At the Eve of Continental Social Revolution in Venezuela

Once upon a time, a weird monk hurriedly rushed across the central place of Wittenberg, heading for the cathedral. All over peasants were loitering about watching this unusual spectre, discussing about their crops, their confessions, the Church, and about their wonderful feudal lords. Then, suddenly loud noises were heard, coming from the door of the church; like mad, "out of love and concern for the truth," the stranger was hammering pieces of paper onto the huge door, his famous 95 theses. Just as he appeared, so he vanished into thin air. Ever since, none of the onlookers discussed this issue anymore. What the poor peasants did not realize was that they have been witnessing the transhistoric beginning of the Reformation, Luther's attack on the feudalist, absolutist religious superstructure, in fact, they experienced the beginning of the French and Industrial Revolutions, their own historical demise. Already then, we could have witnessed the "friend-enemy" Cold War Syndrome, Luther's flock called him a Protestant hero, a freedom fighter, a wise and insightful church leader. His "opposition" called him a heretic, an apostate, a profane ecclesiastical terrorist. This week, we witnessed another transhistoric similar moment, the so-called "Opposition" in Venezuela, the "Coordinadora Democrática", that had no consensus in who should be its presidential candidate for future elections, and that had only one project in mind "!Qué Chávez se va!", now suddenly wants to present a transitional project called "Consenso País" to the world. President Chávez calls it "Consenso Bush". Hence, again, we are being confronted with a great transhistoric event, not precisely ushered in by the decadent "Opposition" in Venezuela, but by the emancipatory momentum of the Bolivarian Revolution. After August 15, 2004, things will never be the same again, not in Venezuela, not in Latin America, not in the whole world. Then, the real revolutionary drama will unfold itself, the self-defence of the social revolution, the uncovering of the blatant lies of the mass media, the self-organization of the people in the streets, the armed battle against foreign intervention, sabotage and assassinations -- in brief, will begin the real, fierce, national and international battle of Santa Inés. Highly concentrated Venezuela is experiencing all the quintessential elements of world revolution, generating the emancipatory "show-down" not only nationally, but even more so, internationally. Much could be criticized, however, as we know, the "best swimmers" always stand dry outside the swimming-pool. The unique revolutionary process in Venezuela displays "ideology" and "practice", in reality, it sings práxis and theory. It buds and blossoms in Simon Bolívar, but it flowers in Hugo Chávez Frias, and it ripens in a highly politicized sovereign, in "Florentino", in the people storming Miraflores and Fuerte Tuna, to rescue their hard gained freedom. On the other hand, in delirious, diatribal symphony with Washington and the international means of mass communication, representing Cooperate Globalization, more than ever, the "Opposition" globally decries President Chávez as a "tyrant", as a "dictator", who does not want any "democratic" elections, who according to them, fears the "ballot" and thus threatens all Venezuelans with the military "bullet". Also, Gustavo Cismeros and Jimmy Carter, in the last minute, sensing a premonition of the coming "knock-out", are desperately trying to negotiate the revolution, but world events have already crossed the Rubicon, the point of no return: No volverán! Definitely, the "Opposition" is not happy at all; its own lies come home to roost. In a fair referendum, without sabotage and fraud, it has no chance whatsoever to win. In fact, if this should occur, Chávez will win with a landslide victory. The issue never really was elections nor referendum, it was and still is a fascist coup d' etat, orchestrated by the Bush administration and the decadent ancien regime, led by political dinosaurs like COPEI, AD and other degenerated relicts in social decomposition. During the golpista events of April 11, 2002, they all spoke about a "vacuum of power", in reality, the Chávez Government filled the "vacio del poder" that their political "neo-liberal" obsolescence had left behind. Now, in sheep's clothing, with the help of global fascism in the making, they pretend to return to power. The severe national and international attacks against the Bolivarian projects indicate the level of revolutionary momentum that Venezuela is gaining on a global scale, and how the current events in Latin America, including the ALBA and Mercosur, are driving the US government to desperate megalomania. Everything that the Venezuelan government has achieved across the last five years has to be reversed, the Bolivarians themselves have to be sent to Uncle Sam's genocidal butchery. A swift glance at the planned contents of this "new" proposal verifies all the fascist objectives of the coup d' etat attempt of Pedro Estanga: 1) Privatize the electrical industry; 2) Nullify the agrarian reform, by means of scrapping the land laws; 3) Change the Energy Laws, and those that concern the natural resources, oil, biodiversity, water, etc.; 4) Eliminate the current Bolivarian Constitution; 5) Eliminate the recall referendum, with which it pretends to oust Chávez; 6) Privatize PDVSA, the oil industry, and hand it over to foreign capitalists; 7) Cancel all the educational missions and projects; 8) Eradicate Chávez and the "Chavismo" for ever from the memory and mind of the poor majority of the population, by means of the political repression of a 10 or 20 year fascist regime. Well, well, we are at the eve of a huge social revolution, in the epoch of a protracted struggle, not only in Venezuela, but in Latin America and the whole "Third World". Bush, Kerry, Cisneros, Carter, etc. are desperate to set on fire the tip of the emancipatory iceberg here in Caracas, however, in the end, they will burn down their very own prairies of reaction and counter-revolution. Their imperialist machinations are driving the Bolivarian project towards an international social revolution, with dramatic emancipatory consequences; after August 15, when the "Opposition" and its slave-masters will declare their "victory", the real, true Bolivarian revolution will enter into its next stage, into its self-defence, with whatever means of survival that will be necessary. As the signs of the time stand on storm, in this age of genocide by social order, we have to prepare ourselves for armed self-defence. When a people has begun to consciously self-organize itself, to self-defend its social gains, then the social revolution is born. In the past, all real social revolutions were violent, this one will be no exception. Peacefully, capitalism and its global corporations never ever stepped down from their Croesusean thrones; how they came into existence, so they will fade into oblivion, by their own guillotine, by storming its Bastille, by a "Reign of Terror". This sounds very harsh. very unchristian and undemocratic, even "violent", sad to say, only the transhistoric truth will emancipate us. Someone said; "Knoweth ye the Truth, and the Truth shall make thee Free, shall Heal thee". No, it was not Jesus Christ, it was Sigmund Freud. This violent serpentine road has been chosen for us, for Venezuela, Latin America and the rest of the world, by the fascist brutality of Reason, Capital, Colonialism, Imperialism, Washington, Berlin, London, Rome, etc. There is no Peaceful, Democratic High Way to Emancipation. Precisely because we are human, humane and humanist, nothing human is strange to us, not even armed revolution, not Fanonian legitimate self-defence. Long Live the Global Bolivarian Revolution!

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Currently, as Professor Titular, I am living in Mérida, Venezuela, lecturing at the University of The Andes, and in the Post-Graduate Department of Political Science. I am the Director of Investigation of the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Sociales de América Latina (CEPSAL), Co-Editor of its Revista de las Cienxias Políticas.