Rusty Colored Rain Means Cesium

I witnessed this myself. I had been collecting rain all year, and it was always clear and beautiful, but this latest rain that fell in San Diego had a rusty color to it. The white bucket showed it better, but the blue bucket just looked almost black… How do I know it was Cesium? Because I went online like I always do, and googled this and googled that until finally: and that’s from April 25 and it’s now May 10th. I think it rained on the 8th or 9th—not really sure. But if you scroll down a bit on the left hand side you will see the first table shows exactly what I was talking about. They list four previous dates all with zero cesium detected, and then boom the last one for April 14 shows levels of cesium of 8.9 and 7.9 for Cesium 134 and 137 respectively… And also these flowers that were really bright 3 days ago look like all dull and sad…I’ll post again if it keeps happening.

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