Thanks and Introductions

It’s almost a week now that we’ve been online here, and I thought it was about time I introduced myself and said a few things about how we’re doing so far. I’m the Narco News Webmaster, in charge of the technical aspects of this experiment, or forum, or publication, or community, or war machine, or whatever you want to call it. I’ll be using my reporters’ notebook here, in part, to discuss the evolution of this site into what we all expect to be a really unique and vital space for all authentic journalists. I’m also calling Mexico City – perhaps the biggest center of political and media power in Latin America - my home at the moment. So aside from all the geeky web stuff, I’ll being doing my best to report what I see of history marching through this, the biggest city in the whole world.

A few people have been absolutely vital to getting the tech side here up and running, and deserve many, many thanks. The Indymedia tech folks, especially Kellan and Evan, have been volunteering their advice and expertise since I started this gig. Voxel dot net is the best webhost in the free world, and their support team has been amazing. More recently, the developers’ community (especially Janra) behind Scoop, the software on which we’re running The Narcosphere, have been heroic in their willingness to help when I’ve been stumped.

This site, like most dangerous and exciting ideas, is a work in progress, and will be for some time. For instance, the biggest challenge publisher Al Giordano and I are working on right now is breaking the language barrier here. Readers have probably noticed that while “classic” Narco News  is a fully bi- (and often tri-) lingual site, we’re still just talking to each other in English here in the Narcosphere. Rest assured that we’re working hard on this and that the coming days will find many more voices able to join this space from all across América.

I want to encourage everyone, readers and copublishers alike, to  voice their questions or suggestions. Already, many of you have, and the site is already getting better every day. Our copublishers can comment freely in this site’s comment forums, and all readers are invited to write me at with questions and comments about the site.

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About Dan Feder

I was a member of the Narco News team in various capacities, from webmaster to Editor-in-Chief, from 2002-2008. Since 2006 I have also been a member of the International Peace Observatory, which performs human rights accompaniment for Colombian campesino organizations in conflict zones. I am now living in Boston and working as a website developer for DigitalAid, Inc.