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The Labor Battle in Haiti: Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony
Jun 22 2008 - 4:29am
Amnesty International breaks its silence: Issues statement on Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
Dec 27 2007 - 10:44pm
Gérard Jean-Juste, recuperating in Miami, gets award on MLK day
Jan 28 2007 - 3:10pm
Inter Press Service in the Caribbean
Jan 17 2007 - 6:16pm
Is TSA's terrorism Watch List being abused to target whistleblowers?
Sep 15 2006 - 2:39pm

The Labor Battle in Haiti: Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony

This paper was originally prepared for a presentation at the 32nd Annual Conference of the South-West Labor Studies Association, Mach 10-11, 2006 at UCLA. An earlier version was published in Labor Notes Magazine in 2006.




Chief of Lame Ti Manchet Reportedly Escapes to Dominican Republic

Human rights workers on the ground in Martissant, Haiti, reported yesterday that the wife of Rudy Kernizan has been apprehended. Rudy himself -- chief of the vigilante Lame Ti Manchete (Little Machet Army) -- has escaped reportedly to the DR.

Christmas Massacre in the City of the Sun

Months after Haiti's interim government stepped down, the United Nations MINUSTAH force and the Haitian police continue heavy-handed incursions into Port-au-Prince's poor communities.  

Mexico: Reuters & Bloomberg concede Obrador has a 1.5% lead.

At approximately 8:30 (PST) on Wednesday night (July 5, 2006), Reuters News Online has suddenly referred to Lopez Obrador (PRD), the leftist candidate, as having a 1.5% lead over Felipe Calderon (PAN), the conservative candidate heavily supported by Washington insiders and NED "democratization" grantee organizations.

Seeking an 'Even Playing Field': Washington and UN Work to Undermine Fanmi Lavalas

As Haiti’s legislative run-off elections approach, it is worthwhile to review elements of Washington’s campaign to build the vote in favor of its local client parties. This “democracy promotion” – which is anything but that – is strategically critical to winning the Haitian parliament, with which President-elect René Préval will name the new prime minister, Haiti’s most powerful executive post.

Haiti: U.S. Subcommittee Passes Bill to Recruit and Deploy U.S. Citizens in Support of Unelected Interim Government

Washington, D.C.- Instead of U.S. taxpayer’s money going to NGOs such as the Catholic Relief Organization, CARE, or Oxfam, $6 million in U.S. economic aid may soon be going straight to the bank accounts of a dictatorship, mired in corruption and massive human rights abuses, for the recruitment and deployment of American citizens.

Haiti Democracy Project, Not So Democratic

On May 4, 2005 a privately funded NGO, the Haiti Democracy Project published on its website (haitipolicy.org) a “fact-finding report” carried out during mid February of 2005 in Haiti.  The fact finding mission, while visiting Haiti, met with nine members of Group 184 (a coalition of the wealthy elite) and 26 others, ranging from Coup Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, to U.N. and Haitian Police officials, U.S. Ambassador James Foley, and the Brazilian, Argentinean, Canadian, and Dominican Republic Ambassadors to Haiti.

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