Mexico: Reuters & Bloomberg concede Obrador has a 1.5% lead.

At approximately 8:30 (PST) on Wednesday night (July 5, 2006), Reuters News Online has suddenly referred to Lopez Obrador (PRD), the leftist candidate, as having a 1.5% lead over Felipe Calderon (PAN), the conservative candidate heavily supported by Washington insiders and NED "democratization" grantee organizations.

Reuters writes, "The lead of Mexico's leftist presidential candidate narrowed to less than 1.5 percentage points over his conservative rival on Wednesday with results in from almost 88 percent of polling stations in the recount of a fiercely contested election.... Results of the recount on display at Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute showed Lopez Obrador had 36.38 percent of the vote with results in from 87.73 percent of polling stations.  Conservative ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon was second with 34.92 percent."

Another Reuters article "Mexico leftist's vote recount lead below 1 point" posted online at 9:21 PM (PST) writes that " Mexico's leftist presidential candidate saw his lead over his conservative rival fall to under 1 percentage point on Wednesday with results in from 92 percent of polling stations in the contested vote."

The NY Times just minutes ago put up an article by Ginger Thompson (known for her '04-05 coup-and-post-coup-violence-cover-up-reporting on Haiti) covering the breaking news. She concedes "the count" is "now tilting toward the leftist candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who had 36.3 percent of the vote, while the conservative candidate, Felipe Calderón, had 34.9 percent." A Bloomberg article titled "Lopez Obrador Leads After Partial Mexico Vote Recount (Update3)" and a Reuters article "Mexican Markets tumble as leftist takes early lead" (both published at approximately 3 pm today on the internet) appear to be the first articles in the Anglo-American press referring to an Obrador lead in the Mexican Presidential election.  

The Bloomberg article ringing an alarmist bell, takes a financial perspective explaining that "Mexican stocks slumped and the peso extended losses on Wednesday after a closely watched presidential election count showed leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador taking an early lead."   It seems certain that the NYSE will also take on a slump tomorrow morning.

Just yesterday a Los Angeles Times editorial made the poor argument that Obrador was showing his true authoritarian nature by claiming victory.  The editorial failed to mention that Calderon had declared an unwarranted victory hours prior to Obrador's announcement, which would seem an important bit of information for cognizant readers.

Prior to this announcement of Obrador's lead, a slew of critical articles appeared castigating Obrador as "authoritarian" while Calderon often appeared as the charismatic "compromiser". In an AP/Forbes article titled "Calderon Willing to Include Rival in Gov't ", published just hours before the announcement of Obrador's lead, Calderon is shown willing to accept Obrador into his government, while Obrador "won't concede the presidency.." History should take note that these jump-the-gun comparisons were made prior to the final tabulation of votes. Will Obrador likewise be asked if he is willing to accept Calderon into his government??

Mexico's electoral authorities have still not engaged in a proper recount, requested days ago. No doubt, if Obrador is allowed (which seems unlikely) to successfully cross the electoral threshold needed to win he will be subjected to a press campaign of demonization on both the southern and northern shores of the Rio Grande. Will Lou Dobbs Tonight declare the proverbial war?   There has to be some way to blame all of this on Chavez, right?

Famed FOIA researcher Jeremy Bigwood explains that a victory for Obrador "would be big. Bigger possibly than the election of Chavez in Venezuela. This is on the American doorstep. They will do anything to stop it."

What will Mexico wake up to in the morning?

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