more border agents and more [Drug Enforcement Administration] agents on the border along with some high-tech surveillance equipment to try to combat the war on drugs there. How effective do you think that plan will be?

Gibler: Sadly, I do not think it will be effective. We're talking about a $30 billion a year industry just moving the drugs across the border. That is way too powerful for three more helicopters or 400 more border agents to really try and address. I think it is a deeply embedded social and economic problem that will have to be addressed with social and economic policy.

Read the whole transcript or watch the video here: Transcript, Video

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